Best Lighters For Smoking Weed-Stoners Guide to Lighters


Lighters and weed go together like peanut butter and jelly, Jordan and Pippen, Batman and Robin, you see where Im going with this? Lighters are a staple stoner accessory and always will be, and as with many other stoner accessories, lighters are getting cooler and more advanced every day. Every stoner should always have a lighter handy, nobody likes the guy who never has a lighter, or worse, steals other peoples.

And I know most people probably just stop and pick up a standard Bic from the gas station, and thats fine, Bics are great lighters (Read on and I’ll even show you the cheapest way to buy Bic lighters). But there are so many cool lighters out there,  and I’ve always felt like lighters, grinders, and other stoner accessories are a great way to express yourself. And not only that, some of these lighters could end up saving you money in the long run as many are electric and rechargeable, or simply last longer than standard lighters.

Now lots get into some of the best lighters for smoking weed!

Hemp Wick

RAW Hemp Wick Now I know what you might be thinking, a hemp wick isn’t a lighter, rather you need a lighter to light it. You would be right in thinking this, however I felt I had to include it. For those of you unsure about what a hemp wick is, it’s very similar to a wick inside a candle, you just light it and it burns until the wick is gone or until you put it out.

Wicks can be a bit inconvenient, because you need a lighter in order to use them, so if you dont have a lighter a wick wont do you much good! However, using a wick is the best way to taste your herb without tasting any butane or other lighter fuel thats put in lighters. This is great for those of you who really appreciate appreciate the taste of your bud, and its especially noticeable when you’re smoking out of a glass bong or pipe. Sometimes when you start getting down to the end of a bowl, you’ll notice the last hit or two might taste a little like butane, with a wick this wont be a problem!

Hemp wicks are very cheap usually, and they last for a long time, so you wont finding yourself having to replace them very often. And if you want to make using a wick even easier, they make hemp wick “wrapper” contraptions in which the wick is wrapped around the bottom of the contaption and there is a case for a standard lighter. The wick then can be threaded up the device so that it can be very easily lit and used just as easily as a lighter.

Check out Amazon for all your hemp wick needs, they have a great selection as well as the hemp wick “wrapper” I mentioned!

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Bic Lighters

Bic LightersI mentioned Bic lighters a little bit earlier in the article, but I want to go into further detail here. Bic lighters are great lighters,  in fact 90% of the time I smoke I use a Bic lighter. They really are some of the best lighters for smoking weed.They’re easy to use, reliable, fairly long lasting, and most importantly, CHEAP!!!

Being able to go into just about any gas station and pick up a Bic for $2-3 is a great convenience, but what a lot of people dont know is that there are cheaper ways to buy Bic lighters! On Amazon, you can buy 5 Bic lighters for $7!! That would cost anywhere from $12-15 from any gas station. And if you’re one of those people who like to buy in bulk, you can pick up 50 Bic lighters for $45. That’s less than $1 per lighter!!!

Sure Bic lighters dont cost much in general, but you can see how buying them from gas station/stores over and over again for years can really add up. I usually pick them in packs of 5 off of Amazon, and once I get down to about 1 lighter, I order another pack. This has saved me more money than I’m even aware of I’m sure, and I highly recommend this strategy to anyone who uses Bic lighters on a daily basis!

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Zippo Lighter Zippo lighters, much like Bics, have been around forever and are staples in the lighter world. Zippo lighters are wind-proof, long lasting, and with thousands upon thousands of designs, everybody can find the perfect Zippo lighter for them.

Sometimes lighting a blunt/joint in the wind can be extremely challenging, but a Zippo makes lighting up on a windy day a breeze ;). The only downside to using Zippo lighters is I wouldn’t recommend using one for a bowl or bong, believe me, you’ll taste the lighter fuel in every rip (yuck!). If you want to use a Zippo to light bowls/bongs, your best bet is to get a hemp wick and then just use the Zippo to light the wick!!

Check out Amazon for all your Zippo needs, they have thousands of cool designs for everyone!!

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3 in 1 pipe I chose to include this device because I think it’s really cool as well as convenient! This 3 in 1 device acts as a lighter, pipe, and storage container for your herb, and the best part is it’s only $11!!! You may recognize this as being similar to the very popular EZ pipe, however what I like about this device is that it has a built in lighter, as opposed to the EZ pipe where you need to provide your own lighter.

You will need to refill the lighter after some time, but this can be done easily as the lighter uses butane (sold basically everywhere) and is fairly straightforward to refill. The pipe works fairly well, and while some people have complained about clogging , if you take proper care of the pipe and clean it often, you shuldnt have any problems! The chamber where you put herb has a cover that can be flipped down, so you can pre-pack a bowl and when you’re ready to light up just flip up the cover and start toking!

You also get 5 screens when you purchase this 3 in 1 pipe, making the issue of clogging tht many complain about even less of a problem!

If you’d like to purchase this pipe, check it out here on Amazon!

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Tesla Coil Lighter

 This lighter falls into the category of “cool stoner gadgets“, I say this because it’s not a lighter that I personally would use on an everyday basis, but it is a cool lighter to have.

Like Zippo lighters, this is a lighter that works great for lighting joints and blunts! It’s powered by electricity, and as you can see there is no flame, rather a coil that heats up. Unfortunately this lighter wont be very effective at lighting a bowl, but like with the Zippo lighters, you can always light a heemp wick and then use that to light the bowl.

This lighter charges via USB, and a full charge can last you anywhere from 100-300 uses. This is one of those lighters that will be a huge hit with all your friends, but be wary of lighter thieves, you dont want to lose this lighter!

If you’re interested in purchasing this lighter, check it out here on Amazon!

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Dab Torch

Dab TorchOf course I cant forget about my dabbers out there! Naturally, I had to add a torch to this list. Im a firm believer that you shouldnt be spending a ridiculous amount of money on a torch, anything over $50 and I usually stay clear. A torch is a torch, as long as it works and is durable thats all I need.I

The torch I bring to you guys today is well under $50, the Newport mini torch. This torch comes in several stylish colors, has a child safety lock, an adjustale flame that works at any angle and an easy to refill design. It is a “mini” torch, so it is only about 6 in tall, and costs a measly $16, which is fair for a quality torch!

If you’re interested in purchasing this torch, feel free to check it out on Amazon!

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I hope you’ve all enjoyed this list of the best lighters for smoking weed!If there are any other lighters you guys think deserve to be on this list, please let me know in the comments below!

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comments below! What is your go to lighter??

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