Best Glass One Hitter Pipes- Best of 2019

Picture this, you find yourself pressed for time, but you still want to get a smoke in. You don’t have time to smoke a full bowl and you don’t want to leave half a bowl pack just sitting there, but at the same time you don’t want to be too stoned off a bong rip. What’s the best thing to do? The answer to that question is a one hitter! It just might make your life 10 X easier, especially if your someone who always seems to be in a rush when the time to smoke comes. Today we’re going to be taking a look at the best glass one hitter pipes, but first I’ll go over what a one-hitter is for those of you that might not know!

About One-Hitters

The name is pretty self-explanatory actually, but basically a one hitter is a pipe that is designed to give you on average 1-3 hits. The herb chamber is usually very small, good for only a pinch of herb and overall the pipes in general are really small, usually around 3 inches. You’ll usually see one-hitters made out of metal or glass, and when they’re made out of glass they are called chillums. They are still in the one-hitter family, but calling it a chillum just lets you know it’s glass. I use both chillum and one-hitter throughout this article, so just know I’m talking about the same thing!

All of the one-hitters in today’s article are going to be glass, chillums are just a much more pleasant experience than using a metal one-hitter, and for those of you who have used both you understand what I’m saying. Metal one-hitters, often made out of aluminum are often really hot and taste horrible, they’re only good if you find yourself with nothing else to use. A chillum on the other hand is still just as quick as using a metal one-hitter, but using a chillum can actually be a very pleasant experience, some of them are really smooth! And also glass chillums can have really cool designs a lot of the time!

Now that we’ve got all that out of the way, let’s get right into the best glass one hitter pipes! These are in no particular order, and I’ve split them up by brands to make it easier to compare between pieces from the same brand and other brands!

This is a great video on how to use a glass Chillum if you’ve never used one before! Video made by Tim Wocker, not myself.

Grav Labs

Producing fantastic glass since 2004, Grav Labs are one of the best companies to purchase glass from, no matter what you’re looking for! Grav makes fantastic bongs, hand pipes, bubblers, and of course as this article suggests, one-hitters. Grav Labs approaches their glassmaking with a “Less is more” mindset, most of their pieces are very simple, with the focus being on quality! Grav pieces always come at a good price as well, even the taller and thicker bongs rarely reach prices over $200!

Shot Glass One Hitter ($13.99)

Grav Labs Shot Glass One HitterThe first chillum we’re looking at from Grav Labs is a Shot Glass one hitter. This is an interesting concept, but I can actually see people really enjoying this. So what this piece actually is a shot glass and one hitter combined. You’ve got the one hitter hanging off the side, and then a nice looking shot glass hanging off it.

I’m sure you guys can already imagine how fun this would be with friends or even at a party! Take a hit from the one-hitter then head straight into a shot of your favorite liquor without even having to but the piece down!

This piece sits at 4 inches tall, making it very portable and while this might not be the greatest every day one-hitter, it is always going to be a great conversation starter and a lot of fun to use. I will warn that you have to be very careful not to drop this piece, the weight isn’t distributed very easily, so even with a fairly minor fall it could cause the shot glass to break off from the one-hitter.

Overall this is a high quality piece of glass great for everyone who just so happens to love a drink with their smoke! If you’re interested in purchasing this piece, feel free to do so at Dankstop, an authorized retailer!

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Taster Chillum W Graphics ($5.99)

Grav Labs Taster ChillumNext up from Grav we’ve got a simple little taster chillum. This is a pretty simple chillum at a great price, which is how they should be! This chillum has a lot of customization options, you can choose from three sizes, 9,12 or 16mm and there are also various designs as well. These designs include but are not limited to, AK-47, Boombox, Diamond, gas mask, light saber and many more!

This is a perfect one hitter for your everyday travels, its portable and sturdy and will give you years of use! It’s even better when you realize it’s only $6, one of the cheapest chillums on this list! It may be common to see those crappy metal bat one-hitters at these prices, but it’s pretty rare for a nice glass chillum to be in this price range!

The 9mm size is perfect for a nice hit or 2 to yourself, but if you plan on sharing often consider opting for the 12mm or 16mm as they can fit close to an average bowl worth of dry herb!

If you’re interested in purchasing this one-hitter, feel free to do so at Dankstop, an authorized retailer!

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Helix Chillum ($23.99)

Grav Labs Helix ChillumLast up from Grav Labs is a really cool Helix chillum. This isn’t the first time Grav has used the Helix Venturi chamber, they also have a very nice bubbler that uses the exact same chamber. This is of course smaller being that it is a one-hitter, but the point of this chamber is to utilize small air holes to direct airflow, making for smoother hits and a very cool visual effect.

This is a one-hitter, so it is fairly small and portable, although you could easily argue that its awkward shape will make it a bit challenging to fit in a pants pocket, but you can easily still fit it in any bag! For a one-hitter pipe this thing hits extremely smooth, there’s very few scientific chillums out there that can compete with this!

The Helix chillum is made using thick glass and it feels good in the hand, it has a green nub on the side that provides extra grip. The chamber fits just enough herb for one or two hits, I’d recommend grinding your herb before if possible for the best smoking experience.

Overall, if you’re looking for a high quality one-hitter that hits extremely smooth, this is a great one-hitter for you! If you’re interested in purchasing this one-hitter, feel free to do so at Dankstop, an authorized retailer!

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Mathematix Glass is a California based glass company that has been praised in recent years for their unique and creative pieces. Mathematix has become known for many of their “munchies” themed glassware, like ice cream and pizza themed hand pipes. Mathematix also makes sports, pop culture, and glow and the dark themed pieces. Mathematix doesn’t just make cool and unique pieces however, they do so at the highest quality, always using thick boriscillate glass! If you want a pipe that screams fun, you’ll love Mathematix Glass.

Bowling Pin Chillum ($20)

Mathematix Glass Bowling Pin ChillumFirst up from Mathematix we have the bowling pin chillum. If you’re a big bowling fan, this chillum is an absolute must have! The detail is superb, this pipe looks no different from an actual bowling pin, and this pipe stands up flat so when you have it on display it looks just like a bowling decoration.

This chillum is extremely portable, perfect for a nice hike, bike ride, skiing trails, you name it! This pipe is about the size of an average lighter just to give you a mental picture, so you can basically fit it anywhere you can a lighter.

This pipe is made using thick boriscillate glass, this is definitely a sturdy little chillum, it will give you use for years to come! The bowl for herb is also fairly deep as well, good for 3-5 hits or enough to share with a friend. Cleaning this chillum is as easy as could be, just put it in a Ziploc bag with some iso alcohol for about 30 minutes to an hour and then after a good rinse your pipe will be as good as new.

If you’re interested in purchasing this chillum, feel free to do so at Dankstop, an authorized retailer!

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Glow in The Dark Fritted Chillum ($26)

Mathematix Glass Glow in the Dark ChillumNext up from Mathematix is a beautiful glow in the dark chillum. This chillum comes in either a white color or orange, both of which light up in the dark. This pipe has a nice fritted design as well, which you’ll notice is all the little dots in the glass that help make the piece look a little nicer.

While this pipes main attraction may be that it glows in the dark, it’s actually a really high quality chillum. It’s a great size for portability, and it’s made from thick, durable boriscillate glass that will last you for years. You can tell it’s a durable one-hitter the second you pick it up, it has a really healthy weight to it and it even has a nub on the side that acts as both a roll stopper and as extra grip.

The bowl on this chillum is very deep, pretty similar to a bowl honestly, so grab a couple friends if you want. Of course this pipe is going to be the most fun to use at night (or if you turn off the lights inside) but also be careful that if you’re trying to be discreet, this pipe could be a dead giveaway. Imagine trying to sneak a quick hit in the parking lot only for everyone to see what looks like a blue glow stick in your hand!

Overall, you’re going to get a kick out of how cool this pipe is every time you see it glow in the dark, and it’s also going to provide you with years of smoking fun! If you’re interested in purchasing this chillum, feel free to do so at Dankstop, an authorized retailer!

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Spray Can Chillum ($59.99)

Mathematix Glass Spray Can ChillumMathematix puled out all of the creative stops with this one, take a look at this Spray Can Chillum. It looks almost too detailed to be able to smoke out of, but I assure you that you can! This chillum is shaped exactly like a spray can, the top is done extremely well and overall the shape is really accurate. The mathematix logo is a nice touch and the drips going down the body of the can just put this piece over the top in terms of detail.

This one-hitter is very portable, and it is extremely durable as well, made from thick boriscillate glass. This is a great pipe for those rough mountain bike rides and tough hikes if you’re into that, my point is this thing is durable lol!

Once again for a chillum, this piece has a deep bowl, very similar to a hand pipe. And unlike the previous glow in the dark chillum, this one won’t stand out as much when you’re tying to take a hit discretely, especially at night!

If you’re interested in purchasing this chillum, feel free to do so at Dankstop, an authorized retailer!

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Empire Glassworks

Empire Glassworks has only been around since 2013, but they are the gold standard when it comes to craftsmanship and attention to detail. All Empire Glassworks pieces are handcrafted individually by highly skilled glassblowers, you can rest assured knowing your Empire Glassworks Glass is made from sturdy boriscillate glass that will last a lifetime! You’ll quickly see that the attention to detail is unmatched, Empire likes to make various themed pieces, much like Mathemtaix Glass! One common theme with Empire is animals/nature, as well as pop culture, food, and basically anything else you can think of! Empire uses a lot of customer feedback when coming up with their ideas, so if enough people want it, chances are Empire will deliver, like they have with the Donald Trump hand pipe and the Rick and Morty Handpipe to name a few!

Sea Turtle Chillum ($39.99)

Empire Glassworks sea turtle ChillumStarting off with a nice nature theme, take a look at this stunning Sea Turtle chillum. First off, the colors are beautiful as they always are with Empire Glass, the amazing shades of brown, blue and green are blended together perfectly. The little turtle looks great as well, if you take a close look you can really appreciate how the colors were blended on the turtle, I can’t even imagine how tough it must be to craft a little turtle like that! When you look inside the marble on top of the pipe it even looks like grass is growing inside and down below as well through the arch on the bottom, which also acts as a pendant loop.

This piece is very portable, although it’s such a nice piece of glass I’d hate to take it anywhere it could get broken, so be extra careful with it! The piece is heavy and it’s made using sturdy boriscillate glass, but a minor fall could still snap the turtle off or the arc on the bottom and you got to remember that this is individually handcrafted, so it won’t be easy to fix!

Smoking out of this piece will be a smooth experience, especially when compared to most other one-hitters and chillums. The bowl is a nice size, good for one or two hits, but not as big as I’ve been seeing in some other chillums lately, it seems like chillums are just starting to slowly turn into bowls lol!

Overall this is a great chillum and piece of art, and if treated properly will last you a lifetime! If you’re interested in purchasing this chillum, feel free to do so at Dankstop, an authorized retailer!

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Octopus Chillum ($49.99)

Empire Glassworks Octopus ChillumKeeping the under the sea theme going, were taking a look at a wonderful Octopus Chillum. The colors are completely stunning and done like only Empire can, the orange and red is worked absolutely beautifully throughout the pipe, and the octopus look very detailed and well done. There’s even some nice little coral for the octopus to hang out in, and it also provides some extra color to really round out the look of this piece.

This piece is also very portable, it’s even got a pendant ring so you can wear it on your neck if you want. I know you might be wondering why on earth you would wear a pipe on your neck and well usually you wouldn’t, but it could be a really cool and convenient thing to do at a festival or concert possibly. Like I said with the last one though, be extra careful with this piece, there’s a lot of little pieces that can snap off easily that won’t be fun to have fixed! Overall though this piece is very sturdy, the glass is thick and the pipe has some weight to it, it feels very well-made.

Smoking from this piece is a pleasure, the chamber is a nice size, good for about one or two hits depending on how tightly you want to pack it. This piece is going to be a hit with all your friends, and anybody else who sees it, and I guarantee there won’t be many people with a more stylish chillum than you!

If you’re interested in purchasing this chillum, feel free to do so at Dankstop, an authorized retailer!

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RPG Chillum ($54.99)

Empire Glassworks RPG ChillumSwitching directions here, last up from Empire Glassworks is an RPG themed chillum. This is a really fun pipe to have, everybody will get a kick out of it, especially when they see the attention to detail. The colors are done well, the brown looks smooth, while the green and black really pop. There’s a lot of detail put into the sight of the RPG as well as the trigger, there are even some maria rings for grip on the body of the pipe.

This chillum is very portable, there aren’t really a lot of little pieces that could break like with the previous two, and the glass is sturdy and thick. Smoking out of this piece is fun too, not only does it make you feel like a badass for taking a hit out of an RPG, but it’s actually surprisingly smooth, It’s amazing how smooth a well-made chillum can be! The herb chamber is fairly small, good for exactly one hit, maybe two if you pack it down tightly.

Overall, this is a really cool pipe that like other Empire Glass pieces is going to last you a lifetime of smoking pleasure! If you’re interested in purchasing this chillum, feel free to do so at Dankstop, an authorized retailer!

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Boro Direct

Boro Direct is one of the leading wholesale distributors of some of the highest quality smoking products around. Boro Direct offers a wide variety of bongs, rigs and hand pipes, all of which must undergo intense quality inspection before they are shipped out for our enjoyment. Boro Direct may not be as highly regarded as an Empire Glassworks or maybe even a ZOB, but what Boro Direct does provide is great quality glass at an affordable price, and that’s why I included them in this list. If you’re looking for a nice chillum but don’t want to get into that $20+ range than Boro Direct is a great option.

Fumed Fish Chillum ($14.99)

Boro Direct Fumed Fish ChillumFirst up from Boro Direct we have a nice little Fumed Fish chillum. For a $15 chillum, this is a great piece to have! It’s both colorful and surprisingly detailed, with four detailed fins and even some nice googly eyes. And of course who doesn’t love fumed glass? For those of you who might not know what fumed glass is, it’s a type of glass that actually appears to change hues as resin builds up in the pipe, and it will look different in different types of light as well!

This pipe is about 3 inches in length, so it’s a very small pipe, really easy to take with you anywhere you want to get a hit in. The fins help provide great grip when holding the pipe, and there are even some feet on the bottom of the pipe so it won’t tip over.

The bowl is a good size, good for about one, maybe two hits. Cleaning this pipe is a breeze and something you’ll actually look forward to doing with this pipe, as you get to watch it revert back to its original color hues. To clean it just give it a nice iso alcohol bath then rinse it down and it should be as easy as that!

Remember, there may be plenty of other fish in the sea, but you can smoke out of this one! If you’re interested in purchasing this chillum, feel free to do so at Dankgeek, an authorized retailer!

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Rasta Swirl Chillum ($18.99)

Boro Direct Rasta Swirl ChillumWho doesn’t love a colorful pipe? I know I do, and this pipe certainly meets the standards of colorful! This chillum has some nice Rasta stripes that really stand out over the other colors, and then there are also some nice blue and white stripes as well. I have to admit, I’d like the pipe better if it was just Rasta colors, but hey, this is more colorful and who knows, maybe some of you guys like it better this way!

This pipe is just about 3.5 inches, so very portable, and it’s made from durable 4mm thick boriscillate glass, so this won’t break on you too easily. This pipe also has a few marbles throughout the body that provide extra grip when holding the pipe. The bowl is fairly large, good for 3-4 hits, so invite a friend!

This chillum is going to turn heads every time you pull it out, and overall it’s a great one for the collection, especially if you have a lot of Rasta colored accessories or maybe just a lot of colored glass! If you’re interested in purchasing this chillum, feel free to do so at Dankgeek, an authorized retailer!

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I hope you’ve all enjoyed this list of the best glass one hitter pipes! As always if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to drop them in the comments below, or reach out to me via my email!

Which of these chillums is your favorite? I’ve never been too big of a fan of chillums, but recently I’m starting to come around, what are you guys’ thought? Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments!

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