Pox Box Review- The Best Stash Box in 2021?

The Pox Box ($55)

While most stoners prefer smoking in the comfort of their own homes, smoking on the go is just apart of stoner life!! 

If you're anything like myself, one of my least favorite things about smoking on the go is remembering to bring all the things I need to smoke. You need to remember bud, a lighter, and whatever you're going to smoke from. And while this doesn't sound like much, I know I'm not alone in saying I've forgotten one of those things many times!

Today we have a solution to that problem, The Pox Box. It's an all-in-one stoners treat, a storage box with lighters, a jar for storing bud,  rolling papers, and a glass pipe! 

Now the Pox Box isn't JUST an on-the-go smoking box, it's overall just a great stash box for bud. Let's get into why!

Whats Inside a Pox Box?

Whats inside the Pox Box

The Pox box is very different to the monthly subscription boxes you've seen on this blog before. You know exactly what's going to be inside your Pox Box, and there isn't nearly as much useless crap. This is exactly what you'll be getting inside:

  • Glass Pipe
  • Glass Jar
  • Sharpstone Grinder (Your choice of color)
  • RAW Rolling Papers
  • 2 Full Sized BIC Lighters

You actually can have a choice at some customization as well. If you choose the "Customized Essential" package, you'll be able to choose from your choice of 8 different pipes (selection changes every two weeks) and 5 different glass jars. If you want to take the customization even further, you can choose the "Personalized Necessity" option, which allows you to send in the measurements of your own pipe and/or grinder to have your Pox Box custom made to fit your gear. And if you don't care about any customization whatsoever and just want a Pox Box, choose the "Curated Classic" option, this means you'll get a random pipe and jar. 

Build Quality

Build Quality is one of the most important things to take into consideration when buying a stash box. Especially if you're going to be on the go with it a lot, can't have a box that breaks/cracks just from a ride in the backseat of the car. 

After using a pox box for a little over two weeks, I can confirm it is made from sturdy wood that isn't going to crack or break on you.

I use my Pox Box anytime I leave the house basically, it's sat in the backseat of my car through many car rides and summer heat, and there's no damage to the outside of the box or the inside contents. It's even slid off my backseat onto the floor a few times with no damage, and it doesn't even spill the bowl I leave packed in there sometimes! 

Inside the box is some thick charcoal foam that helps keep all of the items in place and it does a great job at keeping the smell out. I'm not sure if this foam is supposed to smell-proof, but with how thick it is and the way it seals the box you're not going to get any smells coming out, especially if you keep your weed in the jar that comes with the box. 

Okay, so the box is made well, but are the items inside any good? Yes actually, Im a huge fan of the items inside, and let me explain why. They went cheap and standard with the lighters and rolling papers, no need for anything fancy and very easily replaceable. Pox Boxes can have one of two glass jars, either a mason style glass jar or a more modern style glass jar. Both do the job fine and keep your weed in good fresh. 

Next up is the grinder, perhaps my favorite item in the whole box. Normally in similar weed stash boxes you're going to get some tiny, possibly plastic grinder that in all honesty is hot dog-shit, but that's not the case here. Inside the Pox Box you get a large, four piece metal grinder, made by Sharpstone, a well known herb grinder manufacturer. 

And while not every Pox Box comes w the same pipe, they're all very similar and made by the same manufacturer I believe . However, there's no branding anywhere on the pipe, so I'm not actually sure who produces them, but it's decent glass for sure. It's pretty thick glass, it didn't break when I accidentally dropped it out my car window on to the pavement when I was clearing it, so that's a great sign.

The pipe is what I consider to be the perfect size as well, it's not so tiny that your hits are flaming hot, but it's also small enough to comfortably fit into a pocket. 


Like I said, I've been using this thing on the go for a little over two weeks now, it really has made my smoke seshes much easier and quicker. It's nice to have everything conveniently located so closely together. 

The Pox Box is slightly larger than a tissue box, with dimensions of 8.5" x 5.3" x 3.5", you can fit this thing comfortably in a lot of places. Glove compartment, backpack, and my most trusted spot, under the seat in my car. 

Overall I'm pleased with the portability, there's not many places I can't take this thing! 


The question of how smell-proof is it is no doubt on the minds of some of you. Like I briefly mentioned earlier, its very smell proof.  The charcoal foam and wood box provide a great seal for the contents inside, I literally can't smell anything when the box is completely closed. But as soon as I crack the lid even the tiniest bit, the smell rushes out like a bat out of hell, that's how you know it's a good seal. 

It's smell proof to the point where I'd say it's actually a great storage option for anyone trying to keep their habit under wraps, for whatever reason that may be. 


Overall, the Pox Box is a fantastic stash box, definitely worth the $55 if you're looking for an easy way to smoke on the go or just small scale weed storage. The grinder and pipe alone are worth over $55, not to mention the lighters, rolling papers, glass jar, and cool and smell-proof box. 

One of my minor gripes is that I wish there was an option at a bit more customization on the outside of the box. I get that some people want a plain box, maybe they don't want to draw attention to it or give away what's inside. But there are people who would love to go all out and customize a really cool looking box! 

To clarify, Pox Box does state that their boxes are sanded and varnished with a finish that allows easy customization and painting. They go on to say you can ask about professional artwork for your box. There's no actual option to customize any designs or artwork though, you would have to reach out and have a conversation with someone directly. 

I'm not even talking professional artwork though, I would love an option to maybe etch your name or a message into the box, or have a simple design printed on, I think that would be really cool. I wouldn't be surprised we see some of these things in the future either, Pox Box is a very new company, just getting their feet off the ground so who knows what we'll see in the coming months/years. 

Also, I really wish there was a rolling tray that came with the box. You can use the lid of the box and that's fine, but then you have to pull your weed and grinder out of the foam. I wish there was a removable rolling tray that I could pull out so I can keep the grinder and jar in the foam so they don't move around when I'm in the car for instance. 

With all things considered, Pox Box is one of the best Stash boxes in 2020, it's blend of price, simplicity and build quality elevate it above the competition, I can't wait to see what Pox Box comes out with next! 

What I'd Like to See in The Future

What I'd really like to see in the future out of Pox Box is more types of smoking boxes. Right now, every box comes with a hand pipe, and while that's cool, I'd like to see more.

I think bigger stash box options would be huge hit, maybe a box with a bubbler/dab rig and then another even larger box with a bong? These would certainly cost a bit more, but I know I'd love to get a bong or bubbler Pox Box if they were to come out with one!! 

I Hope you have all enjoyed my review on the Pox Box, let me know what you guys think of this thing in the comments below!! Are there better stash boxes out there? 

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