What Is CBD for Dogs?- How Your Furry Friends Can Benefit

what is CBD for dogs

As the term CBD (Cannabidiol) is thrown around more and more these days it is important to understand what it is and how it can be used.  CBD is a cannabinoid found in cannabis, but before you might freak out, hear me out.  While CBD is present in cannabis plants it does not get you “high” and it is completely legal and has many benefits. So what is CBD for dogs? The CBD given to dogs is no different than the CBD that humans consume, and it is completely safe for them as well.

How CBD Will Interact With My Pet?

The interactions of CBD with the body are the exact same for pets as they are humans.  CBD interacts with the body through the endocannabinoid system, which is a system found in all mammals. This bodily system is what is responsible for immune response, sleep, and even memory.

In the endocannabinoid system, there are two receptors, and these receptors interact with the cannabinoids naturally produced in your body. These receptors can also interact with cannabinoids that come from plants too however, which can cause many beneficial effects for your pet.

How Can My Pet Benefit?

There is no one single use for CBD in pets, as it can help with a wide variety of things, a few of the most common include:

  • Pain Relief
  • Slowing and preventing tumor growth
  • Stress relief
  • Stimulates Appetite/Reduces nausea
  • Anti-convulsant

Pain Relief

The most popular reason that CBD is used in both humans and pets is for pain relief. CBD is known as an extremely good painkiller, and the fact that it is natural and essentially free of negative side effects makes it seem almost too good to be true.

CBD is a great at reducing inflammation, so if your pet suffers from arthritis or chronic pain, CBD will provide massive relief to your pet. This is especially great for older dogs/pets that really have a hard time moving around, CBD will relax their bodies and ease the pain.

Not to mention that CBD is a great natural alternative to prescription painkillers, which always have negative side effects!

Slowing and Preventing Tumor Growth

In the medical world, the treatment for cancer in pets is primarily the same as it is in humans, with chemotherapy.  Those who have been through chemo know that the side affects are not pleasant.  These affects can include fatigue, diarrhea, loss of appetite and vomiting.

Multiple studies have shown that CBD can actually cause programmed cell death, which can destroy cells and therefore stop the growth of tumors. CBD can also be used as an enhancer of the effects of chemotherapy for your dog because it increases the cancer cells ability to absorb the chemotherapy.

It is important to note that it is being increasingly researched on how CBD can treat cancer in pets, but the future looks bright!

Stress Relief

CBD goes far beyond it’s physical healing properties, and can also be used in pets for reducing anxiety and stress as well.  Just like humans, pets also suffer from anxiety and stress.  Some common symptoms of anxiety in dogs may include chewing, urinating and defacating, agression, and persistent barking.

Stressed puppy

CBD will help to eliminate anxiety and stress by targeting the serotonin receptor, which then produces serotonin, which has anti-depressant and anti-anxiety affects.

Overall CBD will help to improve your pets mood and it can temporarily remove feelings of anxiety or fear.

Appetite Stimulant/Nausea Reducer

CBD is also known as a great appetite stimulant, so if you have problems getting your dog to eat, CBD could really help. It is also very effective at reducing vomiting and nausea, which could be caused by chemotherapy or another condition.

Nausea and vomiting could cause a loss in appetite which could lead to your pet having a dramatic loss in weight, as well as constant fatigue. The normal treatment for these symptoms in pets are medications such as chlorpromazine and acepromazine, which can have negative side effects such as diarrhea, excessive drooling, and fatigue.

CBD is a great natural way to reduce nausea and vomiting without all of the negative side effects!


CBD is also known as an anti-convulsant, and can work wonders controlling seizures, spasms, and tics. Multiple studies have shown that CBD can be extremely useful in controlling seizures caused by epilepsy.

Seizures are usually caused by sudden surges of electrical activity in the brain, and CBD has shown in studies that it can be great at calming the brain and restoring it to normal.

Studies are still being conducted to see just how much of an anticonvulsant CBD is, but the future looks bright for it!

Ways To Give Your Pet CBD

There are multiple ways you can choose to give your pet CBD, and that ultimately depends on your preference and your pets preferences. The three most common ways to give you pet CBD are either through oil tinctures, CBD dog treats, or CBD pet capsules. Find out what works best for your pet and stick to it!

CBD Oil Tinctures

CBD oil has become so popular that there are even specific CBD oils made specifically for dogs! This is probably the most popular way to give a pet CBD, it’s easy most of the time (some pups may not cooperate ) and you get to control exactly how many drops you’re giving your pet. I’ve written an article on The Best CBD Oil For Dogs, feel free to check that out if you’re interested in reading more about CBD oil for dogs.

My current top pick for CBD oil for pets is from CBDPure. They are one of the most well known and respected companies in the industry, and it’s because their products rock! They post their third party lab testing results directly on their site, so you know what you’re getting is always going to be safe, and 100% organic!

CBD Pure pet oil

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CBD Pet Treats

What pet doesn’t love treats? I certainly haven’t met one, and CBD treats have become a great way to give your pet CBD. This is quick and easy, as most animals will just gobble the treat right up, no hassle like there could be when using oil or capsules.

My top pick for CBD pet treats is hands down Holistapet, they offer a fantastic selection of CBD treats. They have three different types of dog treats, one specifically for stress and anxiety relief, one for joint and mobility care, and one for heart and immune care. If you’re interested in purchasing CBD treats for your pet, I highly recommend you check them out!!

Holistapet uses 100% organic ingredients and there lab testing results are available, so you know their products are safe!

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CBD Pet Capsules

Another way to give your pet CBD is through capsules. Many people prefer this because there are no other ingredients in capsules, so its one of the purest ways to give your pet CBD. These can be a bit hard to just feed to your pet directly, the best method is typically to break the capsule open and mix it in with food.

My top pick for CBD pet capsules is once again with Holistapet, they offer great and affordable pet capsules with 100% natural ingredients!!

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I hope I’ve answered any possible questions you had regarding CBD for pets, however if there are any I didn’t answer please feel free to ask me in the comments below! Have you guys given CBD to your pets before? Share your story of how it worked down below!!! Have a great day :).


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  • Luke says:


    As you said there are a lot of things we hear these days about CBD but I need to admit that till now I didn`t hear some topics connected with pets, in this case with dogs. So you have actually very good idea! You very well described the topic and also offer some links to purchase such products.

    CBD is really useful substance and I`m sure it has a bright future. The negative stereotypes about it are slowly disappearing which is great.

    keep up the good work!

  • Nuttanee says:

    I am the proud user of the CBD oil for quite sometimes now and my go to is the tincture. I have a question is the dosage for dogs and human are the same? I have about 1ml for 500mg CDB. Are they the same grade? I wish back then we have the access for CBD oil, my poor Shiro passed from a tumour. He definately refused to eat and also must be in pain since he whined from time to time. I will reccommend this product to my friend’s dog, since her dog has something similar to what my dog had. Great post.


  • Rick says:

    This post i very informative and I will be looking into giving my elderly dog CBD as she has a few problems namely joint pain and a weak heart . When you mention  CBD pet treats made by Holistapet, and the 3 different types , would you happen to no if the difference is the amount of CBD in each specific treat ? Or is there other factors that make them different ?

  • sheilandc says:

    Wow this is something new to me. I have heard of CBD oil for humans, but not for pets. CBD I guess is getting better and better for everyone. I think CBD industry will become the next big thing in the very near future. We all need to be ready and grab every opportunity. Thanks for sharing.

  • Nicole Stiles says:

    A lot of this information appears to be geared towards dogs specifically. What about for cats? The easing stress bit could be hugely beneficial for one of my cats but I know cats are more sensitive to things than dogs. Like I wouldn’t dare to give oil to a cat. And since cats have smaller body weights, the formulas for them probably contain less CBD to achieve the same result.

    • Joey says:

      A lot of pet CBD oils out there are just called “pet CBD oil”, meaning dogs, cats,rabbits,etc. With CBD oils like this you just need to read the bottle to see what the appropriate dosage for your pets weight is.

  • >