Puri5 Aviator 3 Review- Portable Dry Herb/Concentrate Vaporizer

The Aviator 3 by Puri5 is in its third variation, and has made some major improvements on its past variation, the Aviator 2. While the design has stayed fairly similar, various improvements to battery life, functionality and an ability to attach a water bubbler attachment.

Overall I’m really excited to bring you guys this review! At just $100 this thing is a dry herb and concentrate vaporizer, and is compatible with a water bubbler attachment (sold separately). You’re not going to be able to find a more versatile, high quality vaporizer in the $100 range. Puri5 may be small compared to other vaporizer companies out there, but I think they’re a company to keep on, I think we’ll see some huge growth from then in the upcoming years.

Aviator 3

If you would like to check out the Aviator 3, I’d recommend checking it out at the official Puri5 website!

Aviator 2 Vs Aviator 3

The Aviator 2 and Aviator 3 are very similar in looks, being the same exact size and having basically identical features. The only noticeable differences in appearance come from the bottom, the Aviator 3 has an air flow adjustment knob, so you can adjust your draw resistance.

Battery life is something that’s been improved on, the Aviator 2 had a 1600 mAh battery, while the Aviator 3 has a 2300 mAh battery. Heat up time has also improved by around 5 seconds, going from 20 down to 15-12. The Aviator 3 now has 8 temperature settings, which is a massive improvement from the 3 the Aviator 2 had. Haptic feedback has also been introduced to the Aviator 3, which I will get into a bit later, as well as last temperature memory, which is where the device remembers the last temperature you were using, and heats up straight to that.

The Aviator 3 also has its signature water bubbler attachment that you can purchase separately, which I will also get into further down below.

Aviator 3 At A Glance

The Aviator 3 may not have the fancy smartphone app, a big LED screen, or a bunch of buttons, but what it will give you is portability and versatility. The fact that it can fit in the palm of my hand and use dry herbs and concentrates is extremely convenient, and with an excellent build quality, this may be my new go-to for when I’m out and about.

And for those of you that may be straying away from vaporizers due to the steep price, this could be a perfect opportunity for you to step into the game.

PortabilityThe Aviator 3 is extremely portable, even more so than I thought when I saw it online. I knew it was going to be small and portable but it blew me away when I first opened the box. As you can see, without the mouthpiece it is about the same height as an average LIGHTER. It’s sleek and simple design makes it very easy to conceal as well, it doesn’t stand out like other vaporizers like the Ghost MV1 or the Mighty. It’s also got a nice looking matte finish as well that shouldn’t wear or scratch too easily.

Battery Life- The battery life is something that has been improved on since the Aviator 2, and while it still isn’t the most impressive battery life in the world, its good for a smaller device. The Aviator 3 has a 2300 mAh battery, which typically lasts me about 4 or 5 sessions. They recommend charging the battery for 3 hours in order to fully charge, but I’ve personally never charged it for that long. The Aviator is charged with a micro USB, so its easy to replace the charger if it gets misplaced or broken.

Build Quality- I’m very impressed with the durability of the Aviator 3, and while I haven’t dropped it many times, when it has fallen, the only thing that I was concerned about breaking was the glass mouthpiece. Other that, the body of the device is made of anodized aluminum, so its pretty sturdy. You can tell right when you pick it up that its well-built, which I wasn’t sure about before I held it being that its only a $100 vape.

Haptic Feedback- The Aviator 3 has haptic feedback/vibration alerts, which is yet another improvement over the Aviator 2. The device will vibrate when it is turned on, as well as once its reached the desired temperature. There is a session timer as well, so you won’t accidentally run down your battery if you forget to turn it off.

Water Bubbler Attachment- Puri5 also makes fantastic water bubbler attachments that you can attach to the Aviator 3, which I can only imagine makes smoother and more enjoyable. I unfortunately wasn’t able to get my hands on a water bubbler attachment as well as they were back-ordered until mid November. However, I will certainly be trying it out in the future, and I’ll be sure to update once I do. But from what I’ve seen and read online, this might be one of the best water bubbler attachments for a portable vape.


The concentrates experience was one of the things I questioned from the very beginning when I first saw this device, but its actually quite pleasant. You won’t get as good of taste as you would from a pure concentrates vape, but I’m still thoroughly impressed. With a lot of dry herb and concentrates vaporizers, the concentrates experience is so bad its not even worth it to use, but I don’t feel that way with this. That says a lot as well, because some vaporizers I’m referring to are around 3X the price of the Aviator 3. Even with some runnier concentrates, there was no leakage or mess, which was great.

One issue I do have with the concentrates cup is that it can be really hard to load. As you can see, the openings on the top are tiny, so it can sometimes take a while to load. This can also make cleaning it a bit challenging.

Edit: Using the tweezers you can unscrew the top to make it much easier to load and clean! I tried this when I first got the device, however it was a little stiff and I feared breaking it, so I assumed the tp didn’t come off, my apologies! Hopefully this will make loading and cleaning much easier!!!

It’s refreshing to enjoy concentrates slowly sometimes, unlike a monster rip from a dab rig, the Aviator 3 will give you a nice session of 10-15 rips with your concentrates.

Concentrates Cup

Chamber Size And Loading Guide

While the device is small, I’m actually really pleased with the size of the heating oven, its perfect for session. As far as loading goes its really simple, just pull the mouthpiece off, and the chamber is right below. I like to use the dabbing tool that comes with it to pack my herb down a little just so I can squeeze in as much as possible. You can fit about .5 of a gram in the chamber, however its best to pack it fairly loosely, if you pack it too tightly you may not get even heating throughout your herb.

Cleaning Guide and Other Accessories

Cleaning the Aviator 3 is extremely quick and simple, make sure you clear all your herb out of the chamber, and then just use the little brush to fully clean the chamber. I usually brush the chamber out after every session, you probably don’t need to clean it as often as I do, but its a good habit to get yourself in to keep your vape running smoothly.

As far as other accessories that come with the Aviator 3, you get a dabbing tool, cleaning brush, micro USB charger, concentrates cup, and 4 extra screens for the mouthpiece.

The mouthpiece has a little screen in it to keep your herb from getting through, after a while these screens will get clogged and you’ll have to change them out. Changing them is easy enough however, you unscrew a piece on the bottom of the mouthpiece, take the old screen out, and pop the new one in. The more effort you put into keeping your device clean, the longer your screen will last, so keep that in mind and try not to let the screen get too clogged.

Aviator 3 accessories

Temperature Guide

There are 8 temperature options on the Aviator 3, to switch through them, hold the button on the side of the device while its on, and the little LED screen on the top will show you your temperature. The temperature range is between 320 degrees and 450 degrees, starting at 320 each temperature preset goes up by 20, unless you’re going from 400 to 410, in which case it goes up by 10 degrees.

On the low temperature settings is when you’re going to get the best flavor, when I’m looking for flavor I’ll keep it at around 360-380 degrees. The high temperatures will produce slightly larger vape cloud, but overall this isn’t a “heavy hitting” device as I like to call them. All the hits are extremely smooth, and even on the highest temperature setting, you’re not really going to be getting any lung-busting rips.

The mouthpiece does get pretty hot when you’re on the highest setting for a while, as does the metal at the bottom of the mouthpiece. On the lower settings I don’t notice it nearly as much, so if its unbearable on your lips (which it shouldn’t be), just keep it at a lower temperature setting.


The Aviator 3 is an excellent budget dry herb and concentrates vaporizer, one of the best out there in my opinion. While it won’t give you top of the line flavor, or lung busting rips, it is very solid when it comes to using both dry herbs and concentrates. Not to mention the fantastic water bubbler attachments Puri5 offers as well.

Overall, if you’re looking for a vape that is portable, versatile, built well, and not too big of a strain on your wallet, then the Aviator 3 might just be the perfect vape for you!!! If you want to check out the Aviator 3, I recommend doing so at the Puri5 official website.

Hope you all enjoyed my review of the Aviator 3, let me know what you guys think of this vape down in the comments below!!



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  • Raven Michele says:

    Omgosh! I’m so glad you wrote about the new Puri5 Aviator 3! This review is great especially since I have the Aviator 2, I can relate to everything that you are saying! Everyone must shop now! I’m so excited about receiving my Puri5 Aviator 3, thanks for the review this has really inspired me to upgrade!!

    • Joey says:

      Hey Raven, glad you enjoyed the review! Both the Aviator 2 and 3 are fantastic, let me know how you like the Aviator 3 once you get it!!

      Have a great day!!


  • Chris says:

    Looks like a decent portable option for me – I’m pretty interested in this! 

    The one problem I have with past herb vaporizers is the smell they give off after they are used. I tend to meet with people throughout the day that don’t really appreciate my habits, or the smell of weed. 

    What’s this like on the cleaning side of things – is it easy enough to clean so that the sticky herb smell does not follow it around in your pocket?

    • Joey says:

      Hey Chris, I understand where you’re coming from, I too have run into people who don’t appreciate the smell, and it can be a bit awkward! To answer your question though, cleaning this device is extremely simple, it comes with a brush and everything that is perfect for wiping down the chamber. And I can honestly say that the Aviator 3 is one of my go-to vaporizers when I know I have to worry about smelling. As long as the chamber is cleared of herb, you should smell next to nothing coming from the device. I haven’t run into any problems yet, and I’ve carried this thing everywhere!

      Have a great day,


  • James Underwood says:

    Thanks for you informative review of the Aviator 2 and 3.  I’m not experienced in vaping, the only time I do it is when my on friend who has one is around. 

     I’m thinking of getting some type of  vaporizer, I really enjoy the smooth taste, and the portability is nice too. But, to be honest it seems too complicated.  Its so much easier to roll a joint or pack a bowl, but if you are outside, wind can be an issue.

    Is there a more beginner model or some kind of instruction on what to look for. I’ve asked my friend, but he just rambles on and on, and I can’t really understand what the hell he is talking about.

    • Joey says:

      Hey James, you’re completely right that some vaporizers can be complicated to use, but that actually isn’t the case with the Aviator 3. Using it actually is as simple as packing a bowl, considering all you have to do is load the chamber and turn it on!! This is overall a great beginner vape, easy to use and easy on your wallet!

  • AV 2001 says:

    Hey Joey,

    Thanks for a detailed review on the Puri5 Aviator 3 Review! I’ve really enjoyed reading it and I’m looking forward in purchasing it but does it offer any warranty? I mean, I’m not sure if this product is supposed to hack one but is there any option like that?

  • Mary Ann says:

    Hi |Joey,

    Thanks for this in-depth review of the Aviator 3. I must say, it is quite sleek looking.

    I don’t think the $100 price tag is too much if you are looking for quality, durability and something that is pleasurable to use. Do these come with any type of warranty?

    • Joey says:

      Hi Mary, 

      I agree, I think the price is fair, especially when you compare it to other devices. There is a one year warranty as well!

      Have a great day,


  • mark kabakov says:

    Joey, hey! It’s great that you did a good job and suggested a budget version of the Portable Vaporizer Puri5 Aviator 3. It is quite comfortable and functional. 

    I compared it with other elite models because my granddaughter wants to buy She wanted a model with a solar battery recharge. Maybe she will agree and will not be with big expenses. 

    Many thanks for your posting. Mark

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