Best Weed Smoking Accessories-Must Have Items For Any Stoner

As weed is becoming legal in more and more places, the amount of new and exciting accessories is nothing short insane (in a good way). It used to be the only accessories people had were papers, a lighter, and maybe the occasional pipe, much different to what we see today. Having a nice collection of smoking accessories can help to push your smoke sesh to the next level. With all sorts of pipes, pieces, grinders, vaporizers and much more, we have more accessories than we know what to do with often times!

Now lets get right into what I consider the best weed smoking accessories, these are some of must haves for any true stoners out there!


Glass One HitterYou never know when a one hitter is going to come in handy, and with how discreet and inexpensive they are, there’s no reason to not have one! For those of you unfamiliar with one-hitters, they’re fairly self-explanatory. One-hitters are little pipes that are designed to be able to hold one “hit”, making them extremely quick and convenient to use.

You can find one-hitters made out of glass, metal, or ceramic, what you choose depends on preference and how much you want to spend. Glass one hitters are usually the most expensive, as opposed to metal one hitters, which you can pick up for around $1.59.

One-hitters are great because they are designed to be tiny, so they’re easy to bring around anywhere you go! And while I will say I would never use a one-hitter as my primary way to smoke weed, having one is a good way to make sure you’re never without a way to smoke!

If you’re looking to pick up a one-hitter today, check out Grasscity! They have one-hitters in all shapes, sizes, and materials, which makes finding the perfect one-hitter for you easy!

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4-piece herb grinderThis one is no surprise, a grinder is almost always a must have for me. Some people prefer a hand grind when it comes to rolling blunts, and I can see that, but in basically every other scenario, a grinder is the way to go. Not only are grinders much faster than using your hands, you get a much finer, more even grind. This is important when you’re rolling joints, packing a bowl, and it is especially important if you’re using a vaporizer. You don’t want to be throwing big chunks of weed into your vaporizer, or it won’t burn evenly, and you won’t be able to fit as much in the chamber.

You have some options when it comes to grinders as well, they come in all different types, sizes, and colors. Check out my article on the Best Grinders of 2019 if you’re interested in reading more about the different types of grinders. A grinder is a great investment to make that will end up saving you money in the long run, as it will make you consume your bud much more efficiently. So don’t cheap out and get a shitty grinder, like the dull plastic ones that will break or stop working in a month. That’s not to say you need to buy the most expensive grinder either, but you understand what I’m getting at, you’re going to get what you pay for.

Grinders are a great way to collect kief as well, which is extremely nice to sprinkle on top of a bowl or layer into a joint every once in a while, and without a grinder that’s something you’ll miss!

For all your grinder needs, I’d recommend checking out Grasscity or Amazon! Grasscity has a larger selection of grinders and more frequent discounts, but Amazon has a nice selection of grinders as well, so check them both out and see which has the right grinder for you!

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 Another no-brainer here, you’re going to need a lighter if you want to smoke! and don’t be that guy that steals everyone else lighters, get your own! Nobody likes a lighter thief.

Like many other weed accessories, there are some advanced lighters out there! There’s nothing wrong with the classic Bic lighter of course, but there are windproof, splash proof electric lighters nowadays and that’s just plain awesome.

If you’re looking to buy some cheap lighters, Amazon is a great place to do it. You can buy in bulk some Bic lighters in bulk for cheap, or you can check out the zippos and other cool lighters like the one aforementioned.

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Rolling Papers

A true stoner always has to have some papers handy! Smoking from glass is nice, but a nice joint just hits the spot sometimes.

Papers come in all different sizes, colors, smells, tastes, but the good news is they’re usually always relatively cheap, unless you’re buying some gold rolling papers (yes, they actually have papers made of real gold). That’s why papers are a lot of peoples go to, they’re cheap, come in fairly large quantities and require little to know cleaning once you’re done smoking.

Check out Grasscity for all your rolling paper needs, they have a very large selection of papers, from organic RAW papers to flavored papers, along with cones and various other brands and types of papers!

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Storage Container

 Storing your weed properly is very important, it can keep your weed fresher and more potent for longer, but a lot people tend to overlook this. If you’re storing your weed in a plastic bag for a long period of time, you’re doing something wrong. Weed is supposed to be stored in a cool, dark, dry place, or you run the risk of your weed deteriorating quicker. Check out my article on Weed Storage if you want to read up on the best ways to store your herb!

Buying a storage container doesn’t have to be that expensive either! While there are some really nice, fancy storage containers, all you really need is something that is airtight. This could simply be an average mason jar, which you can find on Amazon for less than $10. For those of you who may be willing to spend more on your weed storage, I recommend checking out CVault or Herb Guard Storage containers. They’re not all that expensive unless you buy one of the bigger ones (meant for storing multiple pounds) and they work amazing. They are airtight, don’t let any light in, and they have a good build quality as well!

For all your storage container needs, I’d recommend looking on Amazon! They have a wide selection of storage containers for all budgets, making it very easy to find something that will work for you!

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Aviator 3 vaporizerI know that technically vaporizing isn’t smoking, so this isn’t necessarily a “smoking” accessory, but it’s something I think every stoner should have, so I’m including it anyways :). Not only are vaporizers much healthier, they’re easy to use, portable, and a good change of pace to smoking all the time!

Many people like the idea of vaporizing, however they never actually start, and this is usually due to vaporizers having such a high price tag. Yes, there are some very expensive vaporizers out there. But as vaporizers have gotten more popular, there have been an increased number of budget vapes ($100-$150), making it easier for everyone to be able to get one!

There are actually some really good vaporizers in the $100 range nowadays, which wasn’t always the case! Now you can find vaporizers in the $100 range that can vape dry herbs, oils, and shatters/waxes. This is amazing, because in recent years it’s been hard to find $300 vapes that can vape both dry herbs and waxes effectively, and now you can do it for a third of the price!

Just a few weeks ago I wrote a Review of The Aviator 3, a $100 vape by Puri5, and I was thoroughly Impressed! Im excited to see the vaporizer market shift towards being a little more affordable to everyone, which I definitely think we will see in the next couple of years, especially as weed becomes legal in more places!

If you’re looking to purchase a vaporizer today, I’d recommend checking out VapeWorld! They have an extensive collection of vaporizers, a long with frequent discounts and the best prices on the market!

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I hope you all have enjoyed this list of the best weed smoking accessories! These are some of the accessories I personally couldn’t live without and think every stoner should have!

If you think I left anything out or want me to this list, please let me know down in the comments below! What do you guys think of this list? Is there anything on here that you don’t have that you wish you did?

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