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Empire Glassworks

Empire Glassworks is no doubt the king of heady glass in this industry, no one else really comes close.

Run out of Anaheim, California, Empire actually started out making glass figurines for Disney way back in the day.

People claim this is why Empire's pieces are so detailed and artistic. I think It's a really cool story, and I mean the art in these pieces speaks for itself. 

Empire makes bongs, hand pipes, bubblers, bong slides, carb caps, etc. And everything is heady, and super cool and detailed. Some of their most famous pieces are their depiction of Pickle Rick, as well as White Claw bubblers and avocado pipes. 

Build Quality

Empire Glassworks doesn't mass produce their glass, their pieces are blown individually by highly skilled glassblowers. Needless to say Empire Glassworks utilizes some of the best artistic glass blowers around, therefore the build quality is almost always VERY good.

Empire pays an extreme attention to detail, you're never going to have any air leaking from the joints or any weak spots in the glass. 

The only thing you ever have to worry about breaking on Empire Glassworks pieces are little detailed pieces, like the little glass ear on the Morty Bubbler cap for instance, or the sprinkles on the ice cream bowl.  


Design is where Empire Glassworks really thrives, as with any heady glass company. 

Empire glassworks has some of the most detailed and creative pieces around, some are so good it seems crazy to me you can even smoke out of them!

Empire glass pulls out all the stops when it comes to cool designs. They utilize stained glass quite frequently, as well as a few pieces with glow in the dark glass as well. Their colors look soooo good, and the way they blend and mix them is amazing as well. 

The thing that really sets Empire apart in my eyes is the insanely detailed work they can do with tiny pieces of glass. Like realistic looking hair on pieces, ice cream sprinkles, gum balls, even very realistic miniature pandas on a bamboo jungle pipe. 

One of my favorites is their glow in the dark crystal hand pipe. It looks so cool, especially if you're using it in the dark. 

Smoking Experience

Empire Glass is heady glass, meaning their top priority is design, so for this reason Empire isn't going to smoke as well as a lot of scientific glass out there from the likes of GRAV, RooR, etc. 

With that being said, Empire smokes really great for heady glass. Their hand pipes smoke as good as any however, not much science goes into those, if they're made well they'll hit well!

On their larger pieces, like their bubblers and bongs, they don't really utilize any intricate percolators. Usually it's just a multi hole perc off the down stem. They do have a few recycler bubblers, those are probably the smoothest hitting pieces Empire Glassworks makes.

Cleaning Empire Glassworks Glass

Heady Glass can be a bit trickier to clean than scientific glass, it's not often see-through and there's usually a lot of small nooks and crannies. 

My recipe when it comes to cleaning heady glass is to let it soak, especially if you can't see through the piece, you want to really make sure everything's out of there. I usually get some of the 94% isopropyl and let It soak overnight. Then I give it a little shake and then pour it out then rinse with soap and hot water. 

For an in-depth guide on cleaning any of your glass, check out Your Average Stoner's Guide to Cleaning Glass!


To sum things up for you guys, these are Empire Glassworks strong points:

  • Great selection- They have hand pipes, Bubblers, bongs, dab rigs
  • Heady Glass- Some of the best artistic smoking glass in the industry 
  • Heady accessories- Really cool themed carb caps, bong slides, dab nails

Downsides? Price is always brought up as a downside to Empire Glassworks, and yes the prices are high, but you have to realize what you're paying for. You're paying for the art mostly when you buy heady glass, whereas with scientific glass you're paying for the smoking experience. Know which you're looking for when you go to buy a piece! 

Your Average Stoner's Top Empire Glassworks Glass of 2021

Orange "White Paw" Bong ($239.95)

Empire Glassworks White Paw Bong

Lots of White Claw fans out there, you already know this thing is a hit at parties and just such a cool piece to have and show off to your friends. 

As you can see it looks very similar to a real White Claw can, obviously branded differently for copyright purposes, but we all get what's going on. It's even got some clever "nutrition facts" on the back as well as a scannable barcode. 

It's got a multi hole poke percolator off the down stem, this thing hits pretty smooth, especially for being shaped like a can. It comes with a pretty deep herb bowl as well, this thing is ready for some serious hits!

  • 7'' Inches Tall
  • White Claw Design
  • 14mm Male Herb bowl 

Climbing Pandas Hand Pipe ($120)

Empire Glassworks Climbing Panda Hand Pipe

This is one of my favorite hand pipes of all time, the detail on this thing is absolutely incredible. 

This is a great way to feel one with nature while lighting up, you will be hard pressed to find better artwork than that on a hand pipe somewhere else. The way the little pandas are done as well as the plants is masterful, the blended blue and white to form the sky looks amazing on top of that. 

While looking great, this can go toe to toe w almost any other hand pipe in terms of smoking quality and portability. However, I'm not sure how far you'll want to take this thing, it would be a shame for a piece like this to get damaged in any way!

  • 5.75'' Inches long X 2.5'' Inches wide
  • Mini Glass Pandas & Plants 
  • Yin/Yang Symbol
  • Roll stoppers

Hootie's Forest Beaker Bong ($350)

Empire Glassworks Hootie's Forest Beaker Bong

It's not often you see detail and artwork like this on a bong, but here we are!

The theme of this bong is Hootie's Forest, throughout the bong you'll see owls scattered throughout the trees on the bong. All the little details like the owl, the tree branches, flowers, mushrooms etc all look phenomenal. The way the brown glass fuses down into the clear glass off the mouthpiece is a nice touch as well. 

The down stem even has a bit of color in it toward the bottom and it's slitted to provide a little bit of percolation. This piece also comes with one of the coolest herb bowls, its an insanely detailed owl hole that can hold quite a bit of herb in it. 

  • 14'' Inches Tall
  • Very detailed artwork (owls, trees, mushrooms, plants)
  • Slitted Down Stem
  • 14mm Male Herb Bowl (detailed owl hole)

East Australian Current Recycler Bubbler($414.95)

East Australian Current Recycler Bubbler

This recycler bubbler has an underwater theme to it, and man is it done well. 

This piece has underwater themed details inside and out, ranging from turtles to seaweed to fish, coral and other underwater life. Those details make the piece look amazing, but this also happens to be one of Empire's smoothest hitting pieces as well. 

It's got a recycler, which constantly filters your smoke round and round through the water, cooling it down before you inhale. This piece comes with an herb bowl, but it would make a great dab rig as well, you can pick up a banger as well if you want when you check out.

  • Underwater themed artwork throughout
  • 14mm Male herb bowl 
  • Recycler Bubbler

Avocado Chillum ($63.95)

Empire Glassworks Avocado Chillum

I challenge you to go find a more realistic avocado Piece than this, the detail on this thing is crazy. 

After a few hits of this thing you really might confuse this thing for an actual avocado, that how real it looks. The detail even goes as far down to the little glass speckles on the outside to resemble the texture of a real avocado. I can't imagine that glasswork was easy to do. 

This chillum is insanely portable as well, you can take this thing with you on all your travels. This is just one of many food themed pieces Empire makes, they also have a strawberry, eggplant, Ice cream, etc. 

  • 3'' Inches Long X 1.5'' Inch Wide
  • Very detailed avocado
  • Portable

 Space Cruiser Directional Flow Carb ($32.95)

Empire Glassworks Space Cruiser Directional Flow intake cap

This isn't exactly smokeable, but it gives you a sense of what they can do with accessories as well. 

The colors look great and the detail is spot on as always, this just scratches the surface of what they can do with carb caps/slides. There's Rick And Morty themed slides and carb caps, as well as food and nature themed ones as well. 

Thanks to those of you who have made it all the way to the end here, I hope you've learned everything you need to about Empire Glassworks!!

What do you all think, is Empire Glassworks the King of heady glass?

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As always, if there are any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to reach out in the comments below, or via my contact page. Have a great day everyone, stay high!!

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