Best Straight Tube Bongs of 2019- Stoner Reviews

The straight tube bong design is a classic that has been used and loved for decades. Straight  tube bongs are much more lightweight and compact than beaker bongs, you won't have that massive beaker base to worry about. 

I personally always love how fast and easy straight tube bongs can be cleared. You don't have to worry about letting smoke fill up a massive beaker base, just rip it straight up through the straight tube. 

Straight tube bongs are usually a breeze to clean as well, the simplicity of the design makes it easy to clean every spot, no hard to reach places!

But that's enough of my jabbering, let's get to what you came here for. Here's a list of the best straight tube bongs of 2019! These are in no particular order, they're all fantastic options and whether you purchase one of them should depend on your smoking preferences/needs.


The Heizman

If you've been reading up on bongs on this blog, you'd know that the Heizman is also featured in the Coolest Bongs of 2019, overall it's one of the best bongs around! It looks absolutely amazing, the glass is beautifully worked and there are 5 different color options when you purchase. 

Once you finally manage to get past how fantastic this thing looks, you realize it's quality is top notch as well. The Heizman has two matrix percolators to make even the most monstrous rips smooth. It's glass is 7mm thick, so it's very sturdy and durable and it sits at 16" tall. 

Diamond Glass knocked this thing out of the park! Anybody who purchases this thing will love it, I can personally guarantee that!

  • 16" Tall
  • American Made Glass
  • 2 Matrix Percs
  • 14mm Female Joint
  • 14mm Male Herb Bowl

Leafly Strain Bong

Leafly Strain Bong

Are you looking to rep one of your favorite weed strains on your bong? If so this Leafly bong is perfect for you. Just picture yourself smoking some OG Kush on a bong that says OG Kush, pretty cool right? 

I'm definitely a huge fan of this, it's such a good idea Im surprised it hasn't been done before! Whether your'e a fan of indicas, sativas or hybrids, this bong has you covered. Unfortunately there aren't as many strain options as you would hope for, but I'm sure that will change in the future. As of right now you can choose between three classic strains, OG Kush, Maui Wowi and Grandaddy Purp. 

Taking a look at the bong itself, it's a nice simple straight tube bong! It's made using high quality boriscillate glass and is great for any situation! Rep your favorite strain today with the Leafly Strain Bong!

  • 12" Tall
  • 18mm>14mm Female Diffused Downstem 
  • 14mm Male Herb Bowl
  • Triple Ice Pinch

Tonfa Wig Wag Perc Bong

Tonfa Wig Wag UFO Perc Bong

You may notice that this bong is extremely similar to the Heizman by Diamond Glass, and you'd be correct! Although it still comes out to about $180, the Tonfa is a great option if you're not looking to spend the extra $55 on the Heizman!

The Tonfa is a magnificent looking piece of glass, the red and black accents look great and the Ronin Glass Logo helps to bring the whole thing together. You can expect only the smoothest rips from the Tonfa, there's two percolators, a UFO and matrix!

So ultimately, there aren't many differences between the Tonfa and the Heizman. The Tonfa is half an inch shorter. uses a UFO Perc instead of double matrix percs and the Heizman does feature slightly thicker glass. Overall, the Tonfa is one of the best straight tube bongs on the market and will provide years of smoking pleasure!

  • 15.5" Tall
  • UFO and Matrix Perc
  • 14mm Female Joint
  • 14mm Male Herb Bowl

EHLE Straight Cylinder Bong 

EHLE Straight Cylinder Bong

EHLE is one of the most respected glass companies in Germany, but their glass is loved around the world! EHLE tends to keep things simple and high quality, but at an affordable price, and that's exactly what you see with this bong. 

This is a simple bong good for any smoking scenario! It stands at 14 inches tall, so it's not too big to pass around with friends and made using 3.5mm glass, this piece is both durable and lightweight. And if you want to switch up the logo color on the outside, you also have the option of red or white when you purchase!

There aren't any ice notches which will be disappointing for some, but the way I see it it makes this just a little bit easier to clean! 

  • 14" Tall
  • 14.5mm Female Downstem (4.1" Long)
  • Funnel Shaped 14.5mm Herb Bowl

Blaze Glass Tower Bong 

Blaze glass Tower Bong

Onto one of my favorite bongs on this list, the Blaze Tower!!!!!! As you can probably see, this thing is an absolute BEAST! It stands at just under 2 feet tall, and looks stunning. The glasswork is phenomenal, the double 8-arm perc trees look great and you know they're going to do absolute work to filter the smoke!

Hits from this bong are going to be really smooth as it is, but if you want to cool things down even more there are ice notches for you to use. 

It's actually quite surprising to me that this bong falls under $200. It's 22 inches tall of high quality boriscillate glass that is 7mm thick!! Blaze knocked this piece out of the park in my opinion, an absolute steal at $140!

  • 22" Tall
  • 7mm Thick Glass
  • 14.5mm Female Downstem
  • 14.5mm Herb Bowl

Grace Glass Straight Blue Bong

Grace Glass Straight Bong

Of course we couldn't leave Grace Glass out of this mix, this piece is a real beauty. The blue accents add some nice color to the piece, while the textured bumps toward the top of the mouthpiece provide extra character to the bong. 

This piece is what I consider to be the perfect size for every-day home use. Not too big to where it's going to be a complete lung buster every time, but at the same time big enough to rip a whole bowl in one rip.

This bong has ice notches for those that like to cool down their hits a bit, and this bong features a 10 arm perc tree that is going to to make smoking using this bong 10X smoother and more enjoyable. 

  • 19.7" Tall
  • 5 mm Thick Glass
  • 18.8mm Female Downstem
  • 18.8mm Male Her Bowl (Blue)

Black Leaf Flames Bong 

Black Leaf Flames Bong

Taking a look at our first piece from Black Leaf on this list, I bring you the Flames Bong.

This is a very simple straight tube bong, perfect for literally anyone. While simple, it still ha s nice design on it that will make it stand out much more than all those plain bongs on the shelves. 

One thing I do want to point out is that there is a carb hole in this bong, some people get really intimidated by that although I'm not sure why. You only have to use the carb hole if you want to, as a rubber stopper will come with the piece so you can use it like normal if you wish!

  • 18" Tall
  • 5mm Thick Glass
  • 14.5mm Slitted Diffuser Downstem (Female)
  • Deep 14.5mm Male Herb Bowl

Snoop Dogg Pounds Rocketship 

Snoop Dogg Pounds Rocketship Bong

For Snoop Dogg to put his name on something weed related, you know it has to be high quality and Snoop approved. That's all I really need to say in terms of the quality. 

This is another straight cylinder bong that is perfect for anybody! Uncle Snoop had everyone in mind with this one. The bong looks smooth and sleek, with a small little Pounds logo along with a white accent on the mouthpiece. 

This bong is just under a foot tall, is made from 5mm thick glass and has ice notches for those of you looking to cool your smoke down a bit. 

  • 11.5" Tall
  • 5mm Thick Glass
  • 14.5mm Slitted Diffuser Down-stem (Female)
  • 14,5mm Male Herb Bowl

Thanks for reading all the way to the end! I hope you enjoyed this list of the best straight tube bongs of 2019! 

Which of the bongs on this list is your favorite? Mine is The Heizman or the Blaze Glass Tower Bong.

Are there any other bongs you feel deserve to make this list? Fell free to leave a comment down below and I'll certainly look into it and consider adding it!

As always, if you guys have any questions, comments or concerns regarding this article or anything cannabis related, please feel free to reach out in the comments below or via my email! 

Spark one up and have a great day!

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