About Joey,

Hello all and welcome to Your Average Stoner!!!  My aim with this website is to create a platform to talk anything and everything cannabis related. Laws regarding cannabis are beginning to loosen all around the world, which has opened up the wonders of cannabis to more people than ever before.

With the cannabis industry booming as much as it is right now, there is so much to discuss and talk about regarding cannabis. Things such as new vaporizers and ways of consuming cannabis are being worked on daily, so it is my aim to stay on top of these and give out quality information that everyone can use to make their cannabis experiences more enjoyable. But before we get into all that juicy stuff, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

About Your Average Stoner

(Me at 18 Before my Senior Prom! )

As you can tell from the title of this post, my name is Joey/Joe/Joseph (I’ve always been fine with any), I’m 21 years old and as I’m sure you know, I love cannabis. It wasn’t always that way however, when I smoked weed the first couple times I actually didn’t like it. It hurt my throat, made me cough a lot, and the only thing I noticed was it made me hungry.

Looking back now, I realize that my suffering was due to smoking out of a crappy, dirty, often times metal pipes (yuck) and the weed I was smoking wasn’t exactly top-shelf. Oh and quick back-story, during the time I was first experimenting with marijuana, my brother, Adam, was actually in California working in the hills on a weed farm. He had been a long time user of cannabis, and the previous year he moved out to California to pursue an opportunity working on a weed farm.

Jumping back to my first experiences with weed, it wasn’t until my brother came back from California that I truly experienced high quality cannabis. My experience was completely different to what I experienced before, this time I really experienced what being high was, and it completely changed my views on weed. It wasn’t just something that gave me the munchies and made me laugh, it started to become something that helped with anxiety, pain relief, helped me focus and overall just made me happy.

I don’t believe in the stigmas that people who smoke weed are lazy, un-motivated, dirty, stupid, etc. I’m not going to go into any passionate speech on why I think this way either, I think there are plenty of real-life examples that prove my point.

Other than weed, I really enjoy sports, they made up much of my young life. I’m a huge fan of basketball, soccer, baseball,MMA, and occasionally football as well.

My Goal

My goal at Your Average Stoner is to provide people with information on cannabis,  but do it in a fun and casual way. So many people are so stiff when it comes to talking about cannabis, and with such negative stigmas there’s a lot of people who are afraid to even engage in a conversation about weed. I want this to be a judgment free place to talk about cannabis, but I also want you to be able to learn and take something away when you leave, like a better way to store your herb or maybe a great recommendation on a vaporizer.

I also want to expose people to CBD as well, which has a lot of buzz right now. But don’t worry, Im not going to shove it down your throat like a lot of blogs out there, and honestly you won’t see that many posts about it. However, I do want to post honest content pertaining to CBD, such as the benefits as well as brands/products that I trust.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, or just want to pop in and say hello, feel free to reach out to me at my email address anytime!



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  • Thank you for your informative research on the topic of CBD oil; I have to admit to still being in the skeptic phase, but that you demystify it for us helps to stomach some of the claims. CBD oil and the pain relief assocated with it is of great interest to me personally and professionally and Kudos for laying out the pros and cons so well. Cute call-name and good disclosure on affiliate status. Best of luck to you in your venture! Charlotte

    • Joey says:

      Thanks Charlotte for the kind words! I must say I was surprised to see a comment here, but I’m glad you did, as it was also a gentle reminder to update this post. My site has recently gone through some changes, so it’s important I change the about me post to accommodate those changes.

      And yes, CBD is a wonderful thing! Hopefully through this endeavor I can continue to shine light on it’s benefits and help a lot of people out.
      Have a nice day!

  • Hailey says:

    What is your last name? I am using this page for an essay and I really like the information but I need you whole name for it.

    • admin says:

      Hey Hailey!

      Glad you like what you’ve seen around here! I’ve put a lot of work into this blog!

      An essay? I’m intrigued and would like to know more! And this may sound strange, but I prefer to keep my last name anonymous, at least for the time being. W the legality of this industry ever-changing, I prefer to avoid any possible BS I’ve seen others in the industry deal with.


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