C2 Custom Creations Glass Review- (Best C2 Glass 2021)




C2 Custom Creations

C2 Custom Creations is yet another glass company out of Southern California, and their specialty is scientific glass. 

C2 has some of the most unique pieces around, featuring just about every percolator you could imagine, even some they've created themselves. 

C2 carries bongs, bubblers and dab rigs, so no matter what type of glass you're looking for you should be able to find something you like. 

One of the best things about C2 is their prices! They have some of the best scientific glass around and a lot of the pieces you can get for around $100. That's a steal!!

Today we're going to do a full review on C2 Customs Creations, I'll be reviewing them based on qualities I look for in glass, such as build quality, design, ease of cleaning and smoking experience.  

If you'd like to skip the mumbo jumbo and just see the best C2 Custom Creations bongs, feel free to click below. 

Build Quality

The first thing I always examine when I'm looking at glass is build quality. If the glass isn't built well, then chances are it's not going to smoke well either!

C2 Custom Creations is no doubt quality glass. It's all American made glass, which has a reputation for being the most durable and best for smoking out of. Most C2 Custom Creations pieces have percolators in them, even the percolators are built well, they're not going to snap off easily with a little bump like they do with cheap/thin glass. 

Almost all of C2 Custom Creations glass is 5mm thick, I've yet to find a piece w thinner glass made by them, however they do have a few bongs with 7mm thick glass. And like I always say, 5mm is plenty thick for a bong, 7mm just gives you that extra security if you plan to travel with your piece or you think you might drop it frequently. 

Overall, C2 Custom Creations glass can be trusted, 100%. It's build quality is up there with the best glass companies around, you'd be hard pressed to find somebody complaining about C2's build quality!


As I mentioned, C2 Custom Creations focuses mainly on scientific glass, so you're mostly going to see a lot of clear glass w little color/design. For those of you who don't know what "Scientific Glass" means, it's a just a nickname in the industry for plain glass, like you would see in a science lab. 

Now C2 Custom Creations Glass isn't completely plain, they always have a C2 logo and maybe a pinch of color here and there, but the main focus is on functionality for sure. 

And while C2 Custom Creations may not have much in the color department of design, the   range of physical designs of their pieces is nice. They have traditional beakers and straight tubes, and then some more interesting bent-neck bong's and bubblers as well as pieces with donut rings, ratchet percolators and more. 

Cleaning C2 Glass

Scientific glass is some of the easiest to clean glass there is. It's always see through glass, there's not much color on the outside that could make it hard to see inside. 

You shouldn't need any tools or cleaning solutions either, plain old iso alcohol and salt will work just fine. I know some of you like 420 Cleaner as well, that works great as well. 

For more in depth instructions on how to clean your glass, feel free to check out How To Clean Your Bong!

Smoking Experience

The smoking experience out of C2 glass is generally great. When a company focuses on scientific glass, it means their priority is on smoking functionality. Not size, not looks, they're focused on smoking pleasure. Which as stoners I think we can all appreciate. 

Like mentioned above, C2 Custom Creations glass features a multitude of different percolators, which always make for a smooth smoking experience. C2 Custom Creations are the most well-known users of the ratchet percolator, a fan favorite in the industry. The ratchet Perc is a circular percolator similar to a honeycomb perc, except instead of having holes all over it just has holes placed evenly along the edge.  Talking about it doesn't do it justice though, it's one of those things you have to try on your own to fully appreciate. 

The glass itself is quality as well, all 5mm thick or above. C2 gets the glass to water ratio great on their pieces as well, you can expect a satisfying pull each time. 


I know we just went over a lot of stuff there, allow me to sum up some of my favorite things about C2 Custom Creations Glass:

  • Great Smoking Glass- With a focus on scientific smoking glass, any piece you get from C2 is going to smoke well.
  • Great prices- Good Pieces in the $100 range, also have top of the line $300+ pieces as well.
  • Quality Glass- All pieces are a minimum 5mm thick glass, some even get as high as 7mm thick. 

Downsides? I've been trying to play devil's advocate and think of just one legitimate downside for C2 Custom Creations and I really honestly can't. I suppose you can argue that their pieces are a little bland and lacking design and color, but that's the whole point of what C2 does. They care about smoking experience, not colors. 

In my last review I talked about how Zob made really nice glass but the prices were just insanely high when there are competing bongs for half the price. Well these here are the bongs I'm talking about, C2 Custom Creations glass is absolutely as good as Zob. Keep that in mind if you're trying to go easy on your wallet!!

Your Average Stoner's Top Picks (In no Order) 

Mini Ratchet Perc Bubbler ($127.95)

This is an amazing little bubbler, especially for under $150. It's got a ratchet percolator, which like I mentioned earlier is a fan favorite of C2 Custom Creations. It will make for incredibly smooth rips

The bent neck mouthpiece is also a great addition, it forces the smoke to travel through the glass slower so it has more time to cool, that's very important in a small bubbler like this!!

This is a small piece, lightweight as well, great for travel or sitting around at home!

  • 8" Tall
  • Glass Thickness: 5mm
  • Ratchet Percolator
  • 14mm male Herb Bowl
Mini ratchet Bubbler

Double Circle Perc Straight Bong ($185.99)

This is my favorite straight bong by C2 Custom Creations, this thing is a beast. It rips extremely smooth, the two layers of circle percolators ensure that.

It's got a red C2 logo on the front but other than that it is completely plain. This piece has a nice height and weight to it, it's an ideal piece for at home!

And if somehow  the percolators aren't enough to make your hits smooth, this bong has ice pinches as well so you can throw some ice in and really cool things down!

Double Circle Perc Straight Bong

14" Standard Beaker Bong ($99.95)

This is about as plain and simple as a bong can get. But personally speaking, this is my all time favorite bong design. No matter the company, I always love standard beaker bongs. But man does C2 do them well!!

There's no design, no percolators, no distractions, just some quality glass. This bong has a very satisfying pull, and it clears very fast, no percolators gumming up the insides!!  If you're a fan of the more intense rips (like myself ;)) then this is perfect. 

However there are ice notches if you do feel the need to cool things down, and a slitted diffuser down stem that does a great job of diffusing the smoke.

  • 14" Tall 
  • Glass Thickness: 5mm
  • 14mm Male herb Bowl
  • Slitted Diffuser Downstem

14" Beaker Bong

7mm Fixed Beaker Bong ($167.95)

You might be asking yourself if this is the same exact bong as the previous, and while it's close I'm not that crazy!! This here IS also a beaker bong, however this one has 7mm thick glass.

5mm thick is the standard for quality glass and is plenty thick, 7mm makes for EXTREMELY durable glass.

This piece would be great for travel, it's almost certainly not going to break, and you can use it as a weapon if need be ;). No seriously, it's that strong.

The only thing that has a shot at breaking is the down-stem, which for whatever reason is fixed to the piece. Thats my one gripe!

  • 16" Tall
  • 7mm Thick Glass
  • Fixed, Gridded Downstem
  • 14mm Male Herb Bowl 

7mm Thick Beaker Bong

Ratchet Perc Straight Bong ($187.95)

I showed off a bubbler with a ratchet percolator, now it's only fair I share a bong too. 

This is a great piece for around the house, a good daily driver for sure!! It's big but not too big, and it's got a nice wide and sturdy base, perfect for setting on your living room table!

As I already gave away, the ratchet perc is the main attraction of this piece. It makes for smooth rips and I'm also a fan of how it rides low in the piece and doesn't take up much space, that makes the pull much more clear. 

  • 16" Tall
  • 5mm Thick Glass
  • Ratchet Percolator
  • 18mm Male Herb Bowl

Ratchet Perc Straight Bong

Thanks for reading everyone! That's my review on C2 Custom creations, as well as some of my favorite pieces of theirs! As always, if there are any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to reach out to me in the comments below or via my contact page. 

What's your favorite piece of C2 Glass on this list? Let me know down below!! And if you'd like to see more glass reviews like this, click below!

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