Stoner Christmas Gifts- Gift Ideas For Your Buddies Who Blaze

The Christmas Season is once again upon us, and thus so is the gift giving season. Gift giving can be challenging sometimes, it’s hard to pick out something you think someone else will like. Today I’m looking to relieve some of that stress a little bit, and give you some great ideas for gifts for your stoner friends.

The beauty of giving your stoner friend a gift is that there are so many gifts you could give a stoner. The world of cannabis has so many cool gadgets and accessories, the amount of gift ideas is actually overwhelming. You can’t really go wrong when giving your stoner friend a gift either, anything cannabis related will surely make any stoner happy! This could be in the form of decorations or various other Items.


Such a simple but great gift for stoners, as its one of the most common things we tend to lose. You can go a couple different ways with this as well. You can try to find a specific lighter with a design they may like, or go for the fancier lighters like the zippos or maybe even an electric one. One of the best options is just to pick up some lighters in bulk, you can buy a pack of 5 on Amazon for $9!!

One of the great parts about this gift is that it’s not going to be really expensive (unless you buy a fancy zippo or electric lighter) and it will make any stoners day, especially if they lose lighters a lot (who doesn’t?).

If you have a friend who dabs more often than they smoke cannabis, then maybe a dabbing torch would be a better option! You can find them on Amazon for around $12, or if you’ve got a little extra cash there are some really cool torches out there!


A grinder can be any stoners best friend, and can be the perfect gift for the holidays! A grinder can make a smoking sesh 10X easier, and helps to conserve weed, making it a great gift for any stoner.

There are many types of grinders out there, if you’re unfamiliar with grinders I suggest you check out my article on The Best Grinders of 2018. In it I explain the different types of grinders, as well as advantages and disadvantages of each.

My only suggestion is to stay away from the acrylic/plastic grinders. They break easily, don’t work well, and are a lot of the times only a few bucks cheaper than some of the metal ones. There are metal grinders on Amazon for less than $10, so there really shouldn’t be a reason to buy a crappy plastic one.

Most of the grinders you will come across will either be two piece or four piece, occasionally you’ll see the three piece. The most important thing to note is that a four-piece grinder has a keif catcher, while two and three piece grinders do not.

If you would like to see a collection of the best grinders on the market today, check out Grasscity, one of the best online headshops!

Storage Container

We all know that person still storing their herb in a plastic baggy, so this holiday season is the perfect chance to get them a nice storage container! Weed is not meant to be stored in plastic bags, as it can be very easily exposed to light, as well as hot or cold temperatures that will ruin your weed. In some plastics there are even chemicals that could seep into your bud, contaminating it, so at the minimum you should be storing your weed in a mason jar.

You can find a 2-pack of mason jars for $8 on Amazon, but if you’re looking for a bit better of a container, I’d recommend going with an Herb Guard container. At the minimum, an herb guard container is going to run you about $17, but they also come with Boveda humidity control packets, which are little beads that you pour into your container that control the humidity, which will keep your herb in perfect condition for months!!!


Vaporizers seem to be one of the hottest things out right now, and can be a very healthy alternative to smoking. This gift might cost you a bit more, but its more than worth it if you can fork over the cash!! Not only is a vaporizer great for health, but it can be great at helping to conserve weed as well.

There are a variety of different types of vaporizers you can buy for dry herbs, concentrates, and oils. Some vaporizers out there are even compatible with all three!!! I’ll leave the links to some of the articles I’ve written down below in case you need any help shopping!

The most important decision you’ll need to make is if you want to purchase a portable vaporizer or a desktop vaporizer. A portable vaporizer, hence the name, is meant to be taken around and used anywhere. A desktop vaporizer, on the other hand, is meant to stay stationary on a desk or table. Desktop vaporizers are almost always more expensive, and unless the person you’re purchasing a gift for is an experienced vaper, I’d suggest getting a portable vaporizer. They’re easier to use and you have a lot more freedom to go wherever you please!

One thing I will add is that if you’re purchasing a vaporizer for someone who uses oil cartridges, all you really need is a battery, which you can find online starting at around $10!!

Best Portable Vaporizers For Weed

Best Portable Vaporizers For Concentrates

Best Desktop Vaporizers

Pipe or Other Piece

Giving a stoner any new pipe or piece is surely to make their day! There are so many awesome pieces out there, so finding the perfect piece for anyone is easy. You can find great pipes with amazing designs for around $15-$20, so you don’t even have to break the bank for this gift!

If you are looking to spend a bit more on a gift, consider some of the higher quality water bubblers or maybe even a bong. There are all sorts of different bongs out there as well, ranging from different sizes as well as different styles as well. Not all bongs need to be expensive either, you can find small, quality glass bongs for as low as $40!!

Or maybe your friend is more into concentrates, for them I’d say consider a dab rig! Dab rigs can also vary greatly in price, and also have many sizes and styles as well.

If you want to check out pieces, I recommend doing so at Grasscity, one of the best online headshops!!


I hope I’ve helped to give you some ideas on gifts for your stoner friends!!! Let me know which of these gifts is your favorite!! Also, if there are any other items that you feel deserve to make this list, please let me know down in the comments below!!!





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