Best Weed Pipes of 2019- Stoners Guide to Pipes

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Pipes have been one of the most preffered ways to smoke since as far back as the 16th century and they’re still going strong to this day. There’s just something about the simplicity and convenience of a good pipe that just can’t be replaced. Even with all the crazy smoking contraptions nowadays, many frequent smokers still feel that the pipe is the best way to enjoy your herb. Today, were going to be looking at the best weed pipes of 2019!

Why Use A Pipe?

Some of you might be thinking to yourself, “I’ve got some perfectly good rolling papers, why so I need a pipe?” I was once there myself, I couldn’t see the point in buying a piece when I had papers and blunt wraps, which are just so much cheaper. However, here’s a few reasons you should consider picking up a pipe:

Price: A pipe is going to be a one time fee, and while papers are cheap, it adds up over time and in the long run you’re going to spend a lot more on papers than you would a pipe!

You’ll Save Weed: This sort of goes hand in hand with price, but using a pipe will help you to conserve your bud without sacrificing your high at all. Joints and blunts are great, I myself love them from time to time (What stoner doesn’t?) but you have to admit they use a lot of weed and you lose a lot of smoke that trails off the join/blunt. With a pipe, no smoke is lost and you don’t need to use as much weed when you’re packing a bowl!

Portability/Convenience: A pipe is extremely portable, most of them are small enough to easily fit in a pocket or bag. And they are so convenient!! You can pack and light a bowl in 10 seconds, something you definitely can’t do with a joint/blunt unless you pre-rolled.

With that said, lets head into the best weed pipes of 2019!!!

Glass Hand Pipes

Glass hand pipes are the preffered way to smoke for many and one of the quickest and most efficient ways overall. Glass hand pipes are great because you get to taste your bud more, with metal pipes you often get that metallic taste in your mouth, which isn’t pleasant at all.

Garden Critters Spoon Pipe ($120)

Empire Glassworks Spoon pipeEmpire Glassworks knocked it out of the park with this piece, as they always do. Empire is known for not only making the highest quality smoking pipes, their pipes are straight up works of art! That’s where the high price comes from when you purchase with Empire, everything is uniquely hand blown right inside the United States!

That being said, since all their pieces are handmade, your piece may not have the exact same shape/look as the one in the picture, although the basic layout is the same!

And what better way to feel one with nature than smoking out of a garden themed pipe? This pipe has all sorts of critters, leaves and flowers on it that just make it a joy to look at. This pipe is made using high quality boriscillate glass, the carb hole is on the left side and the bottom is flat so the bowl can sit nicely without tipping over!

Portability should be of no concern either, this pipe is about 6 inches (15.2 cm) plenty small enough to fit in a pocket or bag. If you’re interested in purchasing this pipe, feel free to check it out on Grasscity, an authorized retailer!

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Snoop Dogg Pounds Friendship Pipe ($43.99)

Snoop Dogg Pounds Friendship PipeIf you’ve read any of my reviews before, then you know I love to pay tribute to cannabis legends, and Snoop Dogg always has something great for us to smoke out of! The Snoop Dogg Pounds collection has some great glass in it, including the likes of the Rocketship, Mothership and Spaceship bongs!

This is a simple little pipe, but it still looks great! And it comes in 7 colors: Blue, green, milky green, milky purple, purple, red and yellow. On the front of the pipe you can see the Snoop Dogg Pounds fist logo, as well as a spaceship below, a subtle hint that you’re going to blast off with every toke ;). Snoop Dogg’s signature is also on the stem, so you can be reminded your pipe is Snoop approved with every use!

The Friendship pipe is made from high quality boriscillate glass, the carb hole is on the left and the bowl has a built in honeycomb screen to help eliminate those pesky scooby snacks. The bowl also has an angled bottom, so it can stand up without tipping over.

Overall, this is a great little pipe, and at 4.7 inches (12 cm) it’s a great pipe on the go! If you’re interested in checking out the Friendship pipe, feel free to do so at Grasscity, an authorized retailer!

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G-Spot Inside Out Spoon Pipe ($27.99)

G-Spot inside out Spoon pipeNext were going to be taking a look at the German made inside out spoon pipe by G-Spot. This pipe has a beautiful orange and yellow color to it with a little black mixed in as well. Similarly to Empire Glassworks, all of these pipes are handmade, so they may vary in length and exact shape, but at least you know your piece is unique and handmade!

G-Spot uses high quality boriscillate glass, and this specific pipe was made with orange and yellow inside out glass. There is also a thick layer of clear glass for added durability and it really makes the orange and yellow colors pop!

This pipe is perfect for all of your travels, at only 4 inches (10 cm) it’s a very small and solid pipe. The carb hole is on the left side, unfortunately the bottom is not flat so the bowl will tip over (which sucks if there’s weed in it).

Overall, this is a solid little pipe that will give you years of smoking pleasure! If you’d like to check this pipe out, feel free to do so at Grasscity, an authorized retailer!

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ROOR Steam Roller Pipe ($27.99)

ROOR steamroller pipeSwitching up from the standard hand pipes, lets take a look at a nice steamroller pipe by ROOR. For those of you that don’t know a steamroller pipe is a little more intense than standard hand pipes, it provides a straight shot right from bowl to mouthpiece. This makes for larger hits, perfect for a group of seasoned smokers, or anyone looking to get extremely high!

This pipe has an extremely simple look to it, it’s made out of high quality boriscillate glass and has no carb hole! All you need to do to enjoy your herb in this pipe is pack it and light it! However, if you want to get the biggest hit possible out of this pipe, hold your hand over the back opening near the bowl while you’re drawing, then remove your hand and inhale it all at once. This will give you a rip very similar to that of a bong, but be careful! There’s no water filtration so it will be a little harsher on your throat when you do that.

ROOR’s steamroller pipe also features a very large herb bowl, perfect for a larger group of people. This pipe is a bit larger than other pipes at 10 inches (25 cm), so it may not be the best pipe for your travels. As you can see from the picture, this pipe has two little glass legs, so it will stand up straight as well!

If you’re interested in checking this pipe out, feel free to do so at Grasscity, an authorized retailer!

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Bubblers are very similar to hand pipes, except for they are typically a bit larger and incorporate water to filter and make your hits smoother. Let’s take a look at some of the best bubblers in 2019!

G-Spot Sherlock Bubbler ($59.99)

G-Spot Sherlock BubblerTaking a look at another pipe by G-Spot, here we have the Sherlock Bubbler! This pipe is a beauty, the white and black swirls look phenomenal, almost hypnotic! As you can see the deep chamber is where the water goes, which will provide a very nice filtration to make your hits much cooler and smoother.

This Sherlock bubbler is made with high quality boriscillate glass, and features a carb hole on the left side. This pipe is only about 6 inches (14.5 cm) so very portable. Quick tip however: Remove the water before you put it in a bag, or you’ll get water everywhere (Been there done that). The herb bowl is also fairly large, great for a sesh with all your friends or passing around a party. Be very gentle when carrying this pipe around and taking it places! That goes for all glass pipes, but with a shape like this, the stem will break very easily if dropped even the slightest!

All in all, this is going to be a solid little bubbler for years of smoking pleasure! If you’d like to check it out, feel free to do so at Grasscity, an authorized retailer!

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Cheech And Chong’s Mini Beaker Bong ($91.99)

Cheech and Chong's mini beaker bongPaying tribute to more cannabis legends, now were taking a look at Cheech and Chong’s mini beaker bong! And I know this is technically a bong, however it sits at 8.25 inches (21cm) so I’m classifying it as a bubbler. This bubbler has nice green accents, as well as the Cheech and Chong Up in Smoke seal of approval.

This bubbler is made using high quality boriscillate glass and has a 14.5 mm female joint and a 14.5 mm herb bowl. The bowl has a very small air path which is great because it doesn’t allow for much ash to get into the water in the base. The base of this piece is extremely stable, it won’t tip over easily, but at the same time it’s very lightweight and easy to pass around between a group.

And if you’re a fan of Cheech And Chong’s “Up in Smoke” you’ll be pleased to know this bubbler comes in a very cool “Up in Smoke” themed package!

If you’re interested in checking out this bubbler, feel free to do so at Grasscity, an authorized retailer!

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Watermelon and Orange Bubbler ($299)

Empire Glassworks Watermelon and Orange BubblerThis piece was too cool not to add to the list, we have another beautiful pipe by Empire Glassworks. This bubbler boasts a steep price, but to be honest I’d be just as comfortable entering this piece in an art contest than I would be smoking it. Not to mention these pieces are all very uniquely handmade, so if this is a piece that interests you you’ll have to act fast as there’s only a limited supply!

This bubbler is made using extremely heat-resistant boriscillate glass and has a 14.5 mm female joint as well as a 14.5 mm herb bowl. The body even has a handle for maximum grip and safety! As you can see the inside of this bubbler is beautifully crafted with slices of oranges watermelon and more! The straw as a stem is also a very nice touch, you really have to admire the time and detail that went into making this piece.

One of my favorite things about this piece is that although its packed with beauty and all these wonderful colors, the piece is still clear so you know when it’s time to clean it! A lot of the more artsy pieces are focused more on the colors and designs and what often happens is the inside gets all gunked up and you never know when you should clean it.

Overall this is a fantastic bubbler, and not only will it look beautiful wherever you put it, but it’s also a top quality smoking pipe! If you’re interested in checking this pipe out, feel free to do so at Grasscity, an authorized retailer! But remember to act fast, there’s only a limited supply of this piece!!!!

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Stealth Pipes

Stealth pipes are great for getting your smoke on while remaining under the radar, your pipe won’t stick out like some of these other glass ones would. Stealth pipes are usually very small and often times very cheap as well. A stealth pipe shouldn’t be your everyday driver, rather a safety net when all other options fail.

Jane West Compact One Hitter Kit ($38.39)

Jane West stealth pipe kitJane West is perhaps the most legendary female icons in the world of cannabis and it just so happens she also makes some of the best stealth pipes and kits. This kit is perfect for anyone trying to toke in private, but it’s specially designed to resemble a makeup kit, making it especially perfect for women!

This kit comes with a high quality metal one-hitter that’s got a nice sleek look to it, as well as a custom fit metal mutli-tool that doubles as a cleaning device for your one-hitter. Inside the case there is also a space designated for the lighter, as well as a storage compartment with two sides, for two different strains of weed!

If you want to make sure you have everything you need to smoke anytime, anywhere, then this is the perfect kit for you! if you’d like to check this kit out, feel free to do so at Grasscity, an authorized retailer!

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Cheech And Chong’s Dugout System ($19.99)

Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke DugoutYou know Cheech and Chong are ready to lit up anywhere, anytime and with this dugout system you can be too! This dugout system comes in 5 stylish colors: black, blue, green, purple and red, and you already know the “Up in Smoke” decal is on there!

The dugout is made from high strength aluminum, inside there is a stash compartment as well as a metal one-hitter bat. For those of you unfamiliar with dugout systems, you load your weed into the stash compartment and when you want a hit you dip the bat into your herb to get the perfect amount for one hit!

This dugout is only 4 inches (10 cm) tall, perfect for putting in your pocket or slipping in a bag when you’re on the go! If you’d like to check out this dugout system, feel free to do so at Grasscity, an authorized retailer!

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Metal Bat One-Hitter Pipe ($3.99)

Metal one-hitter batI don’t have much to say about these one hitters, they’re small and they’re cheap!! These 3-inch aluminum pipes will certainly get the job done in a stealthy way.

This one-hitter features a spring action ejection system, so when you’re done smoking just push the spring up and it will empty the chamber. This pipe will fit most dugout systems, so if you get this and decide later that you want a dugout, this pipe will most likely fit!

Overall this is a solid little pipe perfect for traveling and $4 isn’t bad for a pipe that will last you forever (until you lose it most likely, because these things don’t wear or break!).

Feel free to check this one-hitter out at Grasscity, an authorized retailer!

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I hope you’ve all enjoyed my list of the best weed pipes of 2019! If you have any questions, comments or concerns please dont hesitate to reach out to me in the comments below or via email!

If there are any other pipes you guys feel deserve to make this list please let me know and I will consider adding it! What do you guys think of these pipes? Did any of them stand out to you?


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