Puffco Peak VS Puffco Peak Pro- Is it Worth it?

Electronic dab rigs are becoming more and more popular these days, it's not really a surprise as to why though. 

Electronic dab rigs allow you to dab anywhere, and without the hassle of a torch and fragile glass rig. Electronic dab rigs also give you the opportunity of more precision when it comes to the temperature you take your dabs, no scorched throat ever. 

There a few top dogs when it comes to E-rigs, but Puffco is no doubt leading the charge. The original Puffco was a huge success. Most people loved the product, and Puffco did a good job of getting a Puffco peak in the hands of what seemed like every influencer around. 

Puffco also does a great job with accessories and makes sure the base of their units are made to fit with all sorts of after market attachments. The market for glass attachments for Puffco Peak's alone is getting pretty big, so much so I may write an article on it soon!

But for now, let's dive into this breakdown and see what Puffco has done differently with this variation of the Peak, and discuss if that makes it worth it!

What Made The Puffco Peak So Good?

Before we get into what the Puffco Peak Pro has improved upon, lets talk about what started the whole e-rig industry, the original Puffco Peak.

Puffco Peak

(My original Puffco Peak, still going strong after 3 years. And yes, that's an after-market attachment. )

Since I never wrote an official review of the original Peak and at this point there would be no point to, I'll give a brief explanation as to why this e-rig has reigned supreme over all the rest. 

  • Small but Powerful- The Peak has 4 different temperature settings, giving you complete control of your dab temperature. And the Peak averages about 30 dabs per charge. And of course, being small means it's convenient to take wherever. 
  • Fast Heat Up- The Original Peak heats up in around 20 seconds and can handle back to back dabs without overheating, great for groups of friends. 
  • Ceramic bowl- The Peak features ceramic bowls, which provide great taste, heat up quick and clean easily. Not to mention they're also cheap to replace and you won't have to do it that often. 
  • Build Quality- Puffco hit it out of the park with this. The Peak has a silicone base that is very sturdy. Also the silicone material is nice because it makes it so the Peak won't slide around on smooth surfaces or tip easily.  The Peak also uses Boriscillate glass for their attachments.

Now let's bring the Puffco Peak Pro into the picture, and see how these two vapes match up. 

Puffco Peak VS Puffco Peak Pro- Side by Side 

Right off the bat you can see there isn't much of a difference in the look of the two vapes, but there are a few key differences. 

  • Ergonomics- The Peak Pro is slightly better all around when it comes to dimensions. It's slightly taller to fit more water but more compact and overall feels better in hand.
  • Bigger Atomizer- The Puffco Peak Pro boasts a larger atomizer than the original, which of course makes for bigger bowls and bigger dabs!  

It's not a few cosmetic changes that take the Peak Pro to the next level however. Puffco went back and improved upon just about everything and seemingly addressed all the problems people did have with the original. 

Bluetooth App

Like many of the top of the line vaporizers have nowadays, the Puffco Peak has it's own bluetooth companion app, called Puffco Peak Connect. This app is great because it gives you the ultimate control over your dabbing temperature. 

Want to take a dab at exactly 513 Degrees F? Well you can do that with the Peak Pro. If you're not a fan of companion apps however, you can just use the Peak Pro just like original. The Peak Pro still has four temperature settings you can switch through just by using the button on the device. 

The app also allows you to do other cool things, like heat duration, color of the base. You can also make your own dabbing profiles within the app, a really cool feature I haven't seen on any other companion apps. 

USB-C Charging/ Power Dock

Puffco Peak Pro Power Dock

Although only a minor change, it makes a huge difference in convenience. USB-C seems to be the way of the future, now you can charge your Puffco Peak Pro with your iPhone charger.

USB-C charging is faster, you can get a full charge in under 2 hours. The Peak Pro still gets roughly the same amount of dabs per charge (~30 dabs).

Puffco also recently came out with their Power Dock, made specifically to wirelessly charge the Peak Pro. And while its $120, it's a really cool power bank that can also charge your other devices like your phone and laptop as well.

It holds around two full charges for the Peak Pro and also has features within the app so you can hit it right off the power dock without hitting any buttons.

New Carb Cap

Puffco ditched the original carb cap that comes with the original Peak. Now, the carb cap isn't tethered to the atomizer like the old one, now it attaches to silicone grommets and sort of locks in to the atomizer.

They leave plenty of room for airflow with the carb cap on and it has a clear top so you can see your dab as you're dabbing.

Puffco Peak Pro Accessories

Puffco is absolutely killing it in the accessories game, no other e-rig has this many cool accessories you can get.

You can buy different carb caps for your Peak Pro, if you want to switch up the look and get a bit different airflow. 

Theres also multiple different styles of travel packs and cases you can get. Not to mention you can also buy glass attachments for your Peak Pro to really level up your experience. Puffco has a beautiful recycler attachment they sell on their website. There are also artists out there that make custom glass attachments for both the Peak and Peak Pro, those are REALLY cool!

Is the Puffco Peak Pro Worth it?

Definitely yes. If you're in the market for an E-rig, there's really no other way to go. 

The closest competitor to the Puffco Peak Pro is the Dr. Dabber switch, however, it retails for even more than the Peak Pro. The Pulsar Rok is a good alternative if you want something a bit cheaper than the Peak Pro, but in that scenario I would just opt for the regular Puffco Peak instead. 

It is also worth it if you're looking to switch to vaping, but still want something that hits as close to a regular rig and torch setup. Since the Peak Pro has precision temperature control and you can go well over 500 degrees, you'll find that your dabs are very similar to those with a rig and torch setup. 

If you already have a Puffco Peak and you're happy with it, there's definitely no reason to upgrade to the Peak Pro. However, if you're unhappy with any of the original Peak's features or something keeps breaking then it is definitely worth the upgrade. 

Like I mentioned earlier, the Peak Pro did a great job of cleaning up basically all of the issues from the original Peak. And switching to the Peak Pro is definitely a better alternative than downgrading to a whole separate e-rig outside of Puffco. 

Thanks for reading! I appreciate all of you that have made it here to the end, I hope you enjoyed the comparison between the Puffco Peak and Puffco Peak Pro. 

What are your thoughts on the Puffco Peak Pro? Is it worth it over the Puffco Peak Pro? Leave your thoughts below. 

As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to reach out in the comments below, or via my contact page. I hope you all have a good day, remember to kick back with a joint and relax at some point today, you deserve a break!  

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