CBD Gummies- A Fun New Twist on CBD

CBD products have become hugely popular recently due to their potential medical benefits, and the fact that they are healthy and all natural. CBD gummies are no different either, they are not a candy or a sugar filled sweet, but rather another way to help ease your pain and relax you.

ManAlthough gummies are usually thought of as candy, today we are talking about gummies in the form of medicine!y people hesitate to try CBD because they are afraid of a “high” that might come with it, due to people associating CBD with marijuana. CBD is one of many cannabinoids present in marijuana, however it has no psycho-active component, therefore you will not get high. And with CBD gummies, not only are you getting a healthy way to ease your pain, but it is also the tastiest way to consume CBD in my opinion.

Most times people consume CBD through oil or possibly vaping, neither which is as simple or as tasty as popping a gummy in your mouth.

CBD gummies can be found in all sorts of size and shapes, along with different potencies as well. So no matter what you’re suffering from, you can find CBD gummies that are right for you.

What Are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies aren’t made through some complex science, like some other CBD products, this process is pretty simple. There are even many recipes out there to make your own CBD gummies using gelatin and CBD oil.

It’s really as easy as that. Some companies have different recipes and ingredients incorporated to enhance the taste, smell, etc. But in general, the process of creating CBD gummies is pretty simple.

Why Gummies?

One question you might have at this point is what makes CBD gummies different from other CBD products? Is using CBD CBD gummiesin gummy form actually worth it in certain cases? The answer to both of those questions is YES.

CBD gummies are not just a novelty to make money off of CBD like many think, they actually work. CBD gummies are often very potent, and since they are taken in the form of an edible, it usually takes longer for them to take effect, but when they do the effect are very strong and long-lasting!

Since CBD gummies are eaten, this means that the CBD goes through the digestive system, which operates at a fairly slow pace, otherwise our bodies would be overflowing with nutrients. This means that when you ingest CBD gummies, the CBD is released slowly over a couple of hours, which is why it is such a long-lasting effect.

And of course, most CBD gummies out there are very tasty as well! Meaning they are great to use for kids, as CBD has been found to have many benefits in certain cases for children. Also, what adult doesn’t love to eat a gummy bear or a gummy worm every once in a while!

Benefits of CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are just like other CBD products in the way they can help you, and for those of you that don’t know, the list of ways CBD can help you is very long!

  • Pain relief– CBD is known to reduce inflammation, which in turn can provide people with pain relief. This can be great from those suffering from chronic pains, arthritis, muscle pain, etc. I’ve written an article further discussing CBD for pain, and even give my take on what I believe the best CBD for pain is, if you’d like to check that out, you can do so here.
  • Anxiety relief– One of the most attractive features about CBD for most is the fact that it can potentially relieve anxiety. Anxiety is something that millions suffer from, and CBD is a natural and healthy way that many people have found to cope with their anxiety. And for many this option beats going through big pharmaceutical companies to get prescribed something that is most likely highly addictive and can lead to other negative side effects. If you are currently prescribed medication to treat anxiety, I am in no way saying that you should stop taking your treatment and switch to CBD. Anyone considering taking CBD for anxiety should speak to their healthcare professional first to determine if it’s right for them
  • Anticancer effects– Although research is still ongoing to see what CBD is truly capable when it comes to helping to treat cancer, there is evidence to support that CBD can stop cancer cells from spreading. Not enough research has been done on humans for this t be conclusive, but the outlook is very good. Many people going through chemotherapy have reported that using CBD along with chemo made some negative side effects of chemo go away.
  • Insomnia and Sleep Disorders– CBD is very effective in making a person feel very relaxed, and this in turn can lead to drowsiness, which can lead to a great nights sleep! Many people use CBD products solely because it makes them sleep amazingly! Those with insomnia have reported that using CBD has tremendously helped them to sleep, and people suffering from various other sleep disorders have also found relief in CBD.

Where to Buy CBD Gummies

There are various places you can buy CBD gummies online where it is completely legal! How exciting is that, you can get CBD from the comfort of your own home and kick back on the couch until they arrive. If these are something you’re interested in you can check them out here at Cannabidiol Life. I have used these personally before and I will be including them in a review that I am currently working on.

CBD gummies from Cannabidiol Life

I choose Cannabidiol Life because they have so many options when it comes to gummies. They have gummies in all different quantities, shapes, flavors, potencies and best of all and what got me to purchase from them in the first place is that they have a $5 trial bag of gummies you can purchase to try them out. This could be a great way to try CBD gummies for the first time or try CBD in general for the first time.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to leave a comment down below. Also, I’d love to hear what you guys think about CBD gummies and hear some of your personal experiences with them!

Thanks for reading! I'd love to hear what you guys think about CBD gummies!




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  • Marlinda Davis says:

    Hey there! I’m glad that I came across this article because I was talking to a friend of mine about CBD and she was telling me about how she wished it came as gummies! So I’m pretty excited about finding this info and I will definitely forward it to her. Thanks so much for putting this together. I really appreciate it! 

    • Joey says:

      Hey Marlinda, thanks for the kind words!

      Im glad to know I could help out your friend,I hope she finds what she’s looking for!!! 

      If she has any questions send her over here and I’d be happy to answer them!

      Have a great day,


  • Danny says:

    Oh wow! This is awesome. I’ve been seeing all kinds of CBD related products around the web recently and I must say that this one definitely takes the cake (no pun intended) for most original. Whilst the CBD itself might be healthy, would it be correct to assume that some of the ingredients that go into the gummies are unhealthy? And in that case, are they still better than most alternative sweets? Thanks for sharing!

    • Joey says:

      Hey Danny, thanks for the response, I appreciate it!

      You would be correct to assume that there are ingredients (such as sugar)that are unhealthy. However, it is such a minimal amount and you most likely won’t be plowing through tons of gummies a day, so it shouldn’t be a problem! I am currently on the lookout for a CBD gummy that is sugar free, as it seems to be a hot topic!!

      Have a great day!


  • Nate says:


    A very interesting article, they sound they may be ideal for pain relief. I do a lot of working out and sometimes muscle pain is an issue as a result. Do they help ease muscle pain and do you know what the laws are with regards to purchasing from outside of the United States?

    • Joey says:

      Hey Nate, great question!

      I have used CBD many times for muscle pain, and I have even brought CBD water to the gym before and I think it works great!

      Whether you use CBD before or after your workout, it will absolutely relax your muscles and make you feel good!

      Thanks and have a great day!


  • Lev says:

    I’ll be trying all of these. Thanks for the great suggestions. Looking forward to all the benefits, especially seeing how it helps my sleep. I was wondering if you know of a sugar-free version or something similar? I got some CBD oil for my dog the other day and am awaiting results; this is another welcome edition. Thanks in advance.

    • Joey says:

      Hey Lev, thanks for the feedback!

      I actually don’t have a sugar free version I could recommend you right now, however I will look into it and get back to you, however it might be best for you to steer towards the oils! I also give CBD oil to my dog and I love what its done for him, I’d be interested to know how it works for your dog!

      Take care and have a good day,


  • Jurgen says:

    Never heard of this. They look like the normal unhealthy gummies (I secretly love…) So this is like the healthy version of them, right? Indeed, great for kids as they generally hate medicine (who can blame them…) But making them look and taste like candy is a great idea.

    Can you eat as much as you want?

    • Joey says:

      Hey Jurgen,

      You can’t technically overdose on CBD , so you could eat as much as you want I suppose, but there would be really no point, and you would get very drowsy! 



  • Kenny says:

    Hi and thanks for this great post. I think that there are so many benefits of CBD that we are only just discovering now. I am sure there will be other things discovered in the future too that we did not know about CBD that can be of value to our health. I really like the idea of gummies as a form of taking it in. I would ask is there a limit to how much CBD a kid or adult can intake at a time? Thanks.

    • Joey says:

      Hey Kenny, thanks for the reply, and good question!

      You can’t overdose on CBD so technically no there isn’t a limit. You may get drowsy if you take and excessive amount, but thats about it.

      Have a great day!


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