Best Weed Rolling Trays- Making Rolling Easy

Hey how’s it going fellow stoners, I hope everyone is having an incredible day, It’s currently 7/11 as I write this and I think I’m still a little dabbed out from national oil day (7/10). Hope you all had a good 710 as well, gotta love the “holidays” in this community!!!

But 7/10 isn’t what were here for, today were here to talk about rolling trays. Rolling trays are a true stoners very underappreciated side-kick and can take your rolling game to another level. All jokes aside though, why does it seem like rolling trays are so unappreciated? It seems like most people just don’t use rolling trays all that often, and when I ask them why, I either get something like “rolling trays are for people who can’t roll well” or maybe “I’m not spending money on a stupid rolling tray”. The latter is more understandable, but half the time the people who are saying they “don’t need a rolling tray” are the same people messing up the joint, taking forever to roll the joint, or just rolling a shitty joint in general.

Cost shouldn’t hold you back from getting a rolling tray either, you can find a RAW Rolling Tray on Amazon for as little as $5! And if you are a frequent joint/blunt roller, a rolling tray is going to turn you into damn near a master roller. A rolling tray lets you organize everything so easily. You can have your bud, grinder, paper, lighter, and whatever other materials you use for rolling right on your lap, nothing is going to spill or fall and the flat, steady surface is going to make you roll both better and faster. I’m not even that good of a joint roller myself, but if you give me a rolling tray I can roll 5 joints in 10 minutes during a bumpy car ride! I’m not really sure how exactly that will translate for you but It will definitely improve your skills greatly lol!

Now lets start to move on to figuring out exactly what rolling tray is right for you. To make this easier for you guys, I’m going to split the best rolling trays into categories so you can pick exactly which one suites you’re needs!

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Best In Price

Based On: Price Only

Raw Rolling Tray

RAW is one of, if not the most famous rolling paper brand worldwide, and naturally they sell rolling trays as well. You can find various different RAW rolling trays in all sorts of sizes and designs, but if you’re looking for the no BS cheapest rolling tray, you can get it for $5 on Amazon.

This rolling tray isn’t going to be fancy, but it sure is going to get the job done. It’s got the same design that the outside of a pack of RAW rolling papers would have, so pretty standard design for them, and the tray measures at 7 by 5 inches, so it’s great for on the go as well.

If you want to check out more RAW rolling trays in different designs as well as in bundles, feel free to do so at Amazon!

Best Portability

Based on: Durability, Size, Storage ability

Everpick Magnetic Rolling Tray

This might be my one of my favorite rolling trays on this list, maybe period. If you roll on the go a lot, this will improve your organization tenfold! Not only is this just a flat tray to roll your weed on, this rolling tray is multi functional. Yep, that’s right, you’ve also got some great storage space inside for all your supplies. You could easily fit some bud, papers and a lighter in this thing no problem and you’re on your way!

The great thing about this is that it really is portable too. You will easily be able to fit this in most bags, it’s really slim so it should be able to fit in most places. My only gripe with this rolling tray is that since it’s made out of wood, it’s going to get marked up and scratched over time. The wood is strong and isn’t going to break easily, so it’s still very durable, however the wood may start to fade in color and overall not look as nice over time, but it shouldn’t affect functionality whatsoever.

If you’re interested in purchasing this rolling tray or checking out any other rolling trays, feel free to do so at Amazon!

“Luxury” Rolling Tray

Based on: Look, Feel, Build Quality, Features

RAW “Triple Flip” Bamboo Magnet Tray

The RAW Triple Flip Bamboo Tray is the Cadillac of rolling trays, if you’re looking to roll in style, look no further. This rolling tray has just about everything you could ask for and more, I’m not really sure how they could have made it better. First off and as the title suggests, this rolling tray is foldable thank god! Or else this would be an awkward plank of wood to carry around. When folded up, the whole thing measures at about 11 by 20 inches, so still a pretty decent size to carry around, although it will fit nicely in basically any bag/backpack.

This rolling tray looks absolutely stunning, the bamboo wood looks extremely smooth and it’s also a very durable wood as well, so the tray won’t break easily! As you can see though, the tray has compartments for everything you could possibly need and more while rolling. There’s a compartment for a grinder, multiple compartments you could roll on/store stuff on, there’s holes scattered around the tray meant for various sizes of joint/blunts, and there’s even a spot for an ash tray (which this rolling tray comes with).

If this rolling tray interests you, feel free to check it out on Amazon!

“Coolest” Rolling Tray

Based On: Looks, Design

RAW Metal Series

This isn’t going to be a specific rolling tray like the previous three categories, rather a collection of rolling trays for you to choose from. RAW’s “metal series” is just all of their rolling trays that are metal. These are the trays that have all the cool designs on them, like the “Prepare For Flight” tray and the “Smokey Forest Trees” tray to name a few.

There are a lot of other rolling trays on Amazon that have really cool designs as well, however a lot of them are going to be really flimsy or the design isn’t going to be quite what it looked like in the picture. That’s why I personally recommend going with one of the bigger brands like RAW, they still make some of the absolute best designs, but I will admit I have seen some cool rolling trays off of Amazon that were from “no name” brands as well, so I’ll let you make the decision!

If you’re interested in a RAW metal series rolling tray, feel free to check them out on Amazon!

Hey Guys, thanks for reading, I hope you all enjoyed this quick little rolling tray guide and I also hope it helped you find a rolling tray that’s right for you!

As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to reach out in the comments below or via my email!

What do you think the best rolling tray on this list is? Also, if there are any cool rolling trays you think deserve to be on this list, shoot me a comment down below and I’ll consider adding it!

Alright guys, that all for now, light one up and have a fantastic day, I’ll catch you guys soon!

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