Blunts Vs Joints-Differences and Pros and Cons

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It’s the year 2021, and we have more ways to consume cannabis than ever! You can eat edibles, use a vaporizer, wax pen, rip the bong, take a dab, you get the point, where am I going with this, you might be asking? We have so many ways to consume cannabis, but it seems one of the bigger conversations in the cannabis community is on blunts vs joints. For those looking in from outside the cannabis community, this debate seems silly, I mean they’re both filled with weed and smoked the exact same way, how can they be that much different? The way that I often like to explain this to people is by using the cars and trucks analogy. Cars and trucks both have 4 wheels and are driven the same way, however they are very different, and you’re going to get some funny looks if you start calling cars trucks and trucks cars!

The cannabis community seems to have very differing opinions when it comes to the topic of blunts vs joints, and that’s okay! Some swear by joints, with some of the most common arguments for this being that papers are all natural, you can taste your herb better and papers are cheaper and easier to roll for most. Others swear by blunts, with some of the most common arguments for this being that blunts can fit more weed, burn slower and the nicotine buzz can be a great addition to any high, making people feel as if they get higher from blunts. And than there are people in the middle of the spectrum, like myself, all that matters to me is that there’s weed in the middle! I don’t care what’s wrapped around it!

Now that we’ve taken a brief look at the blunts vs joints debate, lets take a deeper look into both blunts and joints, and pick out what really sets them apart!

BluntsBlunts vs Joints

For those of you who may have come this far without actually knowing what a blunt is, it is essentially a hallowed out cigar filled with marijuana. People have all sorts of different preferences when it comes to picking out which cigars they prefer. Some of the most popular are White Owls, Backwoods, Dutchmasters and Swishers just to name a few.


Blunts don’t vary much in how they look, for the most part they are going to be some shade of brown. They can vary in size slightly, although for the most part they are very similar in size, besides maybe the Backwoods, which of course are much bigger and can fit a lot more. Some blunts also have a smooth exterior, while others have a more rigid exterior, like a Backwood, which consists of natural leaves and even has veins from leaf stems.


Rolling a blunt is generally thought of as harder than rolling a joint, as there are are more steps involved, although those who have mastered blunt rolling often claim that it is much easier than rolling a joint. With a blunt it isn’t as easy as just pulling out the paper and laying your weed across it, remember it comes filled with tobacco originally!

Your first step to rolling a blunt is to first remove all of the tobacco, or “gut” it in other words. This may be tough at first, I’d recommend using a knife to carve it open at first, but after a while you should get good at splitting a blunt open with your fingers to empty the tobacco.

One thing to also keep in mind is that if you’re not using fresh wraps, this process most likely isn’t going to work as the wrap is just going to crumble before your fingers. Some say that by repeatedly breathing on a stale wrap you can put enough moisture back into to “revive” it, however I can’t personally vouch for this, I usually just throw out the stale wraps!

Once your fresh wrap is gutted, the rest is pretty easy, just fill the wrap with your weed and than seal it shut! Blunt wraps are much thicker than joint papers, so a lot of people actually think it’s much easier to roll, as joint papers can crinkle and even rip fairly easily.


Sorry to break it to you blunt lovers, but in terms of price joints blow blunts out of the water, and it’s not even close! For some of the cheaper blunt wraps, like White Owls for example, you can get 2 cigars for $1. Not bad, right? Until you compare that to joint papers, where depending on the brand you can get 50 papers for the same price as 2 blunt wraps. Either way, both are fairly inexpensive, but it’s clear to see that in the long run blunt smokers are going to spend a lot more on their wraps than joint smokers.


This is a blunt lovers favorite argument on why they believe blunts are better, the EXPERIENCE!! One thing that I already briefly mentioned that I’m going to reiterate again is that blunts burn slower. Therefore, they’re great for group settings, and overall you’re going to be able to get more hits due to the slower burn and the fact that you can fit more weed, which leads many to believe that blunts make you higher.

Another thing that contributes to making you feel higher is the nicotine in the tobacco leaf. This doesn’t make your high any stronger, but it gives you a nicotine buzz that a lot of people love. I don’t personally agree that blunts get you higher than joints, blunts hold more weed and the nic buzz ads to your high, so it’s definitely a different experience, but I really don’t think either of the two will make you higher than the other.

Taste is another thing to take into account when discussing blunts vs joints. Blunt wraps are going to have a lot stronger flavor than rolling papers usually, some people like this and some people don’t. Of course a blunt wrap is going to add a little bit of a tobacco flavor, and sometimes (depending on the strain) it can mask the flavor of the weed, which a lot of people don’t like. I can kinda see where they’re coming from, but there are are also some strains that taste fantastic in blunt wraps, and the wrap actually compliments the flavor, so it’s all about finding the right strains and wraps to go together!


Blunts vs Joints

For those of you that may not be familiar with what a joint is, it’s just an ordinary cigarette rolling paper with marijuana in it. Joints, unlike blunts, can come in many colors, sizes, material, and even flavor! Just like with blunts wraps, many people have there are preferences when it comes to rolling papers as well. Some of the most popular papers are RAW Papers, Juicy Jay’s and Kadinsky papers, just to name a few. If you’re interested in purchasing some rolling papers, feel free to check out The Best Rolling Papers of 2019!


Joints can vary in appearance greatly, like I mentioned you’ll find rolling papers in all sizes, colors and materials. The most common type of rolling papers are made from organic hemp, rice or wood pulp, all which most times have different appearances. Organic hemp papers, such as RAW papers, have a tan look to them, they’re made from pure hemp and have no artificial dyes to change the colors. Rice papers are usually white and they are very thin, you can usually see through them very easily. Papers made from wood pulp are usually not a favorite for many people, which I’ll go into later, but these papers are usually white which is often times a result of them being bleached, which is one thing many people are not a fan of.


Rolling a joint is something every stoner should be able to do! And in all honesty, it’s really not that hard, it just takes a little practice until you’re rolling like a pro!

The first step you want to take is of course lay your paper out, do this in a way so that the gum strip is on top, it will make it much easier to lick hen the time comes. Next you want to spread your weed evenly across the joint, if there are’s a crease in the middle spread it along that, if not just lay it across the middle of the paper.

Once your weed is in the paper, hold the paper on both sides and begin to fold it in half, do not seal it right away. Next what you want to do is roll the paper back and forth in your fingers while holding both sides, and what this helps to do is compress the weed, so you can actually seal and than smoke the joint. This part is going to take some practice, but once you’ve got the weed compressed down you can gently lick the gum strip and seal that bad boy up!! Don’t slobber on the gum strip, it really doesn’t take that much moisture to get it to seal, don’t be that guy that gets his saliva all over the joint!!

And I know on paper it all might sound easy, but it’s going to take some practice! One thing that people aren’t used to is that rolling papers are extremely thin and there are hard to work with at first, you’re probably going to go through a lot of ripped papers!


Like I mentioned earlier in the blunts section, price is where joint smokers win big time!! Joint papers are almost always way cheaper, and like I said it’s not even close. A pack of 32 RAW papers costs $0.93, which is less than a pack of 2 White Owls, so yeah you get much more for your money buying joint papers!


Smoking a joint isn’t all that different from smoking a blunt, but of course there are are a few obvious ones. There isn’t any nicotine in a joint paper, so you won’t be getting any nic buzz from a joint. Joints typically burn pretty fast, wood pulp papers are going to burn the quickest, while organic hemp and rice papers burn slightly slower. Still, none of the three come close to lasting as long as a blunt would, which makes sense, joints are much thinner.

Taste is one thing that can have a lot of variation when smoking a joint. If you’re smoking non-flavored papers, you’re going to really be able to taste every little terpene in your weed, so if you smoke quality bud you’re going to love this. You’ll never be able to taste your bud in a blunt as well as you would in a joint. Of course if you’re smoking flavored papers this is going to be a bit different. Most flavored papers try not to have that overpowering of a taste, but it really all depends on what kind/what flavor you get. Sometimes the flavor is a bit strong and it overpowers the weed, which is why I almost never use flavored papers.


Therefore, my thoughts on the blunt vs joint debate is that frankly I think they are both great! They provide a different experience, but overall I do not think that either of the two will get you higher. Blunts will provide you with a nic buzz, and maybe hold a little more, but gram for gram I think they both get you equally high!

I hate when people say “I only smoke blunts” or “I only smoke joints” (unless it’s for health reasons) as if one is significantly better or as if one gets you significantly higher. Both are great, and closing yourself off to one of them is pointless, and you’re just missing out on a good time! Also, when you have that mindset it could annoy your friends as well. I’ve had friends who “only smoke blunts” or “only smoke joints” and it’s just annoying, if they prefer blunts they’ll refuse to smoke a joint with you, and vice versa. So DON’T be that guy/girl, they’re both great, just smoke and have fun!!

I hope you’ve all learned a thing or two about blunts vs joints! It’s a raging debate in the community that’s just going to keep on going, but while it does I’ll be sitting here with a joint in one hand and a blunt in the other, enjoying them both!!!!

As always if you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to reach out in the comments below, or via my email address. Thanks for reading everyone! Now go have a great sesh, you deserve it!

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