C2 Custom Creations Glass Review- (Best C2 Glass 2021)


Quality Cost 4.5/5 C2 Custom CreationsC2 Custom Creations is yet another glass company out of Southern California, and their specialty is scientific glass. C2 has some of the most unique pieces around, featuring just about every percolator you could imagine, even some they’ve created themselves. C2 carries bongs, bubblers and dab rigs, so no matter what type […]

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Unspoken Rules of Marijuana Smoking Etiquette

Smoking MArijuana Etiquette

Smoking cannabis is a tricky subject for many, because of legal issues. Yet, with the legalization of cannabis on the rise, there is an influx of new people to the community. With this comes a wealth of questions about how to handle oneself when smoking with others. This type of etiquette is an important consideration […]

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