Diamond Glass Review (Best Diamond Glass 2021)

Diamond Glass Mini Recycler

Overall Rating:

3.5 / 5



Based in Southern California, Diamond Glass is one of the most commonly seen glass brands in the United States. 

Diamond Glass is well loved for their prices and the variation of pieces that they carry. They dont just specialize in one type of piece, they carry everything from bongs, bubblers, dab rigs and more. 

I always recommend Diamond Glass to beginner smokers and people looking for a solid piece at a good price. They have plenty of options under $100 , and for those of you looking for top notch glass, Diamond does have a few pieces for you as well. 

Click the button below if you just want to see the best of Diamond Glass 0f 2021, without further ado lets get into the review! 

Build Quality

I would never recommend poorly made glass, and as you read earlier I said this is a brand I often recommend to people, so that should tell you something! 

All Diamond Glass is made from high quality boriscillate glass and for the most part it's very durable. Some of Diamond's cheaper glass in the $100 range is 4-5mm thick glass, which is pretty standard among average glass, but it's not ideal. I always try to get glass thats over 5mm thick, I'm a klutz with my glass and 5mm glass is not very forgiving compared to 7-9mm glass. 

With that being said, Diamond does make some thicker pieces, they're going to be up in the $200 range which still isn't bad for glass that thick. They carry a 12 inch beaker with 9mm thick glass, which is perfect for basically anyone and is going to be real hard to break(See below for a closer look at this piece)! 

Even the more intricate glass pieces like percolators, downstems, bowls, bangers, etc. are built well. They're not thin or flimsy, and you shouldn't have to worry about them breaking or chippng. 


Design is an area where Diamond thrives in my opinion. Diamond really gets crazy with their designs sometimes, you can find some really uniquely made pieces. Most times they opt for more simple color schemes, but they look really smooth and sleek. 

Most Diamond Glass pieces have colored accents throughout, which I'm always a really big fan of. If you like colored glass there are colored bongs and bubblers as well. They look really nice, but I always try to stay away from fully colored glass, it makes it a bit more challenging when it comes to cleaning. 

Cleaning Diamond Glass

Speaking of cleaning your glass, lets talk about what it's like to clean Diamond Glass on average. Like I metioned, Diamond Glass does use some funky designs in their glass, and with usually the more intricate the design the harder it is to clean, so always keep that in mind.

With that being said, Diamond doesnt REALLY have any glass that is absurdly hard to clean, or even glass that requires advanced cleaning techniques. For the most part you're just going to use your basic glass cleaning procedures. 

I always recommend using isoprophyl alcohol and salt. They're tried and tested and definitely the cheapest. There's a chance you even have those laying around the house. It doesnt matter what strength iso alcohol you get, I usually get the strongest just because its the best at cleaning all the residue, but you can just pick up whatevers there! 

I know a lot of people are big advocates for 420 Cleaner, of course that is a great option as well! If you want to read more about cleaning your glass, check out How to Clean a Bong The Right Way!


Okay so we've said a lot about Diamond Glass here, let's sum it up here quick:

  • Great Prices- Plenty of Options in the $100 range, some high quality pieces in the $200 range as well. 
  • Lots of Variety- Whether you want a bong, bubbler, dab rig, anything having to do with smoking glass, Diamond has it. 
  • Solid Craftsmanship- Diamond glass is well made, it's not always the thickest, but it's made well enough that you dont hear an outrageous number of reports of Diamond Glass breaking easily. 

Downisdes? The biggest and really only downside I have with Diamond Glass is that they fail to reach that absolute top notch market. Like I've said, Diamond makes some great glass and anybody could find a piece by them they're happy with. But they don't have any REALLY high quality pieces that can compete with the top of the line pieces by brands like RooR and Illadelph, just to name a few. Diamond has just a few pieces with glass thicker than 5mm, and they're all around 1 foot tall or shorter. I'd really like to see some diamond glass thats well over a foot tall and still has thick glass, that would really help them capture the high end market a bit more. 

And who knows, maybe they're fine with that and are happy with the market they're reaching, but I'd really love to see them come out with some absolute top of the line glass, see how it compares to the other top brands. 

Now without further ado, lets get into the best Diamond Glass of 2021!!

Your Average Stoner's Top Picks (In no order)

9mm Thick Beaker Bong ($129.99)

I alluded to this piece earlier, it's probably my favorite piece from Diamond Glass if im being honest!! 

It's main attraction is of course its 9mm thick glass. For those of you who may not know, most bongs (including the majority by Diamond) are 5mm thick. So this things almost twice as thick!!

Not to mention its got a great size that makes it perfect for using anywhere.

  • 9mm THICK Glass
  • 14mm Male Herb Bowl (Color Accented)
  • 11" Tall

9mm Thick diamond Glass Beaker Bong

UFO Perc Beaker ($179.99)

This piece shows off some of the nice percolator work Diamond Glass does, I bring you the UFO Perc Beaker!

This bong has a nice design to it, colored accents throughout even around the percolators. The UFO percolator in the center chamber makes for an incredibly smooth smoking experience. 

Only downside to using this piece is you have to be very dilligent about cleaning it. That UFO percolator has a lot of little holes, they will get clogged with debris/res after time. Just above the percolator are 3 ice-notches as well, feel free to throw a few cubes in if you want to cool your hits down!

  • 5mm Thick Glass
  • 14" Tall
  • 14mm male herb bowl
Diamond Glass UFO Perc Beaker

Mini Recycler ($79.99)

This little recycler is a great bubbler/dab rig at under $100. 

Nothing too fancy about this piece, its small and compact but it can still pack a nice punch. It comes with an herb bowl, but DankGeek makes it easy to pick up a nail/banger right on the same checkout page!

This piece features a recycler, which I'm usually a fan of. It will continuously filter your smoke into the water via the recycler tube giving you a cool, smooth hit. 

  • 5" Tall
  • 14mm Male Herb Bowl (Dab Banger/nail seperate)
  • Recycler Tube
Diamond Glass Mini Recycler

Honeyglobe ($175.00)

I love the name of this piece, the "HoneyGlobe", which is partly why I've included it in this list ;). 

This is another great bubbler/dab rig combo, this one comes in at a bit larger than the last however. Just like the last this piece comes with a male herb bowl, but you can pick up a nail/banger right on the same checkout page at DankGeek!

The Honeyglobe is cool because it actually features two different types of percolators. The Disco ball perc toward the bottom will create tons of bubbles, increasing the surface area of the smoke so it can reach the water more effectively,  then the turbine perc will twirl the smoke, creating a cool tornado-like effect. 

  • Disco Ball & Turbine Percolators
  • 13" Tall
  • 14mm Male Herb Bowl (dab nail/banger seperate)
Diamond Glass HoneyGlobe bubbler

The Heizman ($235.00)

"The Heizman" is what I would say is the coolest all around piece from Diamond Glass.

It's got colored accents throughout as well as a few designs on the sides. You get an option of a few different colors when you purchase; orange, red, black, slyme glass and purple. 

Taking a look inside the bong, The Heizman is equipped with 2 matrix percolators. That means the smoke will go through two intense layers of percolation before it gets to your lungs, giving you the smoothest experience!

 The top matrix perc has a splash guard as well, so you can pull as hard as you want and you wont get wet lips!! And as with any piece with matrix percolators, you have to be good about cleaning them or you're going to see debris and resin gather in the percs. 

The Heizman comes with ice-notches as well, this piece has all the bells and whistles youd need!

  • 2 Matrix Percolators
  • 5mm Thick Glass
  • 16" Tall
  • 14mm Male Herb Bowl (Color Accented)
Diamond Glass "The Heizman" Bong

Bubble Barrel to UFO Perc ($249.99)

I said that in my opinion, "The Heizman" was the coolest piece Diamond has to offer, well, this is a very close second. 

This is a beautiful looking straight tube bong, color accented throughout with a fairly unique design. You get your choice of purple accents or topaz when you checkout. 

Inside the bong is of course where all the magic happens. And with two percolators you're going to have a whole lot going on inside this thing!!!

The "Bubble Barrel" Percolator will be the first layer of percolation your smoke will go through, traveling up the tube to take a spin in the UFO percolator before you inhale nice and smooth smoke. 

  • UFO and Bubble Barrel Percolators
  • 5mm Thick Glass
  • 18mm Glass Herb Bowl (color accented)
  • 15" Tall

Diamond Glass Bubble Barrel Bong

Classic Straight Tube ($119.00)

We've got a few standard beaker bongs in this list, I want to make sure the straight tubes are recognized as well!!

This is just a solid, reliable straight tube bong that anybody could get enjoyment out of having. Its simple to use, simple to clean and simple to store. Not to mention it's small and fairly lightweight, so you can travel with it as well if you want. 

It even has ice notches if you want to cool down your hits a bit!!

And when you checkout, you have your choice of white accents or black accents!!

  • 5mm Thick Glass
  • 13" Tall
  • 14mm Male Herb Bowl (Deep Bowl)
Diamond Glass Straight Tube

That is my full review of Diamond Glass!! I hope you guys enjoyed, and that you got something out of this!!

Let me know what you guys think of Diamond Glass. Would you purchase glass from them?

If you've used Diamond Glass before, tell us what type of piece you had and tell us your thoughts!

That's it for me now, I'm off for a dab, enjoy your day everyone!!

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