Grav Labs Glass Review- (Best Grav Labs Glass 2021)




Grav Labs 

Grav Labs has only been around since 2004, but they have quickly made their mark in the glass making world.

Grav is a household name now in the glass community, they're best known for their many lines of scientific glassware.

To become a household name in this industry, it's obvious they have great quality, but Grav Labs hits the mark with their prices too. I think many of you will find that most Grav pieces are rather affordable!

Without further ado, Let's get right into my full review of Grav Labs Glass! If you just want to see the glass, click the button below. 

Build Quality 

If you've read my reviews before, you know the first thing I look at when examining a piece of glass/glass company is the build quality. 

If the glass isn't made well, then chances are nothing else will fall into place either!! 

Like I mentioned earlier, Grav wouldn't have the reputation they did if they didn't make quality glass, but how does it stack up compared to the competition? 

It stacks up nicely, is the answer. It's not the highest quality glass of the brands I've reviewed so far, but it's right up there with them. All of their glass on the bongs and larger bubblers is 5mm thick, which is what I consider the industry standard for quality glass. Some of the smaller bubblers and hand pipes are 3mm thick, but thats normal for the smaller pieces.

The main thing is that Grav Labs glass isn't thin or poorly crafted, and it's built to last. 

I rank the quality of Grav Labs glass right up there with Diamond glass. It's great scientific glass you can rely on, but I wouldn't put it at the same quality as a C2 Custom Creations or RooR and Zob.


Like I briefly mentioned in the intro to this review, Grav Labs specializes in their scientific glass, which means their main priority is functionality. 

For that reason, you're not going to find much in the way of colored fancy artwork, logos, or colorful designs. For the most part, the extent of color on Grav glass is from the logo, thats it. You might see some stained glass in some of the bubblers and hand pipes, but it's much less common in their bigger bubblers and bongs. 

Grav's design creativity comes from the way they craft their pieces, they have some of the most unique shapes and collections around. 

When it comes to hand pipes and small bubblers, Grav Labs are one of my absolute favorites. The helix hand pipe is one of my all time favorite hand pipes, I think the smoke looks so cool inside the chamber when you're smoking it, and it hits so smooth as well. Their Upline and Hammer style bubblers are awesome as well, stay tuned for more on all of those down below. 

Smoking Experience

The great thing about scientific glass is that it's literally designed and crafted to smoke well. For those that aren't familiar with the terminology, scientific glass is plain glass (almost looks like it could be in a science lab) and it's made with smoking in mind. 

That means extra attention is paid to glass thickness, percolators, glass size and shape, etc. Some companies build for design and don't focus as much on functionality, we call that heady glass. Grav Glass has a few pieces you could consider "heady" pieces, but their priority are their lines of scientific glass. 

Every piece of Grav Glass I've ever hit is insanely smooth, that's something you can come to expect no matter what type of glass-ware you choose.  

I'd compare Grav Labs Glass most similarly with C2 Custom Creations glass, they both have that scientific focus, except I'd give the slight edge to C2 in the overall quality department. 


To sort of sum things up for you guys, let me brush over a few key points. 

  • Affordable Glass- Plenty of options under $100
  • High Quality, enjoyable smoking glass
  • Scientific Glass

Downsides? There aren't many downsides to Grav Glass, they are very good at what they do.

The one thing you can point out is that GRAV does produce their glass on a very large scale, larger than most, so you could argue this hurts quality. But I don't think that's the case, every Grav Labs piece I've used/owned has been great!

Cleaning GRAV Labs Glass

Cleaning any piece of Grav Glass should be a breeze, scientific glass is usually much easier to clean than heady glass is.

You shouldn't need any fancy or expensive products to clean your piece either, just good old iso alcohol and salt will do the trick. Or if you want you can pick up the oh-so-popular 420 Cleaner, both work about the same.  

If you want an in depth tutorial on how to clean any smoking glass, check out How to Clean Your Glass: Your Average Stoner's Guide.

Your Average Stoner's Top Picks (In no order)

Classic Beaker Tube w Geometric Ice Pinch ($139.95)

This piece right here I what I consider the embodiment of GRAV Labs Glass. Simple and right to the point.

GRAV beakers are always super smooth, even though this specific one doesn't even have any percolators.

GRAV designs there pieces so that the water to glass ratio gives you a satisfying and smooth pull every time. This particular piece has a geometric ice pinch if you want to cool your hits down more. 

  • 16'' Inches Tall
  • Geometric Ice pinch
  • 14mm Male herb bowl 
Grav Classic Beaker Bong w Geometric Ice pinch

Coil Showerhead Bong ($189.99)

This is one of Grav's higher end pieces, this thing will take you for a ride!

This piece will leave you hypnotized as you watch smoke travel along the spiral until WHAM- Next thing you know you're blowing out a huge cloud of smoke. 

The spiral isn't just for entertainment though, it cools your smoke down and with the help of the showerhead percolator filters your smoke into a nice, cool hit. 

  • 13'' Inches Tall
  • Coiled Showerhead Perc
  • 14mm Male herb bowl 
GRAV Labs  Coil showerhead Bong

Hammer Style Bubbler

This is one of GRAV's most popular products, it's one of the best bubblers around when you compare price, quality, portability, etc. 

This bubbler is small like a hand pipe, but its much better because, well, it bubbles. Therefore, it's a lot smoother and more enjoyable. 

This bubbler is good for any situation, and comes in a plethora of different colors. 

  • 8'' Long/ 4'' Inches Tall
  • 5 color choices 
  • 3-hole diffused down stem
GRAV Hammer style Bubbler

Helix Handpipe 

The helix hand pipe and overall helix line by Grav is perhaps my favorite by them.

The helix design is just so cool, I get excited every time I get to show it to someone for the first time. 

The helix design uses a Venturi chamber in which three micro-holes direct air intake and create a mesmerizing swirling effect. Not only does this look awesome but it helps to combine your smoke with the air to cool it down.

This pipe is small and compact as well, perfect to take with you on the go so you can always get a nice puff and impress your friends along the way. 

  • 5'' Inches long
  • Helix Venturi Chamber
  • Deep bowl 
  • Thick Glass
GRAV Helix Hand Pipe


GRAV even makes nice chillums/one-hitters too, surprise surprise. 

GRAV makes some of the best affordable chillums around. This particular chill has a built in ash catcher and marble blobs to keep the piece balanced. 

For $20 this is a steal, some people pay that for metal one hitter "Dugout" kits but this is so much better. 

The ash catcher alone makes this better than 99.9% of other one-hitters out there, right off the bat you get wayyy less ash in your mouth. Which is you use one hitter a lot you know is a common occurrence. 

  • 7'' Inches Long
  • Thick Glass
  • Ash-Catcher
  • Marbles for balance
GRAV Steamroller

Thanks a ton for those of you that made it here all the way to the end, I really appreciate it and hope you guys enjoyed!

What are your thoughts on Grav Labs Glass? Do they compete with the top Brands?

If you're not sick of glass yet, feel free to click below to get your fix!

And as always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to reach out to me in the comments below or via my contact page! Thank you all, stay safe and stay stoned!

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