Absolute Best Weed Subscription Boxes of 2019 [Actually Worth It]

If you’re like most people, you probably get all of your smoking supplies and accessories at your local smoke shop. There’s nothing wrong with it, I’ve done it myself and still do from time to time when I need something specific, but what if there’s an easier, cheaper way?

I’m sure you’ve heard of subscription boxes before, they’re one of the latest fads and it seems like they have them for everything. They have boxes for dog toys, food, alcohol, beauty supplies, fitness products and yup you guessed it, stoners ;). That’s right, you can get your favorite stoner accessories like papers, wraps, lighters, containers, rolling trays, glass pieces and more shipped right to your doorstep every month! Not only do you not have to leave your house for these awesome accessories, but they’re also going to be much cheaper in these boxes then they would be if you were to by the items individually in a store.

Plus who doesn’t love getting surprised with a fresh box full of goodies every month? I know it always makes my day when I get a box on my doorstep and know I’m going to get to try out some new glass! Alright guys enough of this chit chat, let’s get into what you guys came here for, the best weed subscription boxes of 2019!

Choosing The Right Box For You

Finding the best weed subscription box all depends on what exactly it is you’re looking for in a box. There are many weed subscription boxes that can cater to just about every ones needs as a weed smoker. Some boxes focus more on trivial items, like stickers and food, while others focus just on smoking accessories. There are also some boxes that have themes each month, which makes it really fun to keep up and try to collect all the themes. And for the more serious stoners, there are some companies that offer premium boxes with premium accessories like dab torches, vaporizers, and large glassware from very reputable brands! On the contrary, there are also boxes made for the not-so-serious stoner that start at as little as $1.

I’m going to get much more in depth into these boxes down below, but I just want to get the point across that any of these boxes can be the “best box”, it all depends on your preferences and what you’re looking for in a box.

Elevated Stash

Subscription Options: Dead Sea Box ($5.99), Pikes Peak Box ($29.99)

Elevated Stash is a veteran owned and ran company that gives back money to charity from each box in order to help out our veterans. They offer two subscription boxes, the “Dead Sea” box and the “Pikes Peak” box. The Dead Sea box is just over $5, and is going to come with all your smoking essentials’ like papers, wraps, filter tips and a lighter. It’s a fantastic option for those who are new to subscription boxes and just want to give one a try, or those who just want to make sure they have plenty of papers and avoid a trip to the store.

The Pikes Peak box is going to offer a lot more, as it’s the most popular box Elevated Stash offers. This box comes with all the essentials’ that are in the Dead Sea box, but with some added goodies. Of course this box comes with a piece of glass, which is the main attraction. Elevated Stash actually makes really high quality glass, so if you’re looking to use a subscription box to build your glass collection this is the perfect box for that.

Besides the glass and papers, In the Elevated Stash box I received (May 2019) I also received a Bio Stix one hitter, doob tube, and 2 blunt cones. If you’re interested in purchasing a box from Elevated Stash, feel free to do so on their official website!

Use my discount code Stoned420 at checkout for a discount on your purchase!

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Elevated Stash Review


PufferBox Subscription Box

Subscription Options: Monthly Plan ($26/month), 3 Month Plan ($25/month), 6 Month Plan ($24/Month)

PufferBox does their subscription boxes a bit different from most other weed subscription box companies. Instead of having different subscription boxes at different prices, PufferBox offers the same box just with different monthly plans.

Each box comes with 6-10 items and contain a variety of cool things. Some things you can expect are a piece of glass, rolling papers, wraps, containers, stickers, candy/food, joint rollers, grinders, rolling trays, lighters, hemp wicks and more! Each box usually contains around 6-10 items and you never know what’s going to be in them beforehand so it’s a cool surprise when you get to open it.

And if you want to check out more from PufferBox you can also check out their Puffer Shop on their website. It’s where you can buy some of the cool things that may have appeared in boxes, just separately. There are grinders, vaporizers, t-shirts, bubblers, hand pipes and more!

If you’re interested in purchasing a box from PufferBox, feel free to do so at PufferBox’s Official Website

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Hemper Subscription Box

Subscription Options: Bare Essentials ($0.99/month), Hemper Pack ($14.99/month), Hemper Box ($29.99/month)

Hemper is one of the more well-known weed subscription boxes on the market, and for good reason. They constantly deliver $100+ in value in their $30 boxes and they have really cool themed and celebrity curated boxes.

The Bare Essentials subscription is going to give you exactly what it’s name advertises; the bare essentials’, rolling papers, filters and a lighter. Nothing fancy and nothing crazy, perfect for those who roll a lot and/or don’t want to spend a lot of money each month! The Hemper Pack is a slight step up, coming in at $15, this boxes value is easily over $30 each month. You’re going to get the same bare essentials’ but with some added goodies like containers, hemp wicks, grinders, wraps, stickers and more.

The Hemper Box, Hemper’s most popular subscription box, is going to come packed full with 10-12 items easily adding up to $100 in value. If you subscribe to get a Hemper Box each month, you can expect a new piece of glass each month as well as plenty of rolling papers, filters and lighters. Some other things you can expect are ash trays, hemp wicks, smell proof containers, and other really cool smoking accessories. One example of a cool accessory from Hemper’s May box is a Doolie tool, which for those who don’t know is a little piece that allows you to smoke two joints/blunts at the same time!

Like PufferBox, Hemper also has a separate shop on their website where you can pick up just about anything smoking related. You can also check out the past Hemper Boxes and even purchase them if you’d like (be careful, some of them are much more expensive after they’ve been out for a while).

If you’re interested in purchasing a box from Hemper, please feel free to do so at Hemper’s Official Website.

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Cannabox Subscription Box

Subscription Options: Essentials ($12.99/month), 1 Month Plan ($28.83/month), 3 Month Plan ($27.83/month), 6 Month Plan ($26.83/month)

Cannabox has two options for subscription boxes, and the way they do things is very similar to how PufferBox does. They have their “Essentials” package, which like the name suggests is going to get you the essentials’ each month. Then, similar to PufferBox Cannabox only has one other tier left, however you can choose to subscribe to monthly, 3 month increments or 6 month increments, getting cheaper the more months you subscribe to.

Cannabox’s “Essentials” box is probably the best essentials’ subscription box you can find. It contains all the normal things that come in most “essentials'” boxes, lighter, wick, papers, and wraps. However, Cannnabox adds a few cool things into their essentials’ box, like a snack and even some glass! Cannabox is one of if not the only company I know that sends glass in their “essentials'” box, so if you’re looking to build a glass collection for cheap this is the way to go!

Now let’s take a look at what you can expect if you decide to subscribe to Cannabox’s most popular box. Each box usually comes with around 5-7 items, you can always count on getting a piece of glass. Most times it’s a little bubbler or handpipe, but there have been a few larger bubblers that made there way into certain months boxes. This box also always features a T-Shirt that will vary in company/design each month. Next, where would any weed subscription be without the essentials’? Of course this box is going to contain some sort of papers, wraps, cones, etc. And last but not least, this box always comes with a snack of some sort. This can be a box of candy, bag of chips, etc.

If you’re interested in purchasing a box from Cannabox, please feel free to do so at Cannabox’s Official Website!

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Hippie Butler

Hippie Butler Subscription Box

Subscription Options: “The Party Favor” ($1.00/month), “Rollers Club” ($15.99/month),”Butler Box” ($32.99/month),”Masters Club” ($139.99/month)

Hippie Butler is your personal weed delivery man, and is one of my personal favorite weed subscription boxes on the market. Hippie Butler has subscription boxes for all sorts of stoners, and they even have a mega box worth over $800!!

Hippie Butler’s lowest tier subscription is “The Party Favor” box, which is just going to supply you with some RAW rolling papers, filter tips and matches. Moving up from there is the “Rollers Club”, which as you can guess is great for those of you who roll a lot and this box tend to have other cool accessories as well. You can expect to get storage containers from time to time and even some pieces of glass.

The “Butler Box” is Hippie Butler’s most popular box, and is where things really start to get cool. When you go to get a butler box, you get several options. The first option is for those who smoke dry herbs, and then you’re prompted with the choice of flavored papers/wraps, non-flavored, or a mix of both flavored and non-flavored. No matter which of these options you choose, the glass that comes with it will be the same, maybe not in color, but in design. Other than papers/wraps and a piece of glass you can expect a rolling tray, stickers, lighters, doob tubes, one hitters, etc. And If you prefer concentrates over dry herb, you can opt for the concentrates option instead, which will give you a box full of concentrates themed goodies. This will include a rig for dabbing, a mat to dab on, a torch, dab tools, containers, etc.

And if you really want to mix it up Hippie Butler has a third option for their “Butler Box” as well, which is a themed box that changes themes each month. This box will still include a piece of glass and all the same sorts of accessories as the other boxes, they will just be tailored towards a certain theme.

And if you want to subscribe to the highest tier subscription box available from Hippie Butler and possibly on the market, look no further than the “Masters Club” box. This box has similar options to the Butler Box, and you can choose between a dry herb themed box, concentrates themed box or a mix themed box if you like to smoke both dry herbs and concentrates. These boxes cost $139 per month but easily value at $250+, making it a good deal for those willing to fork over that kind of cash every month for weed accessories. Every month you can expect to receive a piece of premium glass, plenty of rolling papers, wraps, cones, lighters, containers, a grinder, rolling tray, etc.

And if you really are looking to splurge on the absolute best weed box, Hippie Butler offers a one-time Mod Sun Opulent Box for $800. This box is pricey to say the least, but it contains limited edition collab pieces from Hippie Butler, RooR and mod sun and of course has all the accessories you could ever need and comes in a sleek black carrying case.

If you’re looking to purchase a subscription box from Hippie Butler, please feel free to do so at Hippie Butler’s Official Website.

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Daily High Club

Subscription Options: “All Natural” ($1.00/month), “Connoisseur” ($9.99/month), “El Primo” ($29.99/month)

Daily High Club, formerly knows as Dollar High Club, is one of the most well-known weed subscription boxes around. Daily High Club offers three subscription options, so finding the perfect one for yourself should be a piece of cake.

If you want to start off slow, or you know you just want to roll a couple joints a week, the “All Natural” subscription is perfect for you. It costs just $1 a month and will guarantee you have enough papers, filters, matches and hemp wick for a full month of smoking. However, if you’re looking to roll more than just one a day, you may want to look towards the “Connoisseur” subscription. This subscription is going to some with multiple packs of rolling papers, hemp blunt wraps, pre rolled cones, lighters, hemp wick and other cool accessories like stickers and doob tubes.

If you’re looking to get the full Daily High Club experience though, the “El Primo” box is the way to go. This box is different each month, with a different theme and different items, making it really cool to try to collect all the themes you think are cool. And don’t worry, if there’s a past box you really like, Daily High Club has the option to go back through and look at and purchase past months boxes.

As far as what you can expect to find in an “El Primo” box, you will always receive some sort of themed glass. This can be a handpipe, bubbler, dab rig, etc. You can also expect multiple packs of papers, hemp wraps, lighters, grinders, containers and even the occasional snack.

Check out my Full Daily High Club Review, and if you’re looking to purchase a subscription box from Daily High club, please feel free to do so at Daily High Club’s Official Website.

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420 GoodyBox

420 GoodyBox Subscription Box

Subscription Options: “The Loot Pack” ($9.95/month),”The Goody Box” ($21.98/month), “The Top Shelf” ($79.98/month)

420 GoodyBox keeps things quick and simple, offering only 3 basic subscription services. The first starts out at just under $10, The Loot Pack. The Loot Pack is a solid little starter box, and is going to come with everything you need to roll for the month. You’ll typically get 4-8 items per box, and you’ll always get rolling papers, wraps, filters, a lighter and then expect some bonuses like maybe a rolling tray, some snacks, stickers, etc.

If you’re looking to get a little bit more out of your monthly goody box, “The Goody Box” might be right up your alley. The Goody Box still only comes with about 5-9 items, however you’ll get a guaranteed piece of glass or vape pen each month in this box. Plus you can get other cool accessories like containers cleaning supplies, a rolling tray, pipe screens, snacks, stickers, etc. One of the most recent vaporizers that came in “The Goody Box” is the Yocan Evolve Plus, a fantastic concentrates vaporizer.

And if you want to receive the highest quality accessories and glass each month, the “Top Shelf Box” will surely suit your needs. This box is pricey at just about $80/month, but for the right cannabis enthusiast, it’s going to be your favorite day of the month every time your box arrives!! This box comes with about 7-13 items, and is guaranteed to come with a piece of top shelf glass (almost always over 10″). You can also expect rolling papers, cleaning supplies, containers, snack, stickers, dab tools, screens, etc. Overall this box usually values at around $150-$200, so it’s a great deal for those willing to fork over that kind of cash each month.

Once you pick which box you want to subscribe to, you can then choose if you want to purchase in one month increments, three month increments, or 6 month increments. It gets slightly cheaper the more months you bundle, so if you know you’re going to be subscribed for a while this is a good way to shave a few bucks off.

Overall, 420 GoodyBox is a fantastic weed subscription box option, they keep things simple and easy and most importantly they put out cool stuff! If you’re interested in purchasing a subscription box, feel free to do so at 420 GoodyBox’s Official Website!

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Kush Cargo

Kush Cargo Subscription Box

Subscription Options: “Carry on Cargo” ($13/month), “OG Cargo” ($35/month), “Executive Class Cargo” ($70/month), “First Class Cargo” ($115/month)

Kush Cargo is another one of my personal favorite weed subscription boxes on the market, they’ve got some really cool subscription options that all types of stoners can get on board with. Kush Cargo offers a total of 4 subscriptions and what I really like about Kush Cargo is that they put in (in my opinion) the best items out of any of the weed subscription boxes. Kush Cargo isn’t about filling their boxes halfway with stickers, snacks, and useless trinkets, they try to make the items as relevant and useful as possible.

For all 4 of Kush Cargo’s subscriptions, you get to choose between a nug box, dab box, or combo box. The nug box will have dry herb themed goodies, the dab box will have dab themed items, and the combo box will come with all of the items from both, thus it is more expensive.

Starting out at just $13/month is the Carry on Cargo, which if you choose the nug option is going to give you 3-5 dry herb related items. This will usually be wraps, papers, filter tips, a lighter, and sometimes even some glass. The dab box will usually have a dab tool, concentrates containers, a torch, butane and sometimes some cleaning wipes as well. And of course, if you opt for the combo, you will get the best of both worlds!

The OG Cargo is next up, and if you choose this box (nug or dab) you can expect to receive a nice piece of glass as well as some great accessories. If you choose the nug box you’ll get plenty of wraps, papers, containers, etc. And if you choose the dab box you can expect an extra banger, dab tool, silicone containers, etc. The main attraction of this box is definitely the glass that comes with it, which almost always exceeds $50 in value alone! And is some of the best glass you’ll get in any subscription box.

Moving up to the Executive Class Cargo, this is where things really start to get cool. If you choose to purchase this box, you can expect a great piece of glass, usually worth $75+, this box is where you start to see some of the nicer bongs and dab rigs. Other than that the accessories are going to pretty much stay the same, the nug box is going to have wraps, papers, etc while the dab box is going to have a dab tool, concentrates container, a torch, etc.

And if you’re willing to shell out over $100 a month, First Class Cargo is calling your name! First Class Cargo is going to have a fantastic piece of glass, usually worth over $100 alone whether you get the dab or nug box. These pieces of glass are almost always from top brands like Diamond, Grav Labs, and Cheech and Chong to name a few. Expect some other really cool accessories though, like possibly a rolling tray, grinder, torch, extra bowl/banger, rolling papers, wraps, lighters, etc. You can’t go wrong with either the nug or dab box, both are going to deliver amazing value, and if you want to double your pleasure you can always get the combo box for the absolute best of both worlds, but be warned it’s going to be pricey!!

If you’re interested in purchasing a subscription box from Kush Cargo, Please feel free to do so at Kush Cargo’s Official Website!

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I hope you guys enjoyed this list of the best weed subscription boxes of 2019!! I will continuously update this list as I see fit and I would appreciate some feedback from you guys as well!!

Which one of these subscription boxes is your favorite? Do you subscribe to any of them currently? If so give us and the other readers your thoughts, you might just help someone make their decision!

As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to let me know in the comments below or via my email!

Thanks for reading guys, hope you all have a fantastic day, stay high!

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