Fun Things To Do When High- 420 Bucket List

As laws continue to loosen regarding cannabis, more people are getting high than ever. Getting high all by itself is great, but doing something fun can make it even better! And the thing about being high is that almost anything is going to seem fun, even things that would seem uninteresting when you’re not high.

Do you ever sit back and watch something and think, “Man, that would be great to do high”? If so, you’re not alone, and for me, this activity has always been skydiving. For whatever reason I’ve always wanted to go skydiving high. Although it may make the situation 10X scarier, I still think it would be awesome!

While this is one of the more intense activities on my 420 bucket list, I still plan to check it off one day. A 420 bucket list is a must have for any true stoner! It doesn’t even have to be really crazy activities like skydiving, just some things you really want to do high!!

For those of you who don’t have 420 bucket lists, I’m going to give you some fun ideas to help start it! And for those of you that may already have a 420 bucket list, you might like some of these ideas as well!!

Go to The Movies

Going to the movies will always be one of the best things to do stoned. You can see a funny movie if you feel like rolling around on the floor laughing (be courteous if there are others in the theater). Scary movies and action movies are great as well, both are intense and with the lights off and loud sounds coming from the speakers, you’re going to feel like you’re inside the movie yourself!

So light up with your friends and hit the movie theaters! Not to mention they have great snack foods for when the munchies kick in ;).

Go to the movies


This may not seem like the most fun thing in the world, but exercising high is awesome! Your body will be relaxed and all your muscles will feel good, and once you start exercising your body releases endorphins, which will make you feel even better!

Casual exercising will be the most pleasurable usually, maybe go for a nice jog with some headphones in, or maybe even consider trying yoga!

Some say that exercising while high can actually intensify the high you’re feeling, so not only is it a healthy activity, but it might make your high better too!

One of my favorite things to do is get high and go for a run in the morning. It’s always so calm and peaceful, and being high helps with muscle pain in my legs!

Go Swimming

The feeling of being in the water while high is a great feeling, and looking around underwater will look better than ever before.

I prefer to swim in pools when I’m high, feeling a fish or other animal rub against your leg might freak you out a little! If you’ve got some friends with you, consider starting a game of marco polo! It’s a fun game to begin with, but with a group of stoned people, it is sure to bring lots of laughs and fun!!


Skiing is fun while highUnfortunately this activity might not be available to those living in warmer areas, but if you ever get the chance to ski or snowboard while high, do it!!!! Being on top of a mountain with a massive fluffy white canvas before you is such a beautiful sight to see, and with all the surrounding nature, you’ll feel one with nature! You can even use the ride up on the chairlift to get a couple tokes in, or find a place on the mountain. Most mountains have wooded areas around them, or at least somewhere where you could probably sneak off to get a sesh in!

And while skiing/snowboarding high is great fun, don’t hurt yourself. Just because you’re high doesn’t mean you can land that trick you saw in the winter Olympics!! Getting an injury is a quick way to ruin any high, so just relax and enjoy the slopes!

Go For A Hike

Get some friends together, spark up a joint, and head up a mountain, or just hit the hiking trails. All the sounds, sights and smells of nature will seem that much more distinct when you’re high. Not to mention that hiking is great exercise!!

Find a nice place with a view and just hang out for a while, let your mind wander off as you enjoy nature! You can even bring a speaker or some headphones and enjoy some music along the way.

Remember to bring some drinks and snacks as well! You’re probably going to get pretty hungry from a combination of the munchies and exercising

Listen To Music

Music is a stoner’s best friend! I think all us stoners can agree that getting lost in the music is one of the best parts about being high! It’s like you can feel every note and everything just sounds so good. Crank up that stereo and relax listening to some music!

And if you ever get the chance, going to concerts high is an amazing experience as well. Seeing one of your favorite artists live with all the loud music and dancing will feel surreal when you’re high! It may be harder for those of you living in states where weed is illegal, but people still do it all the time, just be careful!

Listen to music

Read a Book

Stay with me for this one, I know it may not sound like the most fun thing to do, and it definitely isn’t for everyone, but reading a book high can be a great experience. The content will seem that much more interesting, and it’ll suck you in and the next thing you know you’ll realize you’ve been reading for 3 hours.

Now I’m not saying getting high will help you read your textbook chapter you were assigned for homework, but if you’ve got a good book then consider getting high before reading! It may not be something you want to do every time you get high, but it can be a nice change of pace from watching TV or browsing the internet!

Amusement Park

If you think roller coaster and water slides are fun normally, then you’re in for a world of pleasure when you try them high! Being high on a roller coaster makes it that much more exciting, the adrenaline rush is phenomenal. I wouldn’t recommend smoking directly at an amusement park, but get some friends together and smoke before you go in.

Most amusement parks have a lazy river too, so at the end of the day you can just hang out on a tube and float around in the water. Not to mention there are food and concession stands everywhere, so taking care of any munchies that come on should be a breeze!

(Check out this video of some guy describing his experience while high at an amusement park! The video isn’t mine but I thought it was a good story!)

Video Games

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve found myself lost in a video game after getting high and playing! Even silly video games become fun and amusing. They’re even better when you’re playing with some friends who are also high! Be prepared for non-stop laughter and fun.

A combination of video games and weed can easily turn a boring night into an action packed, gaming filled palooza! If you haven’t tried playing video games stoned I highly recommend it!

Video Games

I hope this gave you some easy activities to add to your 420 bucket list, and if not, these are still all really fun things to do high!

Have you tried any of these before? Let me know how it went for you in the comments below!

Also, if there are any activities I should add to this list, go ahead and drop them in the comments below.





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