Elevated Stash Unboxing/Review [Is it Worth it?]

Elevated Stash Review

It is my pleasure to once again bring you guys another weed subscription box review, this one being a review of Elevated Stash. Some of you may remember my Daily High Club Review I put out just over a week ago, this review will cover all the same things, just for Elevated Stash!

For those of you who may be stumbling across this and have no idea what a weed subscription box is, allow me to briefly explain. How it works is you subscribe to a monthly service at Elevated Stash, and then every month they will send you a box filled with awesome cannabis goodies, like lighters, papers, containers, glass and more! And the great thing is the contents of the box change every month, so you can get new cool stuff every month without ever leaving your house!

Well now I’ve got some of you excited, so let’s get right into the Elevated Stash Subscription Box Review.

What Elevated Stash Offers

Elevated Stash offers two subscription options, one for those on a budget/just looking for the essentials, and then there is a bit more expensive, meant for those looking for a little bit more and also some glass!!

And if you really want the ultimate box, Elevated Stash offers a one-time-purchase “Mount Everest” box that will surely satisfy all your smoking wants and needs!

Dead Sea Box ($5.99+Shipping)

'Dead Sea Subscription BoxShipping: $2.99 inside US

The “Dead Sea” box from Elavated Stash is their cheapest option, perfect for somebody just looking for the basics to save them a trip to the store! While the exact contents of this box will vary slightly from month to month, this is basically what you’ll get:

  • Rolling Papers (King Size, 32 leaves)
  • “The Bulldog” Filter Tips
  • Hemp Blunt wraps (2)
  • Lighter

So as you can see this box isn’t going to be overflowing with goodies exactly, but it’s a great starter option if you want to try out a subscription box. And if you were to buy all of these items at your local smoke shop, it would be well over $6, so you’re getting a good deal without even having to get in your car to go to the store.

Pikes Peak ($29.99+Shipping)

'Pikes Peak' Subscription BoxShipping: $6.99 inside US

The “Pikes Peak” box is actually Elevated Stash’s most expensive subscription box, coming in at $30 a month. This is Elevated Stash’s most popular subscription box, and is a big upgrade over the “Dead Sea” box. This box still focuses on keeping you stocked with the essentials like rolling papers and lighters, except with this box you can also start to grow your glass collection. That’s right, every month you’ll get a brand new piece of glass for the mantle, how cool is that? Here’s a full list of what comes inside Pikes Peak box (subject to change every month):

  • Custom Designed 8-inch fumed bubbler
  • 14mm glass herb bowl with handle
  • Bio Stix Chillum
  • Clipper Lighter
  • Doob Tube (Container for chillum)
  • Dank’s King Size Rolling Papers
  • Bananna High Hemp Wraps (new flavor)
  • Cyclone Black Widow cones
  • “The Bulldog” Filter Tips

As you can see, this is a much bigger list then the previous and includes some really cool things inside. The glass is really cool, fumed glass is always great. The glass actually feels pretty thick, I’d guess it’s 5mm, and the piece also has some nice weight to it. Like I mentioned, you also get your essentials, like rolling papers and tips, a lighter, but then you also get some bonus stuff like the black widow cones and the chillum. The bubbler alone makes this box worth the price, you’d probably see this exact bubbler sold in smoke shops for at least $60-70, and that’s without all the rest of the cool accessories even!

Mount Everest Box ($109.99,One Time Purchase)

Mount Everest Goodie BoxShipping: FREE

This isn’t a monthly subscription box, let’s be serious there aren’t many people that would dish out $110 a month for weed accessories, but this is still a really cool one time purchase box. The box is advertised as being worth over $250, and I don’t doubt it, this thing is packed full with just about everything you could ask for! Filling out this mountain sized box is the following:

  • Custom Designed Double Diamond 13 inch Water Pipe
  • 14mm Glass Herb Bowl and Quartz Banger
  • Minion Carb Cap
  • Glass Dabbing Tool
  • FIVE Piece Grinder w Rare Silicone Compartment
  • Credit Card Secret Stash Container
  • Space Themed Rolling Tray
  • 2 Clipper Lighters
  • Hemp Wick
  • High Hemp Blunt Wraps
  • 3 Different Packs of Rolling Papers
  • Cones

As you can see this is a massive list of stuff, well worth the price considering all the cool stuff you get. The 13-inch water pipe looks beautiful, as I said the small bubbler from Elevated Stash is high quality, and while I unfortunately do not have the piece from this box, I’m sure it’s delightful. The glass alone is worth well over $100, and when you add in the 5 piece grinder, carb cap, dabbing tool, lighters, wraps, papers and more, it’s easy to see how this box is worth over $250!

My Elevated Stash Experience

The box that I chose to get was the “Pikes Peak” box, which if you forgot is the highest tier subscription box available. Upon ordering, I received my box in less than 7 days (I live in the US) which I was very happy about. The box is very discrete, like many people prefer. Nothing about weed on the box, it doesn’t even say Elevated Stash on the box anywhere, so if discreteness is important to you, Elevated Stash has you covered. Their packaging is great as well, everything was wrapped and packaged nicely, and nothing was broken or damaged in any way.

I was really happy with what came inside the box, I was really impressed by the bubbler especially. It’s just a little 8-inch bubbler, but I was really surprised with its quality, especially considering the box was only $30. The piece has some really nice weight to it, it’s definitely some sturdy glass and the herb bowl with a handle is a very nice touch. I’ve never seen/heard of the black widow cones before either, so those were a nice surprise as well. The chillum is great as well, definitely something I’d consider using if I was in a rush, as it hits way smoother than any metal bat one-hitter could. And as always, I’m always happy to get some extra rolling papers, filter tips and wraps!

Elevated Stash VS Daily High Club

Elevated Stash VS Daily High Club

Seeing as how I just recently did a review of Daily High Club’s subscription box and seeing as how they are similar in price and in contents, let’s take a look at the two head-to-head.

As you can see Daily High Club sends overall more items, but you have to ask yourself what items actually matter to you. Daily High Club usually sends around 9-12 items per box, but there are always at LEAST 3 stickers, which are counted as items, so really you’re getting around 6-9 usable items. For some of you this may be great, however I myself am not a big fan of stickers, so I’m usually not very happy when 1/4 of the items are stickers!

In terms of accessories, the boxes are very similar, as you can see both have rolling papers, tips, lighters and some sort of wraps, then just little odds and ends to fill out the box.

Where the difference between these boxes really shows is with the glass! This is something I was blown away with, but Elevated Stash produces much higher quality glass. The bubbler from Elevated Stash is about two inches taller than the bubbler from Daily High Club, however the bubbler from Elevated Stash is easily double the weight of Daily High Club’s. This should tell you something about the build quality, Elevated Stash uses much thicker, more durable glass. Don’t get me wrong, I still like the Daily High Club bubbler, it’s a nice little recycler bubbler/rig, but Elevated Stash simply did it better with the glass. Simple as that!

Final Thoughts (Is it Worth it?)

Overall, I’m really happy about the experience that I had with Elevated Stash, they seem like a great company. They’re veteran owned and a small portion of every purchase made on Elevated Stash goes to charities to help out veterans.

Now, moving on to if Elevated Stash is worth it (in my opinion). The “Dead Sea” box is a great starter box, and it’s an easy and cheap way to get rolling papers and wraps. If you’re someone who goes through rolling papers and wraps like crazy then this box will be a lifesaver. It’s cheaper than buying all of the items separately in the store and it saves you gas on the trip out there!

As for the “Pikes Peak” box, I think this box is absolutely worth it. The pikes peak box is going to allow you to build a nice little glass collection while making sure you’re stocked full of all the essentials and some extra cool accessories. And the great thing about building a glass collection through Elevated Stash is that it’s quality glass! With a subscription to Daily High Club you can also build your glass collection, however the glass is not as high quality. Daily High Club is more focused on the themes of their pieces, not the quality, whereas that isn’t the case with Elevated Stash, which is why it’s a much better option for smoking enthusiasts.

Video Transcript:

Hey guys Joey here and today we’re gonna go through a little unboxing of a subscription box from elevated stash. I know before if you don’t know what a subscription box is basically it’s where you subscribe to a monthly box that’ll be shipped to you in the mail that comes with a bunch of cannabis goodies such as can be blunt wraps, you know pieces of glass depending on okay it really all just depends on what pack did you get, but let’s just get right into this I’ll
show you guys what there is.So as you can see right off the bat there is a mountain of paper luckily I have a convenient plastic bag here to the side a little bit now this this is definitely the piece but I’m actually gonna move this off to the side for a little bit so we can check out the inside of the box.I’m actually gonna leave that paper so first up we’ve got the Bulldog Amsterdam these are just you know nice little filters ton of them that’s it all match problem next up you got a little tube oh
okay okay got a nice little one-hitter inside bio sticks nice feels like some nice glass nice little doob tube – always handy to pre roll and put it in there.Next up you can see it’s already getting down there not much in here we’ve got some smoothie is Black Widow oh they’re pre-rolled blunt cones ok pre-rolled hemp cones these look really cool. Really nice, especially for those who might not liketo roll this would be very convenient for you.Next up nice little clipper lighter, always a welcome sight, everyone loves a nice clipper lighter, the little poker so you can poke down a joint, blunt, Bowl, whatever.More vegan blunt wraps, banana God High Hemp, these look good, I’m a big fan of banana wraps, these are gonna taste really good, even got CBD in them, you guys know how wild CBD is right now.Alright, we’re really getting down to the end here we’ve got some some nice king-sized Danks papers, 32 leaves, not bad at all.

This is the bowl of the piece I’m gonna put that off to the side I’m gonna move this box, wow this is wrapped very well I must say this is not gonna break. Okay, look at this I got bit of color on this guy got some blue some white, nice little bubbler and this bowl has a nice little handle on it, always love it, gonna try this out later I’ll let you guys know how it hits, looks like some
smooth glass though.

Hey guys how’s it going Joey here and I know that unboxing went quick so I thought I’d just take a second here to show you guys a little close-up of everything that you get with
an elevated subscription box. So the first thing and the most meaningful thing that came in the box is of course the bubbler. It’s a nice blue and white color decent size, got some nice weight to it. You obviously can’t see through the camera but I’d say it’s about 5 millimeters thick glass or so, which is which is pretty good for a subscription box especially at $25 and when you consider

That this is a glass piece that you would get from daily high club, a subscription box from there, and this piece isn’t nearly as tall and obviously like I said you can’t tell through the camera but this is maybe 2.5 millimeters thick at most this just feels much more cheaply made compared to this. So if you’re looking to increase your glass Collection, at least your high quality glass collection then that really tells you something about elevated stash.

Next up looking at the accessories of course little clipper lighter, I don’t think I need to say much about these I think you guys all know what they are.

These are pretty cool these are actually pre-rolled blunt wraps hemp blunts, black widows as you can see. They’re pretty cool, comes with the comes with a wooden tip pretty nice.

Alright next up these are pretty simple filters, a full matchbook, couple tons of filters. This is a nice little chillum/nice little one-hitter whatever you want to call it it’s glass so it’s a lot better than those little metal bat one hitters. You put a little pinch in here and light it hit it from here great on the go I probably won’t use it much, but it came in this nice little tube should be a great Dube tube I’ll use that!

Next up, rolling papers, can’t go wrong with these King size 32 sheets there you go. Okay last up is some banana wraps, got High Hemp organic wraps with CBD as well that CBD craze is hot right now I’m sure these taste great though, they’re 100 percent organic and GMO free pretty simple. 2 in the pack.

Alright guys, that’s basically everything you get with an elevated stash subscription if you’d
like to read the in-depth review check out the link in the description to my website and if you’d like to purchase an Elevated Stash subscription box there’s also a link in the description for that.

Alright guys thanks for watching, stay High!!


I hope you guys enjoyed this Elevated Stash review! As always, if you guys have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to drop them in the comments below or reach out to me via my email.

What are your thoughts on Elevated Stash? Is it worth it?

What do you guys prefer, Elevated Stash or Daily High Club?

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