Best Rolling Papers for Marijuana-Stoners Guide to Papers

Best rolling papers for marijuana

Rolling papers have been around for what seems like forever now, and they’ve stood the test of time and remain to be one of the worlds favorite ways to smoke. And I mean why not, rolling papers are cheap, come in large quantities and Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to kick back with a joint and some friends? Today were going to take a look at the best rolling papers for marijuana.

What goes into a good paper though? Well, there are various things you should think about when purchasing rolling papers, most of which are decided by personal preference as well as price.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is if you can roll a joint or not. If you can’t and don’t want to take the time to learn, you may want to buy cones instead of rolling papers. Cones are still made of the same paper and everything, but they come partially rolled into a cone, and all you need to do is fill it with some bud and spark it up. Cones aren’t just for beginner smokers however, they’re good for anyone who’s looking to roll joints quickly.

The next thing you’re going to want to pay attention to is the specific material your paper is made from. This may seem like it doesn’t make much of a difference, but believe me it does!! Here are the three most commonly found types of papers you can choose from.

Wood Pulp

Wood Pulp rolling papers are some of the oldest papers around, they’re made from the same material as regular printer paper as well as cigarettes. Wood pulp rolling papers are usually the thickest papers out there, which makes them some of the easiest to roll with, great for beginners or those who like an easy roll! Like many of the lighter colored rolling papers, most wood pulp papers are bleached so they get that nice white color, and unfortunately this does leave a minor aftertaste. One great things about papers made from wood pulp is that they hardly ever go out, even in the rain and wind. However, wood pulp papers due tend to burn faster due to some of the chemicals from bleaching.


Hemp rolling papers are some of the most popular papers today, and are made using 100% hemp. Most times these papers are unbleached, which is why you will see they usually have a darker brown color to them. Hemp papers vary in thickness and usually have a bit of a slower burn than wood pulp papers. Rolling with hemp papers is usually a little trickier than wood pulp papers, but with some practice you won’t even notice a difference. Hemp papers burn slower than wood pulp papers, however hemp papers will also go out easier, especially if you’re outside in the wind or rain. These papers are especially loved by those wanting to get the most taste out of their weed, there are no other ingredients in hemp papers, so they have next to no taste.


Made from processed rice, these are also very natural papers with most times no other ingredients (sometimes may include sugar or flax). I think rice papers are underrated by many people today, most people want to go for the hemp papers, but there’s a lot of good things about rice papers as well. Rice papers are the thinnest of the three types of papers, and they usually have a smoothness that makes them the hardest of the three when it comes to rolling. However, once you get it rolled, you’re in for a treat as rice papers burn the slowest, so you’ll really be able to sit back and enjoy! Rice papers do go out fairly easily, so you will need to keep smoking it or pass it off if you don’t want it to go out. Very similar to hemp papers, rice papers have no extra taste to them, so you can enjoy the taste of your herb to the fullest.

Now that you have some background on the types of papers, Let’s get right into the best rolling papers for marijuana!!!!


Kadinsky Rolling papersType of Paper: Rice

Price: $0.79 (one pack) $19.99 (50 packs)

Coming straight out of Amsterdam, Kadinsky makes some great rolling papers. Made from rice, these papers are going to have a nice slow burn to them, and you have your choice of the slim sized or king-sized papers. These papers have next to no taste to them, so for those of you looking to taste all of those wonderful terps in your weed, these are great papers for you. Not to mention that these are also some of the cheaper papers on the market. You can buy one pack for $0.79, which is similar to other brands, but get this, you can get 50 packs for $19.99 or basically $0.40 a pack!!!

Each pack contains 32 papers, and has a natural gum closing strip that almost never fails to stick. If you’re interested in purchasing these papers, feel free to do so at Grasscity, an authorized retailer!



RAW Rolling PapersType of Paper: Hemp

Price: $0.99 (one pack) $47.99 (50 packs)

Where would a list of rolling papers be without the classic RAW papers? These are no doubt one of the most popular, and also one of the best brands of rolling papers on the market today. RAW papers are always reliable, they have a darker brown color due to having no bleach or other chemicals, just 100% organic hemp. This is something you really notice in terms of taste, you’ll be able to taste your herb extremely well using RAW papers.

These papers are a bit more expensive than the Kadinsky papers listed above, but that’s what you pay for when you want organic hemp rolling papers. These are both easy to roll and have a medium burn, they will burn faster than rice papers, but they won’t go out nearly as much. I don’t go anywhere without some RAW rolling papers, they’re by far my favorite papers to use on a regular basis.

If you’re interested in purchasing these papers, feel free to do so at Grasscity, an authorized retailer!

Raw Cones

RAW ConesType of Paper: Hemp

Price: $11.59 (6 packs with 6 cones each)

Back to back with the RAW papers, this time were taking a look at the RAW cones. These are basically the same thing as the papers, they are just pre-rolled into cones so you can just fill them and begin smoking in seconds. These are especially great if you’re new to rolling, or you just want to roll a bunch of joints in a quick period of time. You are going to be paying more since they come partially rolled, so if you’re good at rolling but just feeling lazy, it may be worth it to go with the regular RAW papers!

If you’re interested in purchasing RAW cones, feel free to do so at Amazon!

Zig Zag’s

Zig Zag Rolling papersType of Paper: Hemp

Price: $4.25 (1 pack) $9.49 (6 packs)

This list wouldn’t be complete without good old Zig Zag’s, another great hemp rolling paper. Zig Zag has been around for over 100 years, making them legends in the cannabis world. Zig Zag’s have no added ingredients such as bleach or other chemicals, which makes for a slower burn as well as fantastic taste.

In my opinion, Zig zags are a bit harder to roll than RAW papers, not sure if that’s just me though, as I have rolled much more RAW papers than I have Zig Zags. But when it comes down to actually smoking the papers, I usually won’t notice a difference between a RAW paper and a Zig Zag.

Zig Zag’s cost a bit more per pack, but there are more papers per pack, so that’s something you have to take into consideration. The RAW and Kadinsky papers listed come in packs of 32, while Zig Zags come in packs of 50 papers. And if you purchase through the Amazon link provided, you will also receive a Leaf Lock Gear smell proof pouch!

If you’re interested in purchasing these papers, feel free to do so at Amazon!


Moon Rolling PapersType of Paper: Wood Pulp

Price: $5.99 (10 packs, 50 papers per pack)

Right off the bat, these aren’t the most high quality papers, you aren’t going to get the high quality taste of the other papers on this list. That being said, what you will get is very cheap papers that are easy to roll, and almost never go out when you’re smoking in the wind and even the rain.

Since these papers are both easy to roll and cheap, they make excellent beginner rolling papers, although they’re also great for those looking to buy a lot of papers cheap. These are some of the cheapest papers you’ll find, coming in at about $0.50 for one single pack of 50 rolling papers. And if you purchase through Amazon, you will also get a free joint roller with these papers. Mind you there are other quantities and sizes than the ones I’ve listed, but not all of them will come with the joint roller.

If you’re interested in purchasing these papers, feel free to do so at Amazon!

Juicy Jay’s

Juicy Jay rolling papersType of Paper: hemp

Price: $1.39 (one pack)

Juicy Jay’s are another great option for rolling papers, and they are undoubtedly the most popular flavored papers on the market. Juicy Jay’s are made using organic hemp, and you may think that the ingredients that provide the flavor and texture would be harmful, but in this case they’re actually not!! Juicy Jay uses a soy based ink for all their colors, which much more natural than the bleach and inks other papers use.

Smoking a Juicy Jay paper is a unique experience, while the papers burn at about the same pace as a RAW paper, the flavor is where things really differ. The flavor you get with a Juicy Jay paper isn’t as overpowering as you may think, although the entire paper itself is indeed flavored, you only notice a hint of the flavor unless of course you’re slobbering on the thing. In all of my experiences smoking Juicy Jay’s, I’m usually able to taste my weed, but with a small hint of whatever the flavor of the paper is.

Speaking of flavors, you have tons of options when purchasing Juicy Jay’s. There’s blueberry, orange, raspberry, orange, coconut, root beer, strawberry, apple, and that’s just to name a few, there are tons more!!

If you’re interested in purchasing these papers, feel free to do so at Grasscity, an authorized retailer!!!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this list of best rolling papers for marijuana, as usual if there are any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to reach out in the comments or via email!

Are there any other rolling papers that deserve to make this list? Share them in the comments below and I’ll consider adding them to the list!

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