Best Bubbler Pipes of 2021-Stoner’s Guide to Bubblers

Are you looking for something a little bit smoother than a hand pipe, but a little less intimidating than a bong? If so a bubbler would be perfect for you, and luckily there are millions to choose from!! Today we're going to be looking at the best Bubbler pipes of 2019!!!

Why A Bubbler?

You might be asking yourself, why should I get myself a bubbler? I already have a perfectly good bowl/ rolling papers, can a bubbler really be that much better? The answer is YES, a bubbler is much better, and without spitting too much mumbo jumbo at you, let me explain a few of the reasons I've come to find that a bubbler is the way to go.

Still Portable?- One of my favorite things about a bubbler is that a lot of the times it can be just as portable as a typical hand pipe. Sure you could opt for a larger bubbler with more percolators or if you want it to double as a dab rig, but many bubbler pipes aren't much longer than the typical hand pipe, and the water filtration that you get from a bubbler makes them 10X smoother that any hand pipe.

Price?-Price is also something to think about when buying a new piece, and what I will say is that buying a nice hand pipe is not going to be much cheaper than buying a nice bubbler, and the difference in smoothness is unreal, definitely worth paying a couple extra bucks for if that's the case.

Smoothness- Have I mentioned that a bubbler is smoother yet? Oh right, I have, well I'll say it again for those that forgot! A bubbler Is going to be much, much smoother than any hand pipe out there, the water in the bubbler helps to filter out some of the harmful carcinogens, as well as cooling down the smoke, so you're going to get a cooler, smoother hit every single time!!

That's all the blabbering I'll do about that, I've laid a few of the reasons I prefer bubblers, but whether you choose to like them is completely up to you!! Now lets get into the best bubbler pipes of 2019!! These are in no particular order and to make it easier for you guys I split them up by brand, so you can compare directly between brands as well as the other brands on this list!!

And If you'd like to take a look at some hand pipes, or even some bongs, feel free to check out the Best Weed Pipes of 2021, as well as the Best Bongs of 2021!

Chameleon Glass

Founded in the early 90's in California, Chameleon Glass is most recently located in Arizona, where they have made a nice name for themselves in the glass industry. 

Just from a quick visit to their site, you can tell the people that work there ooze passion for the industry. Fans of heady glass will love Chameleon Glass, that is definitely their focus. Each piece is a work of art, Chameleon Glass is also well known for their color changing glass. 

Each Chameleon piece is handblown and put through rigorous quality inspection to ensure you get the best possible bang for your buck. 

Your Average Stoner's Top Chameleon Glass 

Infinity Fumed Bubbler ($71.95)

Chameleon Glass Infinity Fumed Bubbler

This is an awesome little bubbler, with quite a nice twist ;).

This bubbler utilizes that fumed glass we've been talking about, which doesn't add anything to the smoking experience, but it looks really cool. 

This piece is small, light, and easy to use, making it a great daily driver, or just a cool piece to bring out to impress your friends.

Raked and Fumed Sherlock Bubbler ($88.99)

Chameleon Glass raked and fumed Sherlock water pipe

This bubbler is a straight up work of art. It's got a bit of a phallic shape going towards the top, but if you can look past that this thing is a beauty. 

This bubbler has been fumed AND raked, which is why you see those awesome streaks down the side and the cool designs in the bowl and mouthpiece. 

This piece has an ergonomic design for holding and hits quite smooth due to it's design.


Grav Labs has been in the industry of creating glass pieces since 2004, and they've been pioneers in the industry all the while. Grav likes to take a simple approach to their glassmaking, adopting a "less is more" approach that makes for some beautifully simplistic pieces.

While it's clear the quality is there, something you also get from Grav is affordability! It can be hard to find a quality pipe at a good price nowadays, but Grav tries to make it as easy as possible. They have a great selection of bongs, bubblers, hand pipes and more!

Your Average Stoner's Top Grav Labs Bubblers

Grav Labs Upright Bubbler ($119.99)

Grav Labs Upright Bubbler

First up from Grav Labs we have a nice little upright bubbler. Right off the bat you can see there isn't much color on this piece, just the purple Grav Labs Logo. However, if you'd prefer this piece also comes in a black variation that has black accents on the downstem as well as the mouthpiece, but I prefer the clear because it's easier to tell when you need to clean it!

This piece sits at 7 inches tall, so it's not too big, but I also wouldn't say it's a good travel bubbler either, the mouthpiece and weight of this piece make it perfect for around the house and with friends. 

This bubbler smokes great, it has a three hole downstem that makes for decent filtration, overall the hits should be fairly smooth! This bubbler would also make a good dab rig if you wanted to put a banger or nail on, it's the perfect size and shape for ripping some dabs! This piece comes equipped with a 14mm female joint, and comes with a 14.4 mm male herb bowl.

Grav Labs Helix Bubbler ($119.99)

Grav Labs Helix Bubbler

This is one of the crazier bubblers on this list, the helix bubbler.

The way the bowl and downstem are made this bowl appears to fall into the hammer bubbler style, but what makes this bubbler unique is the "Venturi Chamber", which is what creates the helix shaped smoke patterns I'm sure you'll come to love.

How the venturi chamber works is that there are actually three "micro holes" on the chamber that as you take a hit you pull in cold air through those holes, and when it combines with the hot smoke it makes for a visually stunning helix pattern!

The cold air being brought in helps cool down the smoke, and the X slitted downstem also provides for better filtration as well. This piece was made using thick boriscillate glass, and sits at around 5 inches tall and 8 inches long.

GRAV Hammer Style Bubbler ($49.99)

Grav Labs Hammer Style Bubbler

Last up from Grav Labs we have a simple little hammer style bubbler. This bubbler comes in at a very affordable price for its quality, and it comes in your choice of 10+ colors.

This pipe should fit all of your portability needs, it sits at 4 inches tall and just about 8 inches long, and it's made using sturdy scientific glass! Taking a hit out of this bubbler is fairly smooth too, the X slits in the downstem provide for great filtration, and you'll be pleased to find out this bubbler actually has a really deep bowl!!

Overall, this is a great bubbler that will provide you with years of smoking pleasure! It's still convenient but at the same time it's much smoother than a hand pipe, and cheaper than a lot of them too! 


Mathematix Glass is a fairly new company, but they have burst to the top of the scene due to their awesome creativity. They use a lot of fumed glass, which is really popular because it appears to change colors, they also make glow in the dark pieces as well. And although they like to focus on creativity, the high quality glass is still there, every piece is made using thick, heat-resistant boriscillate glass!

Mathematix is perhaps most known for it's themed pieces, which they are one of the best at making, only rivaled by Empire Glassworks in my opinion! Food is a very popular theme for Mathematix, with pieces like a strawberry spoon pipe, peach spoon pipe, ice cream bubbler and more!!!

Your Average Stoner's Top Mathematix Glass

Mathematix Color Changing Bubbler ($49.99)

Mathematix Glass Color changing bubbler

First up from Mathematix Glass we're taking a look at a color changing bubbler! Now I said Mathematix was known for pieces like this, this one is a perfect example. This bubbler has a beautiful pink and yellow hue to it, but since it is color changing, as resin builds up inside it will appear to change colors, looking like a completely different bubbler!!!

This pipe is very simple, it's got a regular fixed downstem, and is about 8 inches long, I'd say this is one of the more portable bubblers on this list. This bubbler has a flat bottom so it doesn't tip, and there are three glass marbles on the side to provide better grip in your hand!

This bubbler really isn't that much bigger than a lot of regular hand pipes, but being able to get that water filtration makes all the difference when it comes to smoothness. This bubbler is still really easy to clean, and when you do your colors will return to normal, and you'll get to watch your piece transform all over again!!

Mathematix Glass Dichro Hand Grenade Bubbler ($155)

Mathematix Glass Hand Grenade Bubbler

Next up from Mathematix is a bubbler that will surely blow all of your friends away, the Hand Grenade Bubbler!!! I bet you've never seen a bubbler this explosive before, this is an extremely unique bubbler!! What I like most about this bubbler is how well it's made. Usually I wouldn't be surprised to see some crappy metal pipe with a grenade theme, but to see it done this well by a company as highly regarded as Mathematix is amazing!!

The grenade part looks very realistic, even the handle and indents in the glass closely resemble an actual grenade. This bubbler is 4 inches tall and around 7-8 inches long, making it great for portability or just chilling around the house.

This bubbler is made from thick boriscillate glass, and the mouthpiece is made from green dichoric glass (I know it looks black in the picture, but this is one of those bubblers that looks completely different in person). This pipe features a deep bowl great for a sesh with friends, and you're going to want to show this pipe off to everyone so that works out perfectly!

Chasteen Glassworks

Coming out of Eugene Oregon from seemingly nowhere, stay tuned for these awesome bubblers from Chasteen Glass. 

Im not from the Oregon area and I've never been out there either, so maybe this is just ignorance but I never really came across this brand until recently but my oh my do they have some nice looking, functional pieces. 

Chasteen is most certainly on the heady side of glass making, 99% of pieces have intricate designs and colors. With that being said all pieces are hand blown and made uniquely. No two pieces are the same, similar maybe, but never the same. 

I like companies like this, you know these people aren't just churning out glass as quick as they can to turn a profit, they put passion and effort into it!

Your Average Stoner's Favorite Chasteen Glass

Chasteen Glass Blue Bent neck Bubbler

Blue Wig Wag Bubbler With Disk ($154.95)

Not much creativity going into the name of this piece, I suppose all the work went into the piece itself!!

In all honesty though, I'm surprised that this piece doesn't have a much higher price tag on it. This piece features beautiful purple and blue swirled glass, and has a wig wag mouth piece.

While you can't really see what's going on inside, this piece has a fixed down stem as well as a 3 hole Perc for increased smoothness.

On the sides there are two swirled glass marbles, these are not only there to look cool but also to give you more comfort in your grip. 

Chasteen Glass Ratsa Bubbler

Rasta Snorkel Bubbler

Next up, and for the first of it's kind on this list we have a "snorkel" bubbler. 

This confused me at first, but after about 2 minutes I realized that it's just called that due to the snorkel looking piece of glass on the side. I believe it's function is just to aid with grip, although I'm not entirely sure. 

This piece features rasta colored swirls throughout the entirety of the piece and also has a wig wad style mouthpiece.

The bowl in this piece is not removable, that goes for the last piece as well. 

I hope you've all enjoyed this list of the best bubbler pipes of 2021!!! As always if there are any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to reach out to me in the comments below, or via my email!!

What was your favorite bubbler on this list? Have you used any of the bubblers on this list before? Let us know in the comments below!

If there are any other bubblers that you feel deserve to make this list, drop your suggestion in the comments and I'll consider adding it to the list! Thanks for reading everyone, have a great day!!!

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