Coolest Bongs of 2019- Smoking in Style

Coolest Bongs of 2019

As stoners, I think we can all agree that bongs are some of the most elite smoking equipment in the game. They're pieces of art and come in all shapes, sizes and types you could imagine. 

And while a plain, simple bong will ALWAYS do the trick, you can tell by the title that's not what we're here for today. Today we're here to show a little love to the artsy side of bongs AKA the coolest looking bongs on the market. Were going to be taking a look at all the craziest shapes, designs, and sizes of bongs. With that being said, I still plan on this list being composed of quality bongs, I don't want design to take too much precedence over functionality!

Lets's get right into the coolest bongs of 2019!! For more on bongs, feel free to check out The best Bongs of 2019!


The Heizman Glass Bong by Diamond Glass

The Heizman

The Heizman, which I feel is named properly, should be treated and admired very similarly to an actual Heisman trophy. This beastly 16 inch pipe will blow all your expectations.  

With 5 different color options, you really couldn't ask for a much cooler bong. The Heizman features thick glass and two fantastically crafted matrix percs that will allow for smooth rips. 


Nucleaus Perc Bong w Coil and Inline Perc

Glycerin Coil W/ Inline Perc

This bong is unique all around, from the glycerin coil to the inline Perc. It looks cool, but it also serves a purpose. The glycerin tube can be pulled out and put in the freezer, then when you want to smoke, you pop it back in the base of the bong and it will cool the smoke. 

There is also a glycerin coil, which is designed to slow down the smoke before it gets to your mouth, therefore making it cooler. Nucleus Glass did a great job with this piece, the glass is thick and you have 4 fantastic colors to choose from. 


My Bud Vase "Rachel" Bong

My Bud Vase "Rachel" Water Pipe

This is a great looking piece aethestically and Is especially popular with the ladies. This bong is designed exactly like a small vase would be, and even comes with with removable fake flowers. When you want to use the "Rachel", Just pull out the flowers, pack the bowl and you're good to toke.

 You could even put in real flowers for a special occasion :). Another great thing about the flowers is that they all have a point at the end, perfect for cleaning out a bowl, packing down a joint, etc. The "Rachel" is made from thick glass, and also has two sister bongs in different colors, the "Phoebe" and the "Monica".   


Glow in the Dark Bong

Limited Edition Glow in The Dark Beaker

As Im writing this October has just begun, which means Halloween is on the Horizon. What better way to get in the spooky season mood than a brand new glow in the dark water pipe. This pipe is small, perfect for passing around with friends, and it looks really cool with the lights off, especially after a few tokes!

This piece doesn't come with an herb bowl, so you'll have to pick up a 14 mm male herb bowl separately, but there's an option for that when you checkout through my link! 


Mj Arsenal Cache Bong

Cache Bong

This piece confused me at first, and at first glance you might be asking yourself the same question. Why is there a cork hanging out of the side of the bong? 

The cork actually covers up a storage compartment, where you can store your bud or other smoking equipment. It's actually a really good way to keep your weed fresh too. The cork makes it so the compartment is air tight, making it a much better storage option than a plastic bag! 


Grav Helix Flare Bong

Grav Helix Flare 

Grav always makes uniquely designed pieces, so when I saw this it didn't come as too much of a surprise to me, it's a combination of a water pipe and Grav's "venturi chamber" design. The venturi chamber at the top actually has 3 micro holes in it that control air intake and create a really cool visual swirling effect when you pull smoke. 

This piece stands at just 9 inches tall and 4 inches wide and is made from thick scientific glass. This piece comes with a regular flower bowl as well as a 1-2 hitter flower bowl which is really nice if you're having a nice solo sesh. 


Grav Spiral Perc Bong

Grav Coil Showerhead Perc

Hitting you guys with back-to-back Grav Labs pieces, check out this beauty!  It's got a simple overall design, but it's got some really cool features, namely the large glass coil. 

The coil isn't just there to make the piece look cool either, it actually serves the purpose of making the smoke take longer to travel to your mouth, cooling it down. And to make this bong rip even smoother, there's also a showerhead perc toward the base of the bong. 

As with all Grav pieces, you can expect nothing but the best in glass quality and durability. 


Upline Pipe With Spline Perc

You just have to say wow when you see a piece like this, truly a unique piece. This piece may look a little strange, but if you're looking for some of the coolest, smoothest rips possible, this might be your pick! 

This bong sits at 12 inches tall and has 5 layers of percolators as the smoke travels up the bong, making nearly impossible for a harsh hit. I know this piece might look skinny and flimsy, but it's made using very thick glass. It actually feels really comfortable and sturdy to hold. 

If you're looking to try something new or you're sick of harsh hits, this is the perfect bong for you!


Ball Perc Incycler By Diamond Glass

Diamond glass never disappoints, and it looks like they've smashed this one out of the park as well. This piece looks absolutely amazing. The green accents aren't too bright but at the same time still look really nice. The incycler tube also adds some character to the piece and works to continuously filter the smoke through the water. 

As you can see there's a ball perc towards the base which will make rips from this thing silky smooth. The piece sits at 12 inches tall and is made from thick, sturdy glass. When you purchase, you have the option of this nice jade color pictured, or you could opt for Topaz, a more orange look. 


Dankstop Twist Bong

Twist Bong

So simple, yet still so cool. The twist bong certainly isn't something you see everyday, but it's a really cool idea and it makes for one awesome bong. 

Not only does the twist look cool, but it will help to slow down the smoke, making it cooler by the time it gets to your lungs. The bong sits at 10 inches tall and is made from sturdy glass, it should last you for years to come! 

I hope you guys liked this selection of bongs I chose for this lineup! Let me know which of these is your favorites in the comments below. I think my favorite is definitely The Heizman or the Upline Pipe!

As always, if you guys have any questions, comments or concerns regarding this article or anything cannabis related, please feel free to reach out via the comments below or via my contact page! 

I hope everybody has a great day! Stay high everyone 😉

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