Best CBD Treats For Dogs-Treats Your Pup Will Love

best CBD treats for dogs

You’ve probably heard of CBD (cannabidiol) before, and if not I’m afraid you may be living under a rock! It seems to be all the buzz in the health world with everyone praising CBD for it’s healing properties. Like I’ve said in previous articles, it blows my mind how often I see CBD infused products from water, tea, coffee, energy drinks, lotions, the list goes on and on.

The bottom line though is that CBD can help a lot of people, and news flash, it can help dogs (or any pet) in the same exact ways! Pets can suffer from arthritis, seizures, cancer, lack of appetite, anxiety, etc. and they can benefit from CBD as well. It’s well recognized that CBD is a great medicine for pets, which is why most major CBD companies have some sort of CBD product catered to pets.

I’ve already written an article on the Best CBD Oil For Dogs, but today were going to be taking a look at the best CBD treats for dogs!

CBD Treats Vs Oil: You might be wondering what the difference between CBD treats and CBD oil are and honestly there’s not much. They both have CBD obviously, but the treats have other organic ingredients added to provide flavor and sometimes other ingredients, for instance in some CBD treats I’ve seen there is chamomile added in, an organic ingredient that aids with relaxation and anxiety relief.

What to Look Out For

Now I try to mention this every time I talk about CBD, but you want to make sure you’re shopping from a reputable source. A couple things to look out for are third party lab results, this guarantees that your product has exactly as much CBD as advertised, as well as no harsh chemicals or additives. Lab results are important and most reputable companies will show them directly on their site or make them available upon request. Unfortunately, there is nothing regulating these companies or forcing them to show lab results, so there are some companies that don’t. This doesn’t always mean they’re a bad or untrustworthy company, in fact there are companies on this list that don’t post lab results. While it certainly can be a red flag, it’s not the end of the world.

Other things you want to look at are the general look and feel of the website, and one thing I always point out is to read the things being said by the company on the site. If you see things like “Our CBD oil will cure cancer” or wild claims like that, steer clear, CBD can reduce some of the suffering from cancer but it can’t cure it on it’s own.

Next thing to look at is the extraction method, or how the CBD was removed from hemp. Some companies use CBD isolate in their products, which is just CBD all by itself with no other cannabinoids, if this is the case you’re usually safe. One of the most common methods is CO2 extraction, it’s an expensive method but it allows companies to make full spectrum products with many cannabinoids present, which many people think is better! There are various other safe extraction methods, what you want to avoid is any extraction method using chemicals. Using chemicals is a cheap way to extract CBD, but it means that there are going to be chemicals in your products, which you don’t want for yourself or your pet!

And the good news is, I’ve done all of the research for you! Read on to take a look at the best CBD treats for dogs (all pets).


Holistapet CBD treatsLab Results: Upon Request

Extraction: CO2

Where to Buy: Holistapet

Price: $27.95+

Starting off with a bang, Holistapet makes some of the best CBD treats for dogs on the market. Paying an immense amount of attention to quality, Holistapet makes 100% organic products made from Colorado hemp grown under strict regulations and organic farming practices.

They use a CO2 extraction method, making sure all of their products have a full spectrum of cannabinoids, and more importantly, that they’re SAFE! Holistapet runs lab testing for potency, pesticides, and residual solvents to ensure their products are free of pesticides or any other harmful additives. They also have a full ingredients list when you go to look at the product, so you can be sure of exactly what you’re giving your pet.

Taking a look at Holistapet’s inventory, they have 3 different strengths of oils for any pets, as well as both cat and dog treats. There are three different types of dog biscuits, stress and anxiety relief, joint and mobility care and heart and immune care. Each of these three has 5mg of CBD per treat still, but where things differ is in the other ingredients, mind you all of them are still organic. For example, for the stress and anxiety relief treats, there is chamomile added in, which helps to reduce stress and anxiety. And like I mentioned earlier, they also have one option for cat treats too! They are much better suited for cats, being much smaller and only containing 2mg of CBD per treat.

And if you think you’re going to be a long time customer of Holistapet, you can actually sign up to have treats/oil delivered monthly, and this saves you 10%!

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Honest Paws

Honest Paws CBD treatsLab Results: Upon request

Extraction: CO2

Where to Buy: Honest Paws

Price: 24.95+

Next up we’ll be checking out Honest Paws, another great option for CBD dog treats! Honest Paws makes their products with Colorado grown hemp, they use 100% natural ingredients and are non GMO and soy free. They also use a CO2 extraction method, so all of their products are full spectrum!

Unfortunately I couldn’t for the life of me find the lab results for Honest Paws on site, however they do say that their products are lab tested, and I have read elsewhere that people have seen lab reports, I just couldn’t find them myself. Needless to say, you can reach out to them to get the lab reports if you really want to see them before you purchase!

Honest Paws has a great selection of products, besides dog treats they have various oils, soft chews, CBD infused coconut oil (human grade) and CBD peanut butter (also human grade). The peanut butter is great because dogs love it too, so if they don’t like the treats just switch to the peanut butter, or keep the peanut butter for yourself! It is human grade after all.

Much like Holistapet, Honest Paws has CBD treats catered to specific conditions, and in this case the three types are calming, relief, and restore. All three have the same amount of CBD per biscuit, and just like Holistapet, the differences come in the added ingredients. In the “relief” dog treats, turmeric is the added ingredient, which is naturally anti-inflammatory! The added ingredients are always something natural however, just as all the ingredients are. You can also find a full list of ingredients as well as dosing instructions right on the Honest Paws website when you go to check out.

Honest Paws also offers a 10% discount if you subscribe to monthly delivery, so if you plan on being a repeat customer, this is a good way to save some money!

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King Kanine

King Kalm KrunchLab Results: On site

Extraction: CO2

Where to Buy: King Kanine

Price: $16.99+

King Kanine is extremely passionate about keeping peoples pets healthy, and even though they only started King Kanine in 2015, they’ve already made a big splash in the CBD world. In 2018, they were the Pet Business 2018 winner for best CBD products, so you can be assured their products are high quality. King Kanine uses all natural ingredients in all of their products and they are free of any harmful pesticides or solvents.

King Kanine has a very unique collection of pet products, some not even being CBD products. They’ve got various grooming brushes, along with a shampoo for dogs that helps to reduce shedding. Getting into their CBD infused products, they have 3 different strengths of oils, 75mg, 100mg and 300 mg. King Kanine also offers a dog paw balm that is designed to be applied on to the paws of your dog. Certain terrains can be rough on a dogs paw, so if your pet has sensitive paws, this could help a lot! They also offer a CBD infused spray if your pet suffers from itching or “hot spots”, which is an irritation on the skin that dogs usually bite at and make worse, but this spray could work wonders! When my yellow labrador was a pup he suffered very badly from hot spots, he would have these huge rashes on his paws that he would chew at constantly, and unfortunately I wasn’t aware of CBD as a solution back then, I’d be interested to see what this spray could do for other pups that are suffering!

Shifting our focus to the dog treats, King Kanine has three different flavors, Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry and Honey Oats. All the ingredients that create the flavors are 100% organic, like cinnamon and organic apple! Each biscuit contains about 3mg of CBD, the perfect dose for most pets, but if you’re worried about dosing they have a dosing chart on the site and when you go to purchase any of their products. And if you want to look at the list of ingredients so you’re sure of exactly what you’re putting in your pets body, they have a full list of ingredients on each product as well!

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Innovet CBD treatsLab Results: On Site

Extraction: CO2

Where to Buy: Innovet Pet

Price: $21.95+

Founded by two college kids just wanting to help their own pets, Innovet has become one of the best places to buy CBD products for your pet. With their lab results right on site, you can rest assured knowing all products are 100% organic and free of pesticides and other harmful additives. Even the ingredients that add flavors are all organic, the way it should be for our pets!

Innovet has a wide selection of pet products, not even all of them are CBD products, I’d say it’s more of a one-stop shop for anything your pet could need! They’ve got shampoo, ear cleaners, dietary supplements, oral care, itch spray, and much more, and that’s not even getting into the CBD products yet!

As far as there CBD products, they have oil ranging from 125mg of CBD all they way up to 1500mg, which should be strong enough for even the biggest of dogs and pets! Innovet also carries capsules as well as soft chews, and of course, dog treats. The dog treats come in 3 flavors you pet is sure to love, steak and cheese, maple bacon and berries and salmon and sweet potato.

And if you’re not completely satisfied with your product, Innovet has a 30-day money back guarantee you can take advantage of!

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Bark Shop

BarkShop CBD treatsLab Results: NA

Extraction: CO2

Where to Buy: BarkShop

Price: $20+

Moving on to BarkShop now, another great option for CBD dog treats. With all there hemp coming from family owned Colorado farms, all of their products are completely organic and free of pesticides! Bark Shop is fairly similar to Innovet in that they don’t just sell CBD products, they’re another one-stop shop for tons of pet products.

I couldn’t find lab results on site, or somewhere saying to contact for them, however I’m sure you can reach out to them if you really want to see them! BarkShop is a part of the same company that makes Bark Boxes, the monthly subscription of toys and products for your pet, so I don’t think there’s anything fishy going on with their lack of lab results!

Getting into their line of CBD products, BarkShop currently only offers oil and two variations of dog treats. The CBD oil ranges in strength from 100mg to 500mg, which should be strong enough for the majority of pets. The two options of dog treats they offer are for small dogs and big dogs. The small dog treats have around 1.5mg of CBD and are advertised as being for pets 75 pounds or lighter, while the large dog treats are for pets 75 pounds and up. The large dog treats contain around 4 mg of CBD, and come in a beef flavor your pet is sure to love, while the small dog treats come in a nice blueberry and cranberry flavor.

If you plan on being a repeat customer at BarkShop, consider subcribing to delivery every 4 weeks, it will save you 10% and you’ll get free shipping!

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I hope you’ve all enjoyed my list of the best CBD for dogs! If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please reach out to me in the comments below!

Have you tried any of these treats with your pet? If so, let me know what you thought! It will help other people looking to by CBD treats as well!

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  • Frank says:

    I recently found out, that CBD can help dogs as well. Did a little bit of research on it and I think I’ll give those treats a try. I think my dog will prefer those to the oil. I couldn’t agree more on how important it is to only purchase from a reputable source and your overview of available products has been so helpful! Thanks for this article!

  • andy says:

    Great review on all the dog treats. Do these really work to help anxiety? My dog is highly anxious and could use some calming down. Which of these treats is the best for stress relief and anxiety?She has always had this issue. I can’t leave her alone for five minutes or she will just bark. She also doesn’t like when people just walk past the door. She used to live with my ex til just recently so she is just trying to adjust to a new environment right now. So I was looking into different options to help her to calm down.

    • Joey says:

      Hey Andy! Thanks for the kind words! And to answer your question, yes CBD really does work to reduce anxiety, it’s very effective actually. As for which ones are the best for stress relief, I’d say Holistapet’s Stress and Anxiety biscuits are the most effective. They have CBD as well as other organic ingredients that aid with anxiety relief such as chamomile!

      Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with! 

  • Matiss says:

    Amazing stuff. I couldn’t agree with you more on what it is that should be looked for in such treats for dogs. Third party lab results are so incredibly necessary as their pretty much the only way to know for sure what it is that you are giving to your dog. Because for all we care, the manufacturer might be saying one thing and at the end of the day the product might be containing completely another, for example, more additives that they don’t want to display because they might not be the healthiest ones and they know that. As well as all the other stuff you mentioned definitely rings true, Joey. Well, at least for me. 🙂

    I guess Holistapet is what I’ll bring some of to my grandma’s dogs. Thanks!

    Cheers, and have a Great One!


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