Unspoken Rules of Marijuana Smoking Etiquette

Unspoken Marijuana smoking etiquette

Smoking cannabis is a tricky subject for many, because of legal issues. Yet, with the legalization of cannabis on the rise, there is an influx of new people to the community. With this comes a wealth of questions about how to handle oneself when smoking with others. This type of etiquette is an important consideration given that 84% of Americans favor legalizing cannabis for medical or recreational use, according to a report issued by Buzzfeed. This includes those who want to smoke flowers as well as those who want to utilize oils or edibles. As the community grows, etiquette will evolve, but here we look at the etiquette currently in effect.

Don't Bogart Your Stash

If you have been invited to a smoking session with a group, you are expected to bring something with you. While it would be appreciated if you were to bring your own supply, cannabis is not cheap after all; it is verboten for you to show up empty handed. If you do not have a supply to contribute, bring drinks or snacks to the party.

Maintain Passing Etiquette

Maintain passing Etiquette

One of the biggest faux paus when smoking in a group is to waste weed. For this reason, a lot of etiquette goes into the passing of the joint. Chief among these is to never exceed two puffs before you pass. While this is less of a concern when using vape pens, it is essential when talking about a joint that is burning as you hold it.

Passing to the left has become the standard. While this seems like a silly tradition, it actually helps you to maintain the proper flow. As you get high, you will remember to always "Pass the Dutchie" on the left-hand side if you have made it a part of your repertoire. This way, you will never mistakenly pass it back to the person who passed to you, effectively cutting out the person to your left.

Never Waste Precious Cannabis

While many are turning to vape pens to make sure they waste nothing, when you are smoking it is essential to not waste anything. This is one of the reasons why if you are not familiar with how to roll a joint, or pack a bowl, you should ask for help. This prevents waste as well as giving you the opportunity to learn how to do it right the next time.

Holding the joint when it has been passed to you also causes a lot of waste. This is due to the fact the joint is burning in your hand without you, or anyone else, being able to enjoy the smoke. This is expensive and rude to everyone in the group.

Respect the Group

Respect is a big part of smoking etiquette due to the fact that safety is highly important in a community that is still not completely welcomed. Make sure not to cause people to feel required to partake, nor make people feel excluded for not partaking as much as everyone else. We all know our limits and desires and it should be a choice every individual gets to make.

When you are ill, you should speak up so you are not getting those around you sick. Using your own vape pen or packing your own bowl may be an appropriate way to keep everyone else around you from getting sick.

Rollers Get First Puff

Rollers get first Puff

The person who rolls the joint is always given the opportunity to enjoy the first puff. Some, especially when they are the host, will offer the first puff to another. The decision should always be left in the hands of the person who rolled the joint without outside influences being a factor.

Be a Good Host

Just like when you roll the joint, if you pack the bowl you are given the right to hit it first. If you are the host, it is always a good idea to allow someone else to enjoy that first pull. This will ingratiate you to your guests and make sure future invites will be received well.

Maintain the Green for the Group

When you are given a bowl for the first, second, or third pull, do everything you can to maintain the green hits for all. This is accomplished by lighting from the side of the bowl. The center of the bowl will maintain green for others to enjoy a green hit as well.

Regardless of whether talking about smoking, vape pens, or edibles, etiquette is going to come into play. After all, it is a group setting. Respect the host by not trashing the location. Respect others by not smoking cigarettes unless everyone in the group is okay with it. Don't invite anyone the host did not invite without their express permission. By following all of this etiquette, it is likely you will not be left to smoke alone.


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