CBD Gummies For Pain- Best of 2019

CBD (Cannabidiol) was already great before, but now its even better as its getting more and more popular in the form of gummies!! This is great for so many reasons. Using CBD gummies for pain gives people who might not like other alternatives of CBD a taste friendly way to intake CBD. It’s also quick and easy, just pop one in your mouth and your’re good to go, and it is by far the best tasting method! The market for CBD gummies is also so diverse, you can find gummies of many different flavors, along with different potencies and even quantities.

And not only are they cool just because they’re gummies, but they actually WORK!! Many people praise CBD gummies for their pain relieving and relaxing abilities. Therefore, the market for them is beginning to get very large, so it can be hard to tell which products are good and what aren’t.

So lets get into the BEST CBD gummies for pain in 2019!!! To clarify, these are in no particular order either, they are all fantastic products, and whether you buy them should depend on what you are desiring to get out of them, whether that be something stronger, weaker, etc.

If you’d like to read more about CBD gummies, be sure to check out this article I wrote diving into the benefits of CBD gummies and discussing some things you may not know about them!

Cannabidiol Life- CBD Gummy Worms

Price: $39.99-74.99CBD Gummies from Cannabidiol Life

Where to Buy: Cannabidiol Life

Quantity: 30,60 Gummies

CBD Per Serving: 25 mg

Cannabidiol Life is hands down one of the best places you can get CBD gummies online. They have a wide variety of flavors and shapes you can choose from, making the process fun along the way! You have the option of purchasing these in a quantity of 30 or 60, depending on how long you want them to last for.

The thing that separates Cannabidiol Life from other retailers on the market is that Cannabidiol Life has the best price to CBD potency ratio. And what I mean by that is that Cannabidiol Life sells more potent CBD edibles at the same price that many other companies sell less potent edibles at, and in the same quantities.

As you can see, there is 25 mg of CBD per gummy, and the 30 gummy container costs $39.99. What you will soon learn is that this is around what most other companies sell their 30 gummy containers at as well, except most others only have 10 mg of CBD per gummy! Since these gummies are so potent, they are great for people who suffer for a lot of pain, and many people suffering from chronic pain have found great relief in these gummies.

And if you purchase these and it turns out that one full gummy is too potent for you (makes you more drowsy than expected) you can always divide them into smaller quantities to enjoy as you please! Overall, these are a solid gummy to choose and I’m confident you will be satisfied with these!

Medix CBD Gummies- CBD Infused Gummy Bears

Price: $15.99-49.99Medix CBD gummy bears

Where to Buy: MedixCBD

Quantity: 10,30 gummies

CBD Per Serving: 10 mg

CBD infused gummy bears from Medix CBD are also an excellent choice of CBD edible. These gummies also come in various flavors, and are known for being extremely tasty! These CBD gummies have a lower dosage of CBD per serving, at only 10 mg, making them good for someone with a low tolerance or someone who might be new to using CBD.

These are also very cost-friendly, with an option for a container of 10 gummies for $15.99. These gummies would also be great for someone with a fairly low level of pain who only requires a low dosage, in this case you could even get away with cutting these gummies into pieces, making them be even better for the price!

Cannabidiol Life- CBD Gummy Worms: Extreme Strength

Price: $19.99Extreme Strength Gummy Worms from Cannabidiol Life

Where to Buy: Cannabidiol Life

Quantity: 10 gummies

CBD Per Serving: 100 mg

I know I already mentioned Cannabidiol Life, but I just had to add these gummies to the list. These are undoubtedly the most potent gummy on this list, with a whopping 100 mg per gummy. So essentially when you break it down, its $2 per gummy, which is the same price that many other companies charge for gummies that are not nearly as potent!

These gummies are also very tasty, many high potency gummies tend to sacrifice taste for strength, but not these. And most importantly, like it says in the title, these are extreme strength.

These have done wonders for people suffering from severe chronic pains, and are overall great for reducing pain and relaxing the body. For some people, sleeping can be hard when suffering from a lot of pain, but since these gummies are so potent, they will ease your pain and relax you so you can rest easily! And most of the time, one single gummy is too strong for what most people need, so if you’d like you can also cut these into multiple pieces for the dose you desire!

If you suffer from severe pain, and you’re one of those people who have “tried everything else” and nothing to seems to work, then give these a try. These are without a doubt the best CBD gummies for severe pain, so if that is your top priority, then look no further.

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Green Roads- CBD Gummy Bears

Price: $54.99Green Roads CBD Infused Gummy Bears

Where to Buy: Green Roads

Quantity: 30 gummies

CBD Per Serving: 10 mg

Green Roads is also another fantastic producer of CBD gummies, and they also have a wide variety of options to choose from. All of their products are made with CBD extracted from industrial hemp, using a CO2 extraction method in order to obtain the best possible solution.

These gummies have 10 mg per gummy, making them plenty strong enough to help ease pain and relax the user. These come in a container of 30, meaning they will last awhile, you can also purchase gummies of different potencies and quantities at Green Roads, however this is what I feel the best deal is.

Green Roads is also known for having very great tasting CBD gummies, which is very important for many people, especially if you are giving them to kids or just want your CBD experience to be a tasty one!

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CBD Living- CBD Living Gummies

Price: $40.00CBD Living Gummies

Where to Buy: CBD Living Water

Quantity: 30

CBD Per Serving: 10 mg

CBD Living Water is a company that’s most known for making its CBD water, however they have a very large catalog of products, including many different varieties of gummies. These are very cost-friendly for the quantity, which is 30 gummies and you also get 10 mg of CBD per gummy with these as well.

CBD living water also goes out of their way to post lab results so you can rest assured knowing that your gummies are free of harmful additives, as well as see exactly how much CBD and other cannabinoids are in your gummies! It shows that they really care about their quality and want to put out the safest and healthiest product they can.

CBD Living water is also a very innovative company, and for many of their products they use nano technology to put CBD into their products, which has proven to be very effective. If you want to read more about how they use nanotechnology, you can do so on their website.

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I hope I’ve steered you into the right direction as far as what the best CBD gummies for your pain are, but if you have any questions or need assistance, please do feel free to leave a comment below. Also, share with me what you guys think about CBD gummies, and if they have worked for any of you in the past!

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  • Norman says:

    There is a famous saying that “good things come in small packages” and in some cases this is true. Gummie bears have been around for so many years and have lots of great benefits that can really do our bodies a whole lot of good. The review on these gummie bears are great and viewers will love what you are sharing.

  • justin says:

    I think this is pretty cool, gummies would most likely taste a lot better.  I just recently got involved with CBD and i became an affiliate, i suffer from bad anxiety and depression so i gave CBD a look.  I heard some of the other products taste bad but having gummies would be a lot better and they probably taste better!

    • Joey says:

      Hey Justin,

      Gummies are very tasty!!! Have you tried any CBD products before? I would be interested to know if they help relieve your anxiety and depression symptoms.

      If you have any questions, or need any assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to me!!!

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