Daily High Club Weed Subscription Box Review [Worth it?]

Daily High Club Subscription Box Review

We stoners love our stoner accessories, whether that be cool lighters, wicks, ash trays, rolling trays, rolling papers, you name it, we love it! It used to be that you would have to drive out of your way to a sketchy, half-assed headshop where you’d be lucky to find all the accessories you want, and at a much higher price!

Now, with weed becoming legal in more and more places as years go on, you no longer need to drive out of your way to get all the stoner accessories you need, they can be delivered right to you. Today I’m going to be giving you guys a Daily High Club Weed Subscription Box Review! It’s one of the most popular subscription boxes on the market, and a great way to get all your stoner accessories and even some glass.

For those of you who may be a little lost on what a subscription box is, allow me to explain briefly. Basically what Daily High Club offers is a monthly subscription, where you pay a monthly fee and they’ll send you a box filled with various stoner accessories, such as lighters, papers and even some glass.

Without further ado, let’s get right into the Daily High Club Weed Subscription Box Review!

What DHC Offers

As with many other subscription box companies, Daily High Club offers 3 tiers of subscription boxes you can choose from, each differing in price and contents. Having three different options is a great strategy, it gives people who may not want to break the bank an option at just a couple items a month, and for those that do want a bit more, there are more expensive boxes as well.

All Natural ($1+Shipping)

Daily High Club 'All Natural' BoxShipping: US is $2, outside of US is $3.25

The all natural box is an extremely affordable box that will come with the bare essentials needed to smoke. The slogan for this box is “Light one a day for a month” and that’s exactly what this box allows you to do. Inside this box, you’ll find:

  • 3.3′ Organic Hemp Wick
  • matchbook
  • All-Natural filter tips
  • 50 1.25in RAW Rolling Papers

When you sit back and look at it, it isn’t a lot, but it gets the job done at it’s certainly worth the price. A pack of rolling papers or a matchbook alone would run you over $1. Overall, if you’re just looking for a few accessories a month and aren’t really into all the glass, lighters and other accessories, this is a great option that’s going to cost you just a few bucks a month!

Connoisseur ($9.99+Shipping)

Daily High Club 'Connoisseur' BoxShipping: $2 US, $7 Canada, $11 to non-US/Canada

The connoisseur’s subscription box is for those heavier smokers who may be on a budget. This box still focuses on the bare essentials like papers and lighters, but includes slightly more variety and of course, more items! Unlike the All Natural box, the contents of this box change monthly to keep the customer surprised, it’s always the most fun to open something when you’re not exactly sure what you’re getting! Here are some things you could expect to find in the average connoisseur box:

  • Hemp wick
  • Clipper lighter (or regular lighter)
  • Hemp Blunt wraps
  • Filter tips
  • Rolling Papers (RAW, Juicy Jay, etc.)
  • Stickers
  • Doob Tube
  • Cleaning accessories

As you can see, this is a pretty long list of items, making it well worth it for the $10+ shipping. This will give you the basics of what you need to smoke, like rolling papers and filter tips, but it also adds in some fun with the other items you might not be expecting, like the blunt wraps and doob tube!

El Primo ($29.99+Shipping)

Daily High Club 'El Primo' BoxShipping: US $4.94, $11 Canada, $18 to non-US/Canada

You guessed it, El Primo box is the biggest and most expensive box that Daily High Club offers, coming with about 10-13 items, including a glass piece. The great thing about the El Primo box is that usually you get the value of the box just with the glass they send you, which is always worth at least $30+. Not to mention they have all of the bare essentials as well as papers, hemp blunt wraps, and more! This is what I got in my April El Primo box, which I will also get into more later!

  • RAW themed ash tray
  • 2 pack of hemp grape flavored blunt wraps
  • RAW papers (50 leaves)
  • Wiz Khalifa themed filter tips
  • Smojo permanent smoking screen
  • Church cannabis sticker
  • DHC sticker (2)
  • 4:20 clock recycler bubbler/dab rig
  • Clipper lighter
  • Quartz Banger

The El Primo is a perfect box for any heavy smoker, especially one who’s trying to grow his glass collection. The great things about this box is that even though it’s the highest tier DHC offers, it won’t break your bank every month like some other subscription box companies, who offer their top packages at over $100 a month!

My Daily High Club Experience

My Daily High Club Box

Upon ordering from Daily High Club, I got my box very quickly, in approximately 6 days. Daily High Club’s packaging is very discreet, no fancy labeling or anything at all that even says it’s from Daily High Club. People who purchase cannabis products online always tend to want discrete packaging, which is understandable. With there still being somewhat of a negative stigma towards cannabis (depending on where you live) it’s understandable that people would want to keep their cannabis packages discrete to avoid others wrongfully judging.

Getting more into my experience with DHC, the box that I received was from April 2019, which as you can guess was the 4:20 box. Upon opening the box, I was delighted to see that the inside of the box had a really cool 4:20 theme to it. The outside of the box may look dull and plain, but the inside sure doesn’t.

The first thing at the top of the box was a group of stickers, two of which were DHC themed, while the other was a sticker advertising Church Canabis Company. Next up there was a little circular RAW ash tray, which looked really cool in the box because the bottom of the tray is a really cool shiny gold color. Also, inside was a little package which included a single little Smojo bowl screen. Basically this screen is a little piece of metal that you can put into any herb bowl that acts as a permanent screen.

Then there were some grape flavored hemp blunt wraps by Royal Blunts, which have fantastic taste and is a nice change of pace from a tobacco blunt wrap. Of course, like any good subscription box, this one included RAW papers and some Wiz Khalifa filter tips, which are just regular tips if I’m being honest, they don’t even have his name on them or anything.

Of course the main attraction of any “El Primo” box from Daily High Club is the glass that comes with it, and this box came with a 4:20 themed recycler dab rig. The mouthpiece is a clock that is very appropriately pointed at the time 4:20, and it’s got a nice recycler tube and even a showerhead perc. The box came with a herb bowl as well as a quartz banger, and after trying this bubbler with both herb and wax, I can say I prefer it as a rig, but it hits fairly smooth with flower as well.

Pros & Cons/Is it Worth it?

Okay so I’ve gone over what Daily High Club’s subscription boxes are all about, now what you guys really want to know is are the subscription boxes actually worth it? Well, let’s take a look at a list of pros and cons I’ve come up with.


  • Prices are cheap– The cheapest box starts at $1, which is similar to some other weed subscription box companies, but their most expensive is only $29.99, as opposed to other companies who have monthly subscription boxes that cost well over $100 a month. Don’t get me wrong, the $100+ boxes from some companies are still really cool, and come with some absolutely premium glass and accessories, but the average smoker doesn’t want to dish out $100 a month just on accessories alone!
  • You get the essentials– Whether you get the $1 box or the $30 box, you’re guaranteed to get the essentials like rolling papers, filter tips, and possibly even hemp blunt wraps depending on which box you do get.
  • Themed Boxes– As in sure you may already know, each month DHC’s subscription boxes have a different theme, like I mentioned, I have the 4:20 box and I also have a bacon themed box with various bacon themed accessories. It makes it really fun to collect the glass pieces as well, because after a couple months you’ll start to put together a pretty cool glass collection with a lot of different themes!


  • Nothing is Premium– Now this certainly isn’t going to be a problem for everyone, and what I mean by “nothing is premium” is that since their top tier box is only $30 you’re never going to get premium glass or other accessories. Sure the glass is decent, but it’s never more than 5mm thick and it’s also not made by top brands, rather in house at DHC. It’s great for building a nice little collection of bubblers/dab rigs, but many people (myself included) would like to see a more premium box with top glass brands and accessories. Like I mentioned earlier, most people don’t want to dish out $100 a month on weed accessories, and that’s understandable but being able to buy the box one or two times and not subscribe monthly is something I’d really like to see.
  • Less Stickers– Speaking personally, I’ve never really been a fan of stickers, I think a few are cool, but I am not a fan of being sent stickers every month. Especially when a box is advertised as having 9-12 items but then 3-4 of those items end up being stickers. Maybe stickers are something some of you are interested in, but I just don’t see the value, I’d rather get extra papers or wraps.
  • Shipping outside of the US– If you live in the US, this isn’t really too much of a con for you, but for those of you not living in the US, this is probably the biggest con of Daily High Club’s boxes. $18 for shipping for “El Primo” box outside Canada and the US is a steep price.

So is a subscription to Daily High Club worth it? I say even if it’s not something you want to subscribe to for a long time, Daily High Club’s boxes are great to just try even one or two times. You’ll get to check out a coupe themes, get some glass and of course get your essentials. Even if you just want to subscribe to the $1 or $10 boxes, it’s a great way to get the essentials shipped right to your doorstep every month, and it’s certainly cheaper than going and buying all of this stuff at your local smoke shop.

Other Things DHC Offers

Besides selling subscription boxes, DHC also has a store on their website where they sell various glass, such as some nice bongs, bubblers, dab rigs and hand pipes. They also offer smoking accessories like containers, bowls and bangers, cleaning kits and Daily High Club apparel.

Also, Daily High Club offers a page where you can actually buy past boxes from previous months. This is really cool for those of you who may have missed a month you really wanted, and sometimes the older boxes get discounted which is really cool!

Overall, Daily High Club is a great subscription box option, and a great place for any other stoner accessories you may need!

Video Transcript:

Hey guys how’s it going Joey here and

today we’re just gonna do a quick little video on the monthly subscription box from daily high club. If you haven’t heard of it basically what it is as you

subscribe to a monthly subscription box and they send you tons of cannabis related goodies like well we’ll just see,let’s get right into this.

So as you can see this is the 420 bucks the special box before 420 it’s not going to be

available any more at the time of this video but it’ll still give you a good idea of what comes in one of these boxes.

I’m gonna turn it this way so you guys

can see it so I’ll give you a general look of what’s inside the box right now

just give you a nice close-up of everything. First thing that pops I definitely see a piece of glass I’m gonna leave that for the last.

got some nice Wiz Khalifa Wiz Khalifa rolling tips,these always come in handy this is a ton

of them it will take me forever to go through. What else nice little clipper great lighters if you guys have never used them they got this you can poke a joint down poke a blunt down or whatever you need. Oops backwards, next up what are these these look interesting that tobacco free herbal wraps there’s like two together.

They feel really skinny about it look cool purple grape rolls up to four,interesting. See what else for ya okay okay save that I know what that is as well. Okay,nice little rolling papers nice RAW’s.

Okay I found a smoking screen and it’s a

little pain oh cool okay some stickers, Church cannabis company pretty cool. Alright, let’s check out this piece. So in case you don’t want to dab nice little nice little flower bowl oh nice, I’ll take another daily high club sticker, there you go well as you guys can see that’s basically everything that comes in a daily high club subscription box.

If you guys want to check out

their prices and other boxes and even check out recent boxes to see what items

came in those go ahead and click the link in the description check out the

review on my website.

Hey guys I know that unboxing went a little quick so I

figured I’d take the time to give you guys a nice little close-up of

everything that actually comes in a daily high club subscription box. So

first thing did we pulled out is this, isa nice raw ashtray you know pretty

simple got a nice little gold colored bottom nothing too crazy.

Next up couple stickers you know three stickers I don’t know I’m not really too happy with how many stickers daily high club sends but you know if you guys are into stickers you’ll be and you’ll be okay with this. Here’s a nice little nice little rainbow sticker, I don’t know what I’ll ever

put that on but we’ll see. Just it this stickers not too bad on us a nice little clock you know what the time is,obviously 4:20.

It’s a nice little raw is always good to have these quarter inch 50 leaves you sent home this little guy this little guy was actually pretty cool,it’s a smoke screen, a permanent smoking screen it’s a little metal piece I actually put it in one of the bowls already, not this one it’s dirty but it works for sure definitely reses up the bowl really quick but you know what can you do.

Got some herbal some hemp grape

Blunt wraps, I’m sure I’m sure these will be tasty I’m trying to

me I’ve tried to mango from this company but not the grape so I’m sure it’ll be great.

This sticker this one’s massive, Church cannabis company, give them a follow if you

ever heard of them. I probably won’t put this sticker anywhere because it’s pretty massive.

Then got some classic Wiz khalifa

filter tips, don’t say his name anywhere on the actual tips.

I’ve used the glass a couple times it’s pretty thin glass honestly it’s pretty small piece but it is pretty smooth it’s got a recycler which is pretty nice pretty cool to watch.

I’ll see ya guys this is basically what you get with a daily high club

subscription box be sure to check out the full review on my website in the description below and also if you want to purchase one of these boxes that link is also in the description as well.

Stay High guys!


I hope you guys enjoyed this Daily High Club Subcription Box review! As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to reach out to me in the comments below, or via my email address!

What do you guys think of the DHC subscription box? Is it worth it? Are there better boxes? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!

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