What Is CBD Oil For? Beginners guide to CBD

You may have been seeing and hearing a lot about CBD, and if you’re not very familiar with it, this could be pretty confusing. What is CBD oil? What is it used for? Why is this so popular all of a sudden? These are all questions you’ve A marijuana plant. While CBD is present in marijuana, it has no psycho-active component.probably asked yourself if you’re new to the world of CBD.

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of many cannabinoids found it marijuana. Hence, this is part of the reason many people are just now starting to hear about CBD, because the laws in most states made even researching marijuana hard, so we couldn’t really find out much about CBD either.

However, now that the laws regarding marijuana are starting to change in many places, its opened up a massive field for research on CBD.

These findings have been significant, and have started to show the massive potential that CBD has in the medical world. And the thing that seems to be most astonishing for people when they hear it for the first time is that CBD has NO psycho-active effects, it is completely separate from the cannabinoid in marijuana that does get you high, known as THC.

Now that you have a better background on CBD, lets tackle what its actually for.

Versatility of CBD Oil

The great thing about CBD is that it isn’t just for one specific condition, it is something that could help in so many ways. Not to mention that, CBD has been found to be useful for people of all different age groups as well, ranging from young kids, to people well over 65. But enough of that, lets talk about what CBD oil can be used for.

Reducing Anxiety/Depression

Anxiety and depression are both extremely common in the world today, and unfortunately these mental health disorders Usually prescription medication is how anxiety and depression is treated.can have very negative effects on a persons well-being, both physically and mentally. And typically these disorders are treated with prescription benzodiazepines such as Zoloft or alprozolam.

The problem with these are many times they have serious negative side effects, such as addiction, which can often times lead to substance abuse. CBD has proven that it could have massive potential to help treat people suffering from anxiety and depression, and research is backing it up. A study was conducted in which a group of people suffering from social anxiety was split in half.

Half of the participants got treatment using CBD oil, while the other half got a placebo. The half that was given the CBD treatment reported much less anxiety and discomfort.

CBD oil has also been found to be completely safe in children, and has been used to help with anxiety and even insomnia. If you’d like to read more about CBD and its potential to treat anxiety and depression, check out the article I wrote on it here!


CBD oil is also considered useful to many suffering from cancer, and research is starting to show that it could have an increased impact in aiding those suffering from cancer.

As many of you know, cancer is caused by abnormal cell division, and it has been shown in studies that CBD has been successful in both destroying harmful cells and stopping the spread of aggressive breast cancer cells.

These studies were conducted on animals however, so it is impossible to tell exactly how the results would transfer over to humans, but my outlook is hopeful! And as more studies are conducted on humans, we will know soon enough. CBD is also found to be extremely useful in people currently going through chemotherapy.

Cancer treatment can be very brutal often times, and have harsh side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, and pain. It has been shown that cancer patients who used CBD along with chemotherapy expressed a significant reduction in these negative side effects.

However, before CBD can be used more frequently in cancer treatment, it needs to be researched further, just to guarantee there are no complications or safety concerns.

Pain Reducer

One of the things that CBD oil is most loved for is its ability to reduce pain, and all different types of pains at that. Whether CBD can be a great pain reducerthis be chronic pain, pain from an injury, or even simple muscle pain, CBD is known to help with all of them.

CBD works to reduce pain by attaching itself to receptors in your endocannabinoid system in your brain, which has been shown to reduce inflammation. It has potential to be a great alternative to prescription painkillers, all while being all natural and completely safe.

CBD oil could also be a great way to prevent and treat acne as well. Acne is something that a large portion have people either suffer from,or have suffered from at some point in their lives, and CBD is proving that it could be a great way to fight it. CBD oil and its inflammatory properties are great for reducing the swelling and pain that can come with acne, and based on studies CBD oil can even reduce the production of sebum, which is the oily substance that causes you to breakout.

I’ve also written an article further explaining how CBD can help with pain relief, feel free to check it out if you’d like!

Good For The Heart

CBD also shows very high promise in being able to help those who might suffer from high blood pressure. The reasoning for this goes back to what I mentioned earlier about CBD being an anxiety/stress remover.

CBD has huge potential to be able to help people with various health problems.Keeping stress low can be key in reducing high blood pressure, and studies showed that when CBD oil was given to healthy men, it did in fact lower their blood pressure. And when researched using animals, it was found that CBD oil was effective in reducing inflammation that has to do with heart disease.

CBD Oil For Pets

Not only does CBD have health benefits for humans, but it can also be great for pets too. Pets often suffer from some of the same things that humans do, such as anxiety, arthritis and heart problems, just to name a few.

Therefore, CBD oil can be just as beneficial for pets as it can be for people. And if this is something that interests you, then you’re in luck, because there’s even CBD oil that is made just for dogs!!

They are still getting pure CBD, but CBD oil for dogs tends to have a more dog friendly flavor, and is a better dosage for their body weights. I’ve also written an article discussing The Benefits of CBD for dogs further in depth, feel free to check it out.


I hope I’ve helped to explain what CBD oil and its purpose are, however, if you have any questions, please be sure to comment down below and I’ll be sure to get back to you! If you’d like to check out and even purchase some CBD oil, you can do so at CBDPure.





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