Higher Thought: The Cannabis Game- Best Stoner Game 2020

Higher Thought: The Cannabis Game
Higher Thought: The Cannabis Game

Taking a break from the usual glass, Vaporizer or CBD review, today we're going a bit of a different route that I think you guys are going to really like. Everybody knows that using cannabis can lead the brain down some pretty weird paths, and you might find you and your friends talking about some pretty crazy stuff while high. It's one of the best parts about smoking with friends. Well this game is going to help make those conversations even better and last even longer, with seemingly endless cards with random thought provoking questions.

Keeping stoners in mind while creating this, this game is insanely easy to setup and start playing. Theres no board or little pieces or intricate instructions. The game does come with a list of "Instructions" but they aren't really instructions, they're recommendations on how to make the game flow smoothly and a few different tips on how you can spice up the game. Here's a small excerpt of the instructions:

Settting the Scene Instructions

It's just overall good vibes from this game, completely unlike any other game I've ever played. And I have played other stoner board games before like Potfarm, Fluxx and Weed-Opoly and they're just not as fun as you think they would be when you're stoned. Playing Weed-Opoly stressed me out when I was stoned, I was off a really strong edible and could not keep track of my money whatsoever and we all ended up losing interest within 30 minutes. Thats why this game is perfect because there's no actual "game" you have to focus on, it's just talking with your buddies. 

You can play with anywhere from 2-10 people according to the recommendations in the instructions. The most common way to play is to have everyone take turns pulling a card one at a time and then let everybody go around and give their answers. Don't rush people giving their answers, but at the same time remember that this game has plenty of cards to go through, so don't stick around on one too long if you plan to finish the game!

One recommendation the instructions make is to have a designated "Budtender" or someone who keeps the conversation on track/makes sure people aren't taking too long on one question. The Budtender shouldn't be strict or mean, but he should keep the game on course somewhat!

Mix It Up

Of course, that's not the only way you can play the game, the instructions even recommend a few fun ideas to mix things up! 

"The Chosen"- This is where the person who draws the question card directs the question to a specific individual, who is then to answer first before the rest of the group.

"Blazer Round"- Similar to the last, if you choose to play this way, one person draws a question and directs it towards a specific person, except this time only that person answers the question. Then they pick a card and direct a different question to someone else. This is a much faster paced game if you're pressed for time. 

And if you guys land on a question that the group really likes and you start having a great conversation, feel free to improvise follow up questions on the spot.

Different Types of Cards

There are 125 question cards total in Higher Thought: The Cannabis Game, which makes for multiple nights of fun!!

Orange Cards- You will notice that certain cards in the deck have an orange back on them, this means that it's a relatively "light" question. The instructions recommend starting with an orange card to get conversation going and give everyone a feel for the game, then get into the deeper questions as the game goes on. It's better to tackle the deep questions later into the game in my opinion, because if you're smoking during the game like I do you're going to be a lot higher later in the game, the perfect time to get deep thoughts flowing ;).

Buzzkill Cards- There are also Buzzkill Cards mixed into the deck, which instead of open ended questions, these cards contain multiple choice trivia questions that do have right and wrong answers. These cards don't have a different colored back or anything, so it will be a complete surprise when you pull one of these. These cards are a good time to take a break from deep conversation and let your competitive side out a little bit! It can also be pretty funny when one of these cards come up, seeing all of your really stoned friends trying to guess a trivia question!!

Here are some examples of average questions you could come across while playing Higher Thought:

Weed Game: Higher Thought
Stoner Game: Higher Thought

Where You Can Buy The Game 

If you like what you've read about Higher Thought:The Cannabis game, feel free to Order it today for $24.99! No need to head to the store, light up a joint and wait for it to come to your doorstep. The game comes in a well made box with nice looking cards and a well-written set of instructions.

My Closing Thoughts

Overall, this is a completely un-traditional game, which makes it perfect for us in the stoner community!! Not only that, it's got great vibes and is always going to be a great time with friends. One thing that I think should be made available in the future (and I'm sure this can be arranged) is a card refill pack! Let's be honest, 125 cards is a lot, but with the right group of people that can easily be done in a night! And it would be the same to go over the same questions multiple times with the same people, which is why card refill packs would be great! 

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope you enjoyed this review! Comment below if you've played before, and if so what were some of your favorite questions?

And on a completely unrelated note, I wanted to take this time to shoutout the music group the Fellow Vibers! They are a great music group that writes cannabis related music, they just released their new song "Do You Wanna Smoke", I'd encourage all of you guys to listen! It's got a catchy tune and relatable lyrics.

Check them out on Spotify and on YouTube as well!

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