How to Use CBD For Pain Relief- The Complete Guide

How to use CBD for pain relief

CBD (cannabidiol) has skyrocketed in popularity recently as more and more people realize the healing potential it has. I think many people wrote off CBD at first simply because it’s in the cannabis family, but now people are starting to come around, and there are CBD products EVERYWHERE. You can find CBD in everything from water to topical creams, and I love it, everybody can find their own little way to enjoy the benefits of CBD, there’s truly nothing like it!

For those of you still unfamiliar with CBD, I won’t go into it too much in this article, but it is one of many cannabinoids found in cannabis. However, it is a non-psychoactive component that can NOT get you high and has so many amazing health benefits. If you want to read more about CBD and all the things it can do, check out my Beginners Guide to CBD, in it I go further in depth on what CBD is and all the benefits it has!

Today were going to be talking specifically about using CBD for pain relief. Everybody suffers pain at some point in their lives, and CBD can help in almost any situation! Whether you’ve got painful cramps, arthritis, a headache, a pulled muscle and much more, CBD can help reduce your pain!


CBD oil is one of the most well-known and popular ways of using CBD, and it is a very effective way to reduce pain. CBD oil can come in various different strengths, flavors, and sizes, but what won’t change is that it’s always easy to use! For easiest use, pop a couple drops on or under your tongue and you’re good to go! You can also mix the drops in with food and beverages, but applying them directly into your mouth is the easiest way.

It is important to note that when ingesting CBD oil, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to feel its effects. If you’re looking for pain management that sets in quicker, refer to one of the various other methods listed below! The effects from CBD oil are usually longer lasting when ingested, so if you’re looking for a way to reduce pain over a longer period of time, oil is a great option. For example maybe you can anticipate a headache coming on, or you know your legs are going to be really sore after a run, these would be good situations to use CBD oil in advance so you’re already ahead of the pain! For first time users, start off with a drop or two and see how that affects you, and if the effects weren’t strong enough then up the dosage until the effects satisfy your needs.

One of the best parts about using CBD oil from a dropper is that you get to be the one controlling your dosage, opposed to if you ate an edible with a set dosage.

If you’re looking to purchase CBD oil, my top recommendation is CBD Pure, they have some of the best CBD oil on the market. And while their product line doesn’t go much further than oil as of right now, nobody can deny the quality of their oil. Their oil is affordable, 100% organic, and they display their third party lab test results directly on site, so you know you’re getting safe CBD oil!

CBD Pure CBD oilShop CBD Pure


I’m sure most of us have taken capsules/ pills at some point in their lives, so you basically know what you’re getting with this. With capsules, you’re not going to get any fancy flavors or colors, simply the good stuff, CBD! Some capsules will have soft gel insides, while others have solid insides. Soft gel capsules are typically more popular as they go down easier, but the advantage of having capsules with a solid inside is that you can open the capsule out and pour out the desired dosage to ix in with food or water.

CBD capsules are generally stronger than oils and most other forms of CBD, usually possessing around 25mg of CBD. This high dosage is good for people suffering from more severe pain, but if you just prefer the capsules feel free to use them anyways. Even if it is too strong of a dose, you don’t have to worry about overdosing on CBD as it isn’t possible!

Since you are ingesting the capsules just as you would oil, they do take around 30 minutes to an hour to kick in as well. So just like with the oil, it’s better to take it before the onset of pain if possible! One CBD capsule will have you feeling relief for hours, for some people even the whole day!

If you’re looking for great CBD capsules, I would recommend CBD Pure again. While they mainly produce oil, they just recently introduced gel-caps as well! They have 25mg of CBD each, and just like their CBD oil, their gel-caps are of the highest quality, and as with the oil all third party lab testing results can be found on their page!

CBD Pure Soft GelsShop CBD Pure

Vape Oil

Vaporizers are one of the hottest things on the market right now, and paired with CBD, they can be even better! Vaping CBD oil is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to intake CBD. You can find CBD vape oil in various strengths and flavors, so if you like vaping, CBD vape oil is the perfect way to help manage your pain!

Vaping CBD is one of the quickest ways to feel the effects of CBD, you’ll start feeling relief withing minutes after vaping. So if you’ve got really bad pain and you need something that is going to set in quickly, vaping is a good way to go! You can go about vaping CBD in various ways as well. You can go with pre-filled CBD oil cartridges, these are quick and easy and you just need to make sure that your cartridges are 510 threaded so they can fit with a 510 thread battery. You can buy a 510 thread battery on Amazon for as little as $10. Most cartridges, whether they be for CBD or THC oil, use a 510 battery so having one around is always good!

Another way to vape CBD is to buy the vape juice in bottles, and fill a vaporizer. You can use any vaporizer that uses vape juice, so if you already have a vape device you’re good to go! This is probably cheaper in the long run, as buying cartridges (unless you’re filling them yourself) can get pretty expensive! One of the best things about vaping CBD oil is all the different flavors there are, it’s one of the most enjoyable ways to use CBD in my opinion.

My recommendation for where to get CBD vape juice is Cannabidiol Life, they have an extensive line of flavors and varying strengths and quantities. They have flavors such as fruit punch, strawberries and cream, vanilla ice cream, snicker doodle and much more. And one thing that I really like is that they have an option to get a disposable vape pen in any flavor they offer, which is a great way to vape CBD oil if you don’t have a 510 threaded battery or a vaporizer! They offer their vape juice in either a 10 ml bottle or a 60 ml bottle, and if you choose the 60 ml you have the choice of 250mg of CBD or 500mg of CBD if you want stronger results!

Fruit punch flavored vape oil from Cannabidiol lifeShop Cannabidiol Life


CBD edibles are a fantastic and great tasting way to consume CBD, and more types of CBD edibles are coming out everyday it seems. They even make CBD water nowadays! Crazy, right? But I’ve tried it and it was great for relieving muscle soreness when working out! CBD edibles are also a great way to use CBD in children, who might not like the oil tinctures or the capsules just yet! My favorite CBD edibles are CBD gummies, most times they taste great and it just feels like I’m eating candy, but at the same time they relieve pain and keep my body relaxed!

CBD edibles, like oil and capsules, will take about 30 minutes to an hour to take effect, but just like oil and capsules the effects will be stronger and much longer lasting. I prefer CBD edibles over CBD oil and capsules just because it tastes better, but all three are going to give you pain relief regardless.

If you’re interested in CBD edibles, check out Cannabidiol Life, not only do they have an extensive line of vape oils, but they also make great edibles as well. You can find them in varying strengths, as well as in gummy, chocolate and caramel form. They’ve got some extra strong edibles on there capable of tackling almost any pain! Definitely check them out if you want to pick up some CBD edibles!

 Shop Cannabidiol Life


CBD topicals (creams and lotions) are one of the best ways to treat on demand pain. CBD cream isn’t the best for all types of pain, but in some cases it is undoubtedly the best method! For people who suffer from arthritis or joint pains, rubbing CBD oil on the affected area will do wonders! Also, CBD cream is great for muscle soreness as well, it feels great after a workout or just a long day standing up!

To use CBD cream all you need to do is get a little cream on your fingers and gently apply it to the area of your body affected by pain, and within minutes you will start to feel relief. Many people who suffer from arthritis swear by CBD cream, and credit it singlehandedly for getting them up and moving again! There are anti-aging properties in CBD cream as well, and by applying some onto your face it can remove wrinkles and clear up bags under the eyes, making you look and feel younger.

Check out Cannabidiol Life for all your CBD topical need as well, they have CBD topicals for tattoo care, soothing pain, anti-aging, and even chap-stick. Their products are 100% organic, and they display their third party lab testing directly on their site, so you know you’re getting safe and high quality products!!!

shop Cannabidiol Life

I hope this guide helped to show you the perfect way to help manage your pain using CBD, but as always if there are any questions, please reach out in the comments below and I will get back to you! Do you guys use CBD for pain? Share your story below!!





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  • Stew says:

    I take CBD oil in drops from time to time for pain or if I happen to be anxious about something.  I prefer drops under the tongue because it starts working much faster than edibles and capsules.  

    I use 5mg at a time when I want it and it is easy to get that much or little as it is with drops over anything else.

    There are so many nay sayers out there and they should just try is.  

  • GVporras says:

    Thank you for bringing this information about this pain reliefs oils and capsules, i wonder if the capsules don’t have any side effects ask you this because my wife suffer from back pain and one of her harm she gets pain as well, but for me make her try this it will be a little hard since she always ask for the side affect of any medicine.

    i will show this post to her and hoping to try it 

    thank you

    • Joey says:

      CBD is generally thought of as having little to no side effects, when taken in excessive amounts there may be drowsiness or an upset stomach, but this isn’t common. If your wife is looking for a safe, organic way to treat her pain, CBD is 100% the way to go!

  • Nathalie says:

    Thank you for this very interesting article, Joey. Wow! Indeed there has been a huge development of CBD products! I have tried CBD oil myself but did not feel any difference… well, I have to say that I was not feeling any pain when I tried it and I just wanted to see if it my mood would get even better than it was… maybe I should try it again when I feel pain… I definitely want to try out some gummies. Thanks to you, now I know where to get them from. Could you maybe check the link for the gummies? It took me to a “no results found” page when I clicked on it. Thanks! Nathalie 

  • Kevin says:

    Are there any side effects of using this product? Also is it okay for younger people (under 18) to use these products?

    I’m not sure if you mentioned if there are any side effects. As an athlete, I’ll be occasionally in pain and be sore lots after training but at the same time, I don’t want to take in a substance that harms my performance. That’s why I’m so worried.

    • Joey says:

      CBD is generally thought of as having little to no side effects. When taken in excessive amounts it could cause an upset stomach or drowsiness, but this isn’t very common. And yes, you absolutely can use CBD oil if you’re under 18! There is no age restriction on using CBD oil, even children can safely use it!

  • Ngonidzashe Manzwangani says:

    This seems to be a good solution to my headache problem. I have a chronic headache problem dating back to when I wass only 7 years, now I am 34. I have consumed different types of medicence, dozen types of capsules, but the pain still continue. After some researchesI come across this post, its contents have the same rythem of what I has been looking. I will try using CBD Oil and see the results.

    Thank you so much, I loved your article    

  • Susan says:


    I have been reading and doing some research on CBD oil and capsules for pain management, I get migraine headaches which my doctor prescribes medication for and I do not like taking medications.  I would prefer something more natural have you known of anyone using the CBD oil or capsules to manage migraine pain?  There are no warning signs with the ones I get sometimes I can wake up with them other times a dull pain and then bang full blown migraine in a matter of minutes.  It is just that the CBD market is still so new and I was wondering about any side effects here as well.



    • Joey says:

      Hey Susan, CBD is fantastic at reducing inflammation, so yes it would help reduce the pain of your migraines significantly! My mother has suffered from horrible migraines for a long time, so I understand how tough it is! She would often get such bad head and neck pain during migraines that all she could do was lay in bed with the lights off all day, couldn’t even bear to see the light! She started using CBD oil and has seen fantastic results, she says it works better than anything she’s ever taken. 

      CBD has little to no side effects, when taken in excessive amounts you could experience an upset stomach or drowsiness, but these aren’t very common! And if you decide to purchase any CBD from the sites I’ve recommended you can be assured that it is 100% organic and 100% safe! 

      Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any other questions!

  • Suzana says:

    Hi Joey,

     this is a really good and detailed explanation! My grandma uses CBD oil – she rubs it on her legs and she says that she feels less pain, it is much better now and she can walk more easily. She mentioned that even her skin looks a bit younger – of course, not too much… she is old.. but still it shows some signs of ’youth’, to put it like this.

    My friend that works in animal rescue organization saved a dog once… the dog was hit by a car, and she cleaned the wound and rubbed oil around it… on that leg. Dog recovered and she said that it could walk while recovering. I think that oil is really great for healing  and I presume that capsules also help.

    I am more for alternative medicine, so I would recommend anyone to try these methods.

    I say ’alternative’ because it’s still not common to use it, not as much as regular medicine, pills etc..

    Best wishes,


    • Joey says:

      CBD oil is a great thing, I love hearing stories of how it’s helped people/animals! Someday it will be mainstream medicine, it’s too good not to be!!

  • Darren says:

    I started Cbd oil after upping my workout regime and it really helped with my niggling injuries and  knee pain . I have noticed since I stopped taking it my injuries have got more painful after training.

    I know that you have to research brands before buying CBD oil as some have strains of metals and pesticides in them. 

    How can you be sure that a brand has none of these? Is it because of the hrmombeing organic? 

    • Joey says:

      My advice is to do a thorough look-through of the site to make sure they state that their products are 100% organic, and that there is somewhere you can view third party lab test results! 

      All of the recommendations I made in the article are 100% safe and organic, and you can find lab test results on-site.

  • Jenny says:

    I didn’t realise there were so many different ways to use CBD. This article was a real eye opener. There are so many health benefits to CBD so I’m glad it’s so accessible now. It’s so much better than resorting to pharmaceutical drugs for pain relief if you can. Is vaping safe? I’ve heard some negative things about it.

  • Cheri says:

    Thanks for an incredibly informative article, Joey. I admit I haven’t investigated CBD much, just didn’t think there was anything much that would benefit me, but now I realize I was very mistaken!  I tend to have stiffness in my neck quite often, and I’ve never found a remedy I felt good about. You’ve taught me that my next best move will be to give a good-quality CBD cream or ointment a try. Thanks for your insights! (Also read your About Joey page and appreciate the comment about the dog treats…I have a very anxious dog, and this might just be a solution for that problem, too).  

  • Sylvia says:

    I am so happy to have found your site since I am searching to find, not just answers, but also a reliable site where I can purchase CBD.

    I am suffering, on and off, from arthritis like joint pain and I don’t like to take prescription drugs. For now I use over the counter pain pills but I know this is not a long term solution.

    Reading your site really has confirmed how safe CBD is and i so believe that it is the right treatment for me to feel better.

    The only concern I still have is if it can be traced in my system? Here in Canada it is allowed to posses and use cannabis, however, it also will be harshly treated when being pulled over by the Police and they perform a road side test on you.

    My question is, can CBD be detected in my system like the psychoactive THC?

    Thank you if you can answer this for me.

    • Joey says:

      Hey Sylvia, 

      Most CBD products from reputable companies have no more than  .3% THC, meaning it will not show up on a drug test. Make sure the company you choose to buy from has third party lab testing and guarantees that their products comply with THC regulations! 

      If you purchase from any of the companies I’ve recommended, you can guarantee it is in accordance with proper THC regulations. If you’re asking if CBD can be traced, CBD is legal as it isn’t psychoactive, so no need to worry about that!

  • andy says:

    I know that cannabis has a lot of benefits as well, but I have never tried any of the CBD products at all.I do believe that this product would be helpful and it comes in a variety of forms for all kinds of different people who would like it as a liquid, capsule or edible form.Which form do you think is best, and most effective?So far I have only smoked cannibis and have tried some cannibis edibles.Is there a difference when it comes to the edible products?What is the difference between CBD products and Cannabis itself?

  • Bob says:

    This is a very interesting article. I appreciate that you have written this. It has opened my eyes to the use of cannabidiol for pain relief. I work with a guy that introduced the idea of its use. He isn’t using it for pain relief but to just generally feel better. Sort of like an energy booster. 

    He is taking capsules, I had no idea that there are so many ways to take it. If I was to start using it, I would consider the gummies. I am a big fan of gummy bears so that would be my choice. I am not so sure if I like the idea of putting drops under my tongue. I don’t know why…I’m just funny that way. 

    I am thinking that I need to bookmark your site for future reference.

    I wish you the best!

    • Joey says:

      I’m also not a fan of putting drops under my tongue, so I feel ya there!! The gummies are a great choice, let me know if you need any help picking anything out!

  • Lady Esther says:

    Hi Joey

    Very interesting article. I have have use CBD oil for pain when I was power walking for my knees,  but totally forgot about it. Recently with all the work in front of my PC, iPad and iPhone My head has been hurting more frequently, I think I am going to try it. I am no sure if I should use it as an oil form or as a capsule? 

    It good  to know that it can be use ahead of time if you know that an activity is going to cause pain or soreness. Thank you for reminding me that going the more nature way can be a better solution.

    Very best,


    • Joey says:

      Both oil and capsules are fantastic, and depend completely on preference! Capsules are generally a larger dose however, so keep that in mind!

      Let me know if there is anything else I can do to assist you further!

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