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INHALCO Toker e-Straw Review- Best Electric Nectar Collector?

Inhalco Nectar Collector

About INHALCOINHALCO is one of todays most underrated retailers of cannabis accessories, and they just so happen to make some great products in-house as well! While today’s post is going to be about IHALCO’s e-straw nectar collector, I want to take a second to highlight all the cool things INHALCO offers. Not only does INHALCO make vaporizers, […]

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C2 Custom Creations Glass Review- (Best C2 Glass 2021)


Quality Cost 4.5/5 C2 Custom CreationsC2 Custom Creations is yet another glass company out of Southern California, and their specialty is scientific glass. C2 has some of the most unique pieces around, featuring just about every percolator you could imagine, even some they’ve created themselves. C2 carries bongs, bubblers and dab rigs, so no matter what type […]

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