Best Dab Rigs of 2019- Stoner’s Guide to Dab Rigs

There once was a time when everyone thought dab rigs were just a fad, everyone thought dab rigs were pretty cool, but that dry herb was still the way to go. And while I think it’s safe to say more people still prefer dry herb, dabbing certainly was not just a fad!!

Many people, especially experienced stoners, swear by the dab rig as it’s extremely potent rips are unmatched by any bong rip you could take. Dabbing is much different than smoking dry herb, when you dab you’re smoking cannabis concentrates, which are much more potent than any buds you might be smoking. It doesn’t take much to get high when dabbing either, just a little glob and you’ll be feeling pretty stoned while also feeling like you barely smoked anything since after all, it’s just a “little” dab!!

Dab rigs have been constantly evolving over the years, while most are fairly simple pieces, there are some really intricate and cool scientific dab rigs as well. Enough of the chit-chat now, lets get into what you guys came her for, the best dab rigs of 2019!! These are in no specific order, and will be categorized by manufacturer!

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Grace Glass

Grace Glass, or more commonly seen as GG, is known for making high quality pieces at a fair price. The Amsterdam company has been around since 2010, and they’re products are very sought after. Grace glass doesn’t just make dab rigs, and if you’ve been around here long enough, you’ll know that Grace Glass is also featured in the best bongs of 2019! All Grace Glass goes through intense quality checking before it is sent over from Amsterdam. Whether you’re looking for something simple like a dab tool, or something fancy like a scientific rig, Grace Glass has you covered!

Nautilus Vapor Bubbler ($79.20)

Nautilus Vapor BubblerRight off the bat we have a very unique looking piece, and it happens to be the best of both worlds, compatible with both concentrates and dry herbs. This piece has beautiful green accents on the mouthpiece as well as the inline diffuser and on the base.

This bubbler has a male 18.8mm ground joint, and comes with an 18.8mm female herb bowl as well as an 18.8mm vapor dome. The glass is 4mm thick, and the piece stands at about 12.6 inches (32 cm), and overall it’s pretty lightweight.

When you hit this piece, the smoke splits three ways due to the way the piece is shaped, which creates an extremely cool visual effect. And whether you’re smoking dry herb or concentrates, the hits are always smooth and cool.

If you’re interested in purchasing this piece, feel free to do so at Grasscity, an authorized retailer!

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Saxo Vapor Bubbler ($51.99)

Grace Glass Saxo BubblerMoving on, now we’re taking a look at the Saxo vapor bubbler. This piece is another all-in-one, compatible with both dry herbs and concentrates. This is a simple little piece, but with two color options of blue and green, both of which look great!

The bubbler has a bent neck with a flared mouthpiece, and as you can see there’s a very nice looking shower head perc inside as well. This piece has a fixed downstem with an 18.8mm male ground joint, and comes with an 18.8mm female herb bowl, as well as an 18.8mm vapor dome as well.

And if you’ve never dabbed using a vapor dome, don’t worry, it’s actually really easy. You put the nail in the downstem without the vapor dome, then you heat the nail to the desired temperature than put the vapor dome on. The hole at the top of the vapor dome acts as a carb hole, just use your finger to adjust the airflow.

Taking hits from this piece is very smooth, the shower head perc does a fantastic job of cooling down the vapor whether you’re smoking dry herb or concentrates.

If you’re interested in purchasing this rig, feel free to do so at Grasscity, an authorized retailer!

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Duck Vapor Bubbler ($47.20)

Grace Glass Duck vapor bubblerOnce again we’re looking at a piece that is compatible with dry herbs and concentrates, and at under $50, this rig is a steal. This rig is very small, but it has a unique design all the way up to the mouthpiece. Whenever I look at the mouthpiece it makes me think of one of those big circus lollipops, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what it’s meant to look like. Something I like about this rig is that it’s really easy to see when it needs to be cleaned, there aren’t a lot of colors and designs in the way, the only color on the piece comes from the 8 armed perc tree.

This rig is a decent size for a rig, sitting at about 12 inches (30 cm), so I wouldn’t call this a travel rig, but it’s certainly small enough to be passed around. This piece has an 18.8mm male ground joint, and comes with an 18.8mm flower bowl as well as an 18.8mm vapor dome for concentrates.

This rig is made from high quality boriscillate glass, the only thing I worry about with this rig is the mouthpiece, it’s really long, and if the piece tips over the mouthpiece could break, so be careful with that! One advantage of the long mouthpiece however, is that it gives more time for the smoke to cool, and with the help of the 8-arm perc tree, your hits will be as smooth as possible!

If you’re interested in purchasing this piece, feel free to do so at Grasscity, an authorized retailer!

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Snoop Dogg Pounds

If you’ve read any of my stuff before, you know I love to pay tribute to the legends of this industry, and Snoop Dogg certainly belongs on that list. The thing I love about Snoop’s POUNDS collection is that they are all fantastic pipes. Often times celebrities will make deals to put out a product just for the money, and the product is usually crap. That’s not the case with this collection however, Snoop Dogg did things the right way, so props to you Snoop!! All of the products in this collection are made right here in the US, where they are subjected to intense quality checking before being shipped out for our enjoyment!

Spaceship ($175.99)

Snoop Dogg POUNDS SpaceshipFirst up from Snoop’s collection we have the Spaceship! This is an absolutely beautiful little rig, the green accents on the vapor dome, mouthpiece, and the diffuser add some nice color and the POUNDS fist logo really rounds it out.

This rig is the perfect size for passing around with your friends, it’s got a sort of wide base, which I actually prefer for stability, but it sits at 6.5 inches (16.5 cm) so it’s a pretty small rig. This is one of those pieces that you can just feel the quality when you hold it, the base is really thick so that gives it some healthy weight and it’s made from 5mm thick boriscillate glass, so it’s sturdy!

This rig features a fixed downstem with a nice shower head perc at the bottom, which is going to great for diffusing the smoke and cooling down your hits. This piece has a 14.5mm male ground joint, and comes with a female 14.5mm vapor dome and glass nail, as well as a female 14.5mm quartz banger.

This is a great rig for both beginners and advanced dabbers, the hits are smooth and with the blessing of Snoop Dogg the Spaceship will have you blasting off into space with every dab!

If you’re interested in purchasing this rig, feel free to do so at Grasscity, an authorized retailer!

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Battleship ($223.99)

Snoop Dogg Pounds BattleshipThe battleship is my favorite piece from the POUNDS collection, and it’s great for both dry herbs and concentrates. This piece has a nice look to it both inside and out, the design is very appealing, and it’s always great to see percolators inside, and this has multiple!

This pipe is much taller than the spaceship, sitting at 12.5 inches (32 cm), but while taller, this pipe is much easier to hold while using. The two spots that the downstem connect to the body make a sort or handle, making this rig very ergonomic. Just like on the Spaceship, the Battleship has a really thick base that provides great stability and balance, which is especially important for this piece because it can tip over a lot easier than the Spaceship!

Taking a hit out of this thing is nothing short of heavenly. There’s three percs inside this piece, two of which are tornado discs and the other is a honeycomb disc, all of which male for extremely cool and smooth hits. And with the rig being almost 13 inches, that gives a lot of time for smoke to travel and cool, all while being diffused by the percs, so you should never run into any harsh, painful hits with this piece!

The Battleship comes equipped with 14.5mm male ground joint, as well as a female 14.5mm herb bowl, vapor dome, and quartz bucket, giving you three different ways to smoke! This is an all around great piece whether you’re dabbing or smoking dry herb, Snoop, you’ve outdone yourself!

If you’re interested in purchasing the battleship, feel free to do so at Grasscity, an authorized retailer!

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Diamond Glass

With a name like Diamond, you just expect quality from the start, and that’s what Diamond Glass provides. Based in California, all of their glass is hand blown right here in the US, you can expect high quality, sturdy boriscillate glass every single time! Diamond Glass makes very unique pieces, they’re always looking to push the boundaries and put out products that are meant to wow you every time you see them! They have even put out limited edition “gold” and “silver” bongs in the past, so keep an eye out for new and exciting stuff out of them!

Recycler W Matrix Perc ($212.40)

Diamond Glass Recycler with Matrix PercFirst up from Diamond glass we have a nice recycler with a matrix perc. This piece is everything you could possibly ask for in a rig. It looks great, the Diamond Glass logo really pops and looks nice, and the shape of the bubbler is unique, but that is what Diamond is known for!

If you like a smooth hit (and who doesn’t) than you’ll absolutely love smoking out of this piece. As you can see it has a matrix perc, which works phenomenal, even with the slightest draws you can see hundreds of bubbles at a time, so the smoke gets diffused thoroughly. And on top of that, this piece also has the recycler that filters the smoke through the water continuously so it really cant get much smoother than this piece!

This rig sits at about 8 inches tall, and features a 14mm joint and comes with a quartz banger. This piece is made using 4mm thick boriscillate glass, it’s also light and easy to pass around, but be careful about tipping it, you wouldn’t want to break the recycler or the mouthpiece, as those would be the most vulnerable to breaking!

If you’re interested in purchasing this piece, feel free to do so at Badass Glass, an authorized retailer!

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Incycler Ball Rig ($236)

Diamond Glass incycler ball rigNext up from Diamond Glass is the Incycler Ball Rig. This is a personal favorite of mine from Diamond Glass, and I mean it is just an absolutely stunning rig. It has a beautiful green and black tint and a gorgeous looking perc as well as incycler that are what really make this rig so special. This rig has a very unique look as well, and what I like about this rig is how ergonomic it is, it fits so comfortably in your hand while you’re dabbing, and the curved mouthpiece makes it so easy to just sit back and enjoy a dab.

Moving on to what makes this piece truly great is what’s going on inside. The honeycomb slits work wonders at diffusing the smoke, and it is very visually pleasing to watch as well, as the smoke than travels through the inclycler where it is then inhaled at optimum smoothness and temperature. The side walls around the percs also double as excellent splash guards, no matter how hard you pull you shouldn’t be getting any wet lips!

This rig is a little taller than the previous, at 10 inches, and was made using 5mm thick high quality boriscillate glass. This rig features a 14mm female joint and comes with a 14mm quartz banger!

If you’re interested in purchasing this rig, feel free to do so at Badass Glass, an authorized retailer!

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Straight Fab ($164)

Diamond Glass Straight Fab dab rigLast up from Diamond Glass we have the straight fab. This piece comes in at slightly cheaper than the previous two, but the top tier quality is still there for sure. This piece uses a nice dark green on the mouthpiece, diffuser, and fab center, which is a nice touch. I like the use of the darker green, most glass companies tend to use the light green colors as they’re really popular, but I really enjoy this color as well!

This piece is pretty simple as far as what’s going on inside, there’s a shower head diffuser that is going to do a great job at diffusing and cooling your smoke, giving you only the smoothest of hits. This piece also has splash guard ripples so you won’t need to worry about getting water in your mouth!

This piece was made using 5mm thick boriscillate glass and it feels sturdy and sits low, it won’t tip over easily. This rig sits at about 9 inches tall, it’s great for passing around and it’s curved mouthpiece is great for sitting back and enjoying a dab! This piece has a 14mm female joint and comes with a 14mm quartz banger for you to enjoy your dabs off of.

If you’re interested in purchasing this piece, feel free to do so at Badass Glass, an authorized retailer!

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Empire Glassworks

Empire Glassworks is one of my personal favorites, and I’m sure there’s many of you out there that would agree. Not only does Empire make the absolute highest quality glass bongs, rigs, and pipes, but they also have by far the most visually stunning pieces. Whether you’re buying a little 6 inch hand pipe, or a 24-inch bong, Empire goes all out to make sure the design of your glass will absolutely blow you away. I always consider Empire Glass a work of art, many of these pieces look so cool you just want to put them out for everyone to see, but that’s just until you remember how smooth a hit out of Empire Glass is!

E.A.C (East Australian Current) Bubbler ($300)

Empire Glassworks EAC dab rigJust like I warned, Empire Glassworks pieces are works of art, and this piece certainly falls into that category. This piece boasts a steep price for most people, but the quality and craftsmanship of this piece is unmatched. The design and detail of this piece are stunning to say the least, anyone would be proud to own this piece!

I think we can all appreciate the Australian current theme, this piece is covered with various fish, turtles, and other underwater themed decorations. This rig was made using custom blended boriscillate colors, which as you can see comes out looking fantastic!

With Empire Glassworks it’s not all about looks, this piece functions beautifully as well. The recycler does a great job of continuously filtering the smoke through the water so all of your hits are smooth but at the same time very flavorful.

This rig stand at only 7 inches (17.8 cm), so it’s easy to hold and light enough to be passed around easily. This rig comes equipped with a 14.5mm female ground joint, and comes with a 14.5 mm male herb bowl. Unfortunately this piece does not come with any bangers for dabbing, so you will have to pick up a banger separately, or if you just want it for dry herb that’s fine too!

If you’re interested in purchasing this piece, feel free to do so at Grasscity, an authorized retailer!

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Key Lime Sundae Bubbler ($220)

Empire Glassworks Key Lime Sundae Dab rigNext up we have a piece that is sure to spark your munchies before you even smoke, the Key Lime Sundae Bubbler!! Not only is this piece a great conversation starter, but the amount of detail put into this is absurd! I can only imagine how hard it is to put those little glass sprinkles on there. All of the colors on this piece look amazing, from the lime to the ice cream, whipped cream, and of course the sprinkles.

The amount of detail is even more impressive when you realize they fit all of it into a pretty small package! This rig sits at 5 inches (12.7 cm), so it’s fairly portable. And when I say portable I mean just for passing around the room, as I definitely don’t recommend you take this piece out on road trips or anywhere it could break! These pieces are hand blown, so they’re difficult to make and even more difficult to fix, not to mention how upsetting it is to break a $220 piece!

This piece is made from high quality boriscillate glass that was custom blended to create the fantastic colors that make up this sundae. This has a 14.5mm female ground joint, and comes with a 14.5mm herb bowl. Unfortunately this piece also does not come with a banger for dabbing, so hopefully you already have one and if not you can pick one up for relatively cheap at the same time you buy the rig!

If you’re interested in purchasing this piece, feel free to do so at Grasscity, an authorized retailer!

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Galactic Flagship ($480)

Empire Glassworks Flagship Dab rigNow I realize this price may drive a lot of people away right off the bat, but this piece is too cool for me to not add to this list, and glass collectors will absolutely love this piece! This piece is one of my all time favorites, the outside and inside are littered with various colored rockets, planets, stars, and other space themed decorations that were crafted beautifully

This piece was made using thick boriscillate glass, and at 10 inches (25.4 cm) it’s pretty lightweight and portable. This rig isn’t just for looking at either, it smokes beautifully. There’s a honeycomb percolator near the bottom of the chamber which does a great job of filtering and cooling the smoke. Whether you’re smoking dry herb or concentrates, you can be sure of getting a smooth, un-harsh hit every single time!

This piece like the other two from Empire Glassworks, doesn’t come with a banger, Empire calls most of these pieces bubblers, which is true but they still work fantastic as dab rigs! However, this piece does come with a customized 14.5mm male herb bowl that goes with the 14.5mm female ground joint this piece features.

This is one of those pieces that is going to wow everyone first based off of looks, and then once again once they see how well it smokes!

If you’re interested in purchasing this piece, feel free to do so at Grasscity, an authorized retailer!

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I hope you’ve all enjoyed this list of Best Dab rigs of 2019! Comment down below which one of these rigs is your favorite!!

Are there any rigs/brands you feel deserve to be on this list? Let me know down below in the comments or shoot me an email and I’ll be sure to consider adding it!

As always if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, do be sure to leave them in the comments below, or once again through my email.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!



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