Puri5 GIG Concentrate Vaporizer- Portable Wax Vaporizer

Today were going to be taking a look at the GIG portable wax and concentrate vaporizer. This product is once again made by Puri5, and it’s compatible with wax and 510 thread oil cartridges.

I previously reviewed the Aviator 3 by Puri5, which is a portable dry herb/wax/oil vaporizer. If you’d like to check it out, feel free to check it out here. I made some comments saying that I felt the concentrates experience on the Aviator 3 lacked a little bit compared to the dry herb experience, so it’s only right that I give this concentrate vape a shot!

To let the cat out of the bag early, I think the GIG is a fantastic wax vaporizer. And not only that, it is compatible with 510 thread oil cartridges as well, which is an added bonus. Overall, if you’re an oil/concentrates lover, the GIG is a versatile, well-built vaporizer that won’t break your bank.

Puri5 GIG

If you’re interested in purchasing the GIG, I recommend doing so at the Official Puri5 Website.

The GIG At a Glance

The GIG vaporizer comes in 2 variations, the GIG standard, which is the model I own, and the GIG Pro. However, there isn’t much difference between the two, but I will highlight them for you anyways. The GIG pro is a couple centimeters taller, giving it enough room to store a larger battery, which is what makes it the GIG Pro. The GIG Pro boasts a 650 mAh battery, while the GIG standard has a 320 mAh battery. There is only a $10 difference as well, so if you are a heavy user, or don’t want to have to worry about charging the battery as often, then the GIG Pro may be a great option for you.

Portability: The GIG does very well in the portability department, at roughly 11 inches, you should have no problems taking the GIG around with you anywhere. And If you are using wax instead of a cartridge just know that it will smell a little bit more, which is normal, but be aware of it.

Build Quality: I am extremely happy with the build quality of this device. It is extremely compact and sturdy, and it’s body is made of medical-grade stainless steel, so it will not break easily. You can feel right when you pick this device up that it is built extremely well, it’s even got some weight to it, which I don’t mind.

Thankfully I haven’t dropped it yet, but I’m confident it wouldn’t break anyways, even the mouthpiece is made of the same stainless steel material, which is usually the piece I’d be worried about breaking. The only time I’d be worried about dropping the GIG is if I was using a cartridge, and that’s only because the cartridges are made out of glass.

Battery Life: So far I’ve been very satisfied with the battery life the GIG provides. If I use the GIG heavily throughout the day I will have to charge it at least once, so if you want to cut out the midday charge up, go with the GIG Pro. When it comes to charging the GIG, there is a little light on the bottom of the device that will turn green once the unit is fully charged, I’ve found it takes around 30 minutes to charge fully.

Taste and Vapor Quality: Taste and vapor quality are always the most important part of any vaporizer, and the GIG does very well in both departments. When using wax, the coil-less ceramic atomizer does a fantastic job of heating evenly, making it both efficient and tasty. On the higher temperature settings I was able to get some lung-busting rips as well as some very strong vapor, so for all of you heavy hitters out there, the GIG will satisfy your needs.

Dual Charging Ports: A feature that Puri5 added to the GIG that I am a MASSIVE fan of is dual charging ports. Not only is there a micro USB port on the bottom, but there is also an Apple lightning port as well. Being an iPhone user, this is an amazing feature, and one that I find myself using a lot. I usually have an iPhone charger with me most places I go, but I almost never have a micro USB charger lying around.

This isn’t a ground breaking addition functionality wise, but it’s the little things like this that can make vaporizers great. This feature alone has made the GIG one of my go to concentrate vapes, as I can take it most places without worrying about remembering it’s charger, because chances are I have an iPhone charger on me.

dual charging ports

Chamber Size And Loading Guide

As you can see the GIG uses a coil-less atomizer, which actually makes it so the chamber can hold more concentrates, none of those pesky coils getting in the way. The directions that come in the box recommend loading no more than .1 gram onto the chamber at a time, and I would agree that this is generally a good number to stand by. You never want to overfill the chamber, when your concentrates are heated, they will bubble up and possibly even splash. So if your chamber is overfilled, your concentrates could splash out of the chamber and harm your device.

Coil-less ceramic bowl

Temperature Guide

There are four temperature settings on the GIG, and it is fairly easy to navigate through them, as it works in the same way as most vape batteries do. Unfortunately they don’t give us the exact temperature of the settings, but blue is the lowest setting, called “soft mode”, then “flavor mode” which is green, then onto “session mode” which is yellow and finally “cleaning mode”, which is red. Red is called cleaning mode because it’s the setting you’re supposed to use to burn off all the leftover residue left in the chamber. I must admit however, I don’t just use red for “cleaning mode”, I use it to get some hefty, lung-busting rips, which is exactly what I get!!

However, most of the time when I’m using the GIG I am using the “session mode” AKA yellow. It just feels like the perfect blend of flavor all while still having some kick to it. If you want the flavor to be even better however, switch it onto blue or green and really taste what your concentrates have to offer!

When using a cartridge, the temperature settings apply in exactly the same way, except cleaning mode won’t clean the cartridge or anything, but it will give you some monster rips. I still like to stay on yellow even when using a cartridge, but figure out what’s best for you!

Cleaning Guide and Other Accessories

To clean out the GIG, I’d first recommend using the “cleaning mode” setting to burn off all the residue, and then what I do is simply wipe down the inside of the chamber with a Q-tip. You don’t need to wipe down the chamber every time, but it will help the atomizer last longer. However, after a while you will need to buy a replacement atomizer, but don’t fret, you can pick them up right from Puri5’s website for only $15. With proper maintenance and care, your atomizer should easily last over a month, possibly longer.

Other accessories that are included in the GIG box are a micro USB charger and a dab tool that can be put on a key chain, which Is actually really useful. I’m always losing my dab tools, so it’s nice to have one hooked onto my keys!

GIG accessories


If you are a wax/concentrates/oil lover, the GIG could very well be the last vaping device you ever need to buy. The GIG is going to give you great vapor quality and versatility at a very fair price. Not to mention how great the GIG is in terms of portability and build quality.

Overall, the GIG is a fantastic concentrates vaporizer, and you’re not going to find many competing vapes that can vape both oil cartridges and wax.

If you’re interested in purchasing the GIG, I recommend doing so at the Official Puri5 website!

I hope you have all enjoyed my review on the Puri5 GIG vaporizer, please feel free to let me know what you think of this vape down in the comments below!! Also, if you have any questions regarding the GIG, please do not hesitate to reach out to me!!! I hope you all have a great day!




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