Best Desktop Vaporizers For Marijuana- Best of 2019

With laws regarding cannabis finally starting to loosen up in many areas of the world, now is as good a time as ever to discuss the best desktop vaporizers. I’m sure you have all have heard of a vaporizer before, but what about a desktop vaporizer?

A desktop vaporizer works in the same way a portable vaporizer works basically, except desktop units are typically much larger and will run you a bit more money (usually) and they require you to be connected to power. If you are new to vaporizers and are unfamiliar with how they work,I recommend you checkout my article on The Best Portable Vaporizers of 2019. In it I discuss the advantages of using a vaporizer, along with the basics of how a vaporizer works!

Types of Desktop Vaporizers

There are several types of desktop vaporizers,which is something to think about before making a purchase!

Bag Vaporizers– These vaporizers work by filling a bag with vapor, upon which you can detach the bag and draw straight from it. The bag can also be detached from the unit so it can be easily passed back and forth. The bag will typically hold enough vapor for multiple people to be able to hit it, so it is great for group sessions!

Whip Vaporizers- A whip vaporizer has a glass piece in which you fill your herb, a “whip” which is usually medical grade tubing, and a glass mouthpiece. Whip vaporizers usually have very cool, flavorful vapor and are very easy to use.

Direct Draw Vaporizers– On demand units in which you just draw directly from the mouthpiece on the vape. Direct draw vaporizers are extremely easy and efficient to use, and you can get great vapor quality out of these units.

Now lets get into the best desktop vaporizers for marijuana in 2019(in no particular order)!

VapeXhale Cloud Evo ($350)

Cloud evo

The Cloud Evo is one of the best direct-draw vaporizers in it’s class, hands down. And even though this device may be a desktop vaporizer, it is fairly small, so it wont take up much room on a table. At only about 8 in (20.3 cm) in height, it is a similar height to some portable vaporizers.

Don’t let it’s size deceive you however, this thing is POWERFUL. A strong draw from this thing will hit you as hard as a big bong rip, which is impressive for any vaporizer. However, for those of you that prioritize taste, you will be pleasantly surprised at how flavorful the hits are. The Cloud Evo features an all glass vapor path and comes with a curved glass mouthpiece, so you’ll really feel the smoothness in every draw.

Operating the Cloud Evo is extremely simple, to turn it on just flip the switch right on the front of the device, and as you’ll notice, the dial to change the temperature is right above it. There are no numbers on the dial, which can be a bit annoying, but all you need to know really is that you turn it clockwise to increase the temperature and counter-clockwise to decrease the temperature. The Cloud Evo comes with two easy to load baskets for your herb, these baskets are fairly large and will fit plenty of herb, but after a lot of usage you will most likely need to replace them.

Overall, the Cloud Evo is a fantastic desktop vaporizer and is one of the best on the market today! If you would like to check it out, feel free to do so at Slick Vapes, an authorized retailer.

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Volcano Plenty Vaporizer ($249)

Plenty VaporizerThe Volcano Plenty Vaporizer is another fantastic vaporizer made by Storz & Bickel. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Storz & Bickel they are also the manufatcurers of the Mighty, Crafty, and the Volcano Classic, which we will take a look at further down the list!


The Plenty has great taste and smoothness, and the long mouthpiece really gives the vapor time to cool before reaching your lips, which is great. The Plenty is not an on-demand vaporizer however, so It’s best to sit down for a complete sesh when you use this thing. The heat up time is fairly quick, and there is an auto shut off function which is also nice. The Plenty has been known to go through herb pretty quickly since it still heats your herb even when you arent drawing, so it’s best to keep this thing in your hand when you’re using it until the sesh is over.

The Plenty features full spectrum temperature control, good for getting tasty hits, but dont be fooled, this thing can produce some monster clouds as well!!!

If you would like to check out The Plenty, feel free to do so at Vape World, an authorized retailer.

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Easy Vape 5 ($99)

Easy Vape 5The Easy Vape 5 is an ecxellent budget vape, and is currently the cheapest desktop vaporizer on this list!! The Easy Vape is a whip-style vaporizer and although it may look bulky, its surprisingly small and wont take up much room on any table.This unit comes in 5 stylish colors as well. Theres black, red,blue,silver, and sky blue, all of which look very smooth and sleek.

For a $80 DESKTOP vaporizer, this unit has surprisingly good flavor and vapor quality. It isn’t necesarily as good as some of the more expensive desktop vaporizers, but you have to remember that this unit is 1/4 the price of many of its competitors. In fact, this unit comes at a better price then most portbale vaporizers, so you’re getting a lot for the price!

The Easy Vape 5 features a glass wand and a glass mouthpiece, along with a 2 and a half foot plastic “whip”. One thing I like on this device is how easy changing and seeing what temperature you’re using is. The buttons are clearly labeled on the front of the device, and a convenient LED screen displays your temperature and other settings. As far as heat up time, this certainly isn’t the fastest, but at around 4 minutes, it could be much worse. Use the 4 minutes to grind up your herb and get everything ready and it wont seem long at all!

Overall, this is a great desktop vaporizer for the price, so if youre looking for a great budget option, you cant go wrong with this! If you want to check out the Easy Vape 5, feel free to do so at VapeWorld, an authorized retailer.

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Arizer Extreme Q ($169.99)

Arizer Extreme QThe Arizer Extreme Q is a very unique desktop vaporizer in that it can be used like a bag vaporizer or a whip vaporizer! And at around $170, this is most certainly on the cheaper side when it comes to desktop vaporizers. Arizer is known for maing great high quality vaporizers and this one is no exception!

You’ll find that the Extreme Q isnt really all that bulky, so finding room for it shouldnt be a problem. Im a huge fan of the looks of this thing, I think it looks extremely sleek and I also like that it wont stick out like a sore thumb. However, the highlight of this unit is definitely its versatility, there arent many good desktop vaporizers that can be used with a bag and a whip. The bag is extremely convenient if you’re going to be moving around the room and sharing with others, and the whip will be perfect when you want to just have a nice session by yourself.

The Arizer Q also provides great taste, and while it may not have the best taste in it’s class it is certainly very good still. And for those of you that like big clouds, you will be able to get those using the bag or the whip, which is very nice! The Extreme Q also has precise temperature control and can be controlled on the unit itself, or through a convenient remote.

You will find that the Extreme Q is the best of both worlds, and I would specifically recommend this to anybody looking to get a bag and whip vaping experience!

If you would like to check out the Arizer Extreme Q, feel free to do so at VapeWorld, an authorized retailer.

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Volcano Classic ($479)

Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano Classic is the Cadillac of desktop vaporizers, and even vaporizers in general. This unit has been around for years now, but even still people swear by it and say it’s the best desktop on the market today. And with a price of over $400, you would imagine the thing is pretty darn good. This device can be a bit big and bulky, and might stick out a bit more, but it’s performance more than makes up for it.

The Volcano is a bag vape, and comes in either the classic version, or the digital version. There isn’t a difference in the performance of the two, the digital has a digital screen on the front where the temperature is displayed along with accompanying buttons, while the classic has a dial on the front which is used to control the temperature, and there is no screen. I will note that the Digital version is a bit more expensive, so unless a digital screen is important to you I would stick with the classic.

The flavor, smoothness, and potency of draws from this unit will blow you away, as it excels in every category. This device will take a few minutes to heat up, so use this time to grind your herb and make sure you have everything ready. You will also have precise control over your temperature, whether you choose to go with the digital or the classic. In a social setting this unit is great, the bag is super easy to pass around and has enough vapor in it for many people to use it.

If you are looking for the a desktop vaporizer that will blow away all of your expectations, then the Volcano is perfect for you! If you would like to check it out, feel free to do so at VapeWorld, an authorized retailer.

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Dr. Dabber Switch ($399.99)

Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer

The Switch is fairly new to the vaporizer world, but it is already turning tons of heads! The switch is most well known for it’s amazing dabbing experience, but what many people fail to mention is that this thing can actually vape dry herbs as well! The white ceramic cup that comes with it is for your concentrates, while the black cup is for dry herb.

and while I am classifying this as a desktop vape, it’s actually not that big of a device and it has a nice design that fits very nicely in  your hand. Needless to say it’s still not a vape you can carry around in your pocket, but you certainly don’t need to leave it sitting on a table the entire time either!

Operating the Switch is easy, you just press the switch to toggle between dry herb and concentrates, and then use the plus and minus buttons to cycle through 5 different power settings. Then, once you want the device to start heating up, press the middle button and it should heat up to the desired temperature in around 10 seconds (Insanely quick!!).

The battery life is fantastic, you can get around 100-150 uses on a full charge and fear not, you can use this device while it’s charging!! Charging times are really quick also! A full charge takes only around 60 minutes. Also theres no need to ever worry about replacing atomizers with this device, and it even has it’s own self-cleaning feature for burning off all the residue!

The Switch comes with a fantastic water percolator attachment as well that is made out of high quality boriscillate glass, the best for maximizing smoothness and flavor. Both the concentrates and the dry herb experience is great, which is very rare for any vaporizer! Using concentrates feels extremely similar to a rig, the clouds are certainly as big, and theres no chance at burning yourself! Dry herb works nicely as well, everything gets burned evenly, I worried there might be some combustion with this device when it came to dry herbs, but that hasn’t been the case at all!

The fact that this thing can vape both concentrates and dry herbs and is over $100 cheaper than competitors like the Volcano is remarkable! If you’re looking to get the best out of both your herbs and concentrates, the Switch is the way to go!

If you’re interested in checking the Switch out, feel free to do so at VapeWorld, an authorized retailer!!

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I hope you’ve all enjoyed my list of the best desktop vaporizers for marijuana!I hope you guys found the perfect desktop vape to suit your needs! Let me know what you guys think of these units in the comments below, I’d love to hear all your thoughts. Are there any desktop vapes worthy of this list that I didn’t mention? Let me know down below and I’ll consider adding it to the list!





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