Best Online Head Shops of 2021- Your Average Stoner

As weed becomes more socially accepted and legalized further around the country, we're seeing stoners adopt different purchasing strategies than they once did. One of the questions I see get asked the most is where can I buy a bong online? And honestly, there's a lot of answers to that. 

It used to be you could only really buy glass smokweware and other accessories in local head shops, and as you can imagine these are not all made equally. I personally used to have to drive 30 minutes downtown to a run-down part of town just to go into some hole-in the wall establishment that way overcharged me for everything. 

This was the reality for a lot of people, however now that we're in the age of the internet, things can be a bit different. You can get all your smoke ware and accessories right from the comfort of your own home, and at a much better price too. I can't tell you how many head shops I've walked in that sell cheap shitty china glass for $300+. 

Much like in person, online head shops are not are equal, which is where I come in. Being a cannabis blogger, I've scoured the internet time and time again for the absolute best places to buy both cannabis smoke ware and accessories. 

There's a few things that make a good online head shop, but the most important in my eyes is selection. Does the website have a good selection of not only products, but brands as well.  

How often does the retailer restock is another key, some retailers run out of stock of something and take absolutely forever to get things back in stock. This can be the fault of the wholesaler sometimes, but when other retailers are able to restock that same product it's a good sign that the retailer is slacking. 

The last thing I really look at is functionality. How easy is it to find your way around the website, purchase something, etc. It helps when the website looks appealing as well, no ones going to buy something off a run-down, crappy looking site. 

Without further ado, let's get into my go-to online head shops. I'll tell you a little about each one and why I like it and hopefully it can save you guys some time looking for your goodies!

Your Average Stoner's Favorite Online Head Shops

Dankgeek Home Page



Dankgeek is one of my all time favorite online head shops, they are probably the one I use the most often. They are no doubt one of the best places to buy bongs online. 

They have a great selection of smoke ware, such as bongs, bubblers, dab rigs, hand pipes, one hitters/chillums as well as vaporizers! They also have all the accessories you could ever need as well, like cleaning products extra bowls and nails, lighters, torches, grinders and much more. 

They carry a lot of the top brands as well. Diamond Glass, GRAV Glass, Empire Glassworks Glass and Mathematix Glass, just to name a few.

One really cool thing that Dankstop has is their RIP (Rest in Piece) program. If you send in a picture of your broken piece, whether it was bought from them or not, they will send you a discount code to get a brand new piece. I think thats a really cool program, I'm almost positive there's no other online headshot that does that!


  • Wide Selection of Products and Brands
  • Rest in Piece Program
  • Orders ship within 7-10 days


  • Miss out on some top brands (RooR, ZOB,etc)
Badass Glass Home Page


Badass Glass

Not only is this one of the best names for an online head shop, they carry some really nice products as well. 

When it comes to glass they focus on carrying only the top quality stuff, it's mostly all top brands. There's very few crappy, thin pieces like you see on just about every other online head shop. 

While on the subject of glass, Badass Glass carries it in any way you could want it. Bongs, bubblers, hand pipes, you name it. 

In my opinion Badass Glass has the highest concentration of high quality glass compared to any other online head shop out there. They do a really good job of cutting out those cheap shitty pieces with no brands, and they don't overrun the pages with their own lines of glass either. 

They have a good selection of accessories as well, however this isn't the place to come for anything vaporizer related. They do have 510 batteries, but thats about it. Overall Badass Glass is a one-stop-shop for all things glass related. 


  • One of the best selections of high quality glass
  • Fast and easy to use site
  • Great selection of smoking accessories 


  • Select few brands, misses out on a lot of good ones. (RooR, Zob, GRAV, Sheldon Black, etc.) 
Grasscity Home Page



Grasscity was one of the first online head shops I used once upon a time, and it's still one of my favorites to date. 

Grasscity is a one-stop-shop for ANYTHING weed related. From every type of smoking and vaping device, all types of accessories, cleaning supplies and more. 

Grasscity carries all types of different smoke-ware, and many top brands as well. You will have to wade through the waves of "Glasscity" products pushed your way however, which is Grasscity's custom line of glass. I mentioned that some online head shops do this, Grasscity is one of them. 

Their "Glasscity" line is honestly really crappy glass, I'd steer clear of it unless the only thing you're looking at is price. It's thin and overall not well made, luckily Grasscity carries other brands that know what they're doing. 

If you're looking for vaporizers, Grasscity has you covered, they carry most brands and models of vaporizers, and they usually keep them well stocked on-site. 

Grasscity is in my opinion the best all-in-one online head shop, however if you're looking for high quality glass I would choose Badass Glass or Brothers With Glass first, albeit Grasscity does have a few good pieces. 


  • Great One-Stop-Shop
  • Easy to use, fast website
  • Great Vaporizer selection


  • Lacking high quality glass (very few pieces)
  • Lots of clutter w "Glasscity" glass
Dankstop Home Page



Not to be confused with Dankgeek, Dankstop is it's own separate online head shop. 

Dankstop is similar to Grasscity, except Dankstop doesn't clutter the pages with their own line of glass, so for that reason alone I prefer Dankstop. 

In terms of glass smoke-ware, Dankstop has a solid selection of products. They carry lots of top brands such as GRAV, C2 Glass, Diamond Glass, Sheldon Black and more. 

They have a strong selection of vaporizers as well, carrying all the latest and greatest handheld and desktop vapes from top brands. 

Dankstop carries plenty of rolling papers, ash trays, replacement sliders and bangers, all the accessories you could need to enjoy your smoking. 

Looking to clean your bong? Dankstop has everything you need for that as well, including the oh so poplar 420 Cleaner. 

Dankstop also has cool extraction products like rosin presses, magic butter makers, and pollen presses. 


  • Great One-Stop-Shop
  • Solid Extraction Products
  • Great vaporizer selection
  • Top Brands


  • Website is fairly cluttered and hard to use
Brothers With Glass Home Page


Brothers With Glass

Brothers with Glass, as you can imagine, has a strong focus on their glass. 

Brothers With Glass tends to lean towards heady glass it seems,  that's what the majority of it is. Most of the glass is high quality, and they don't clog up the site with their own products which is always nice. 

They've got a great selection of the top glass brands, Zob, C2, HVY, etc. And Brothers with Glass has a pre-order option for glass coming back into stock/not out yet. This is extremely helpful, there's been a shortage in glass lately during the COVID pandemic so this is a great option is there's a piece you want but it's out of stock at the time. 

Brothers With Glass doesn't just carry glass though, they carry tons of vapes as well. They have top desktop and handheld vaporizers for dry herb and concentrates, as well as tons of accessories you may need for your vape. 

Just like most of the other online head shops on here, Brothers with Glass carries all the accessories you might need, as well as cleaning supplies as well. 


  • High Quality Glass
  • Great selection of Brands
  • Great Vaporizer selection
  • Pre-Order Option


  • No RooR Glass

Thanks to everyone who made it all the way through to the end, I hope you enjoyed and found a good place to pick up whatever you may need! These are certainly the best online head shops of 2021 in my opinion, let me know if yours have any other favorites!

As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to reach out in the comments below, or via my contact page. 

Which of these online head shops are your favorite? 

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