What Is CBD Shatter?Everything You Need to Know

CBD seems to be one of the hottest topics around these days, and its popularity seems to be only rising from here.  Theres also alot of confusion and negative stigma around CBD because people often correlate it with marijuana, and think CBD is just another way to get high. To clarify, its not.  Educating ourselves on CBD and all it’s forms is crucial, because CBD really can do alot of wonders for people medically. Two common questions I have been seeing online have been “What is CBD shatter?” and “What is CBD isolate?” and these are very important questions.  This is where I come in, and in this aritcle I’m going to give you all the information that you would posiibly need to know about CBD shatter.  This isn’t the most common form of CBD that you’ll see, but the name is going around, and theres alot of confusion around it and many people just dont even know what it is.

CBD Isolate

Before I can go on explaining what CBD shatter is to you, you need to be familiar with what CBD isolate is, and luckily, its pretty simple and its name basically explains what it is. CBD isolate is essentially CBD all on its own, stripped of all other cannabinoids.

This is CBD in its most pure form, and it is a crystaline with CBD only.  Producers often isolate certain cannabinoids so that they can get them by themselves, this way they can focus on which cannabinoid they want.

In this case the isolated cannabinoid were discussing is CBD, which in it’s isolate form can have alot of purposes and uses.

Now, What is CBD Shatter?

Now that i’ve explained to you what isolate is, we can finally move onto what you came here to read about, CBD shatter.  CBD shatter is isolate combined with terpenes.  Shatter is still CBD in its most isolated form essentially, just in the form of isolated crystals.

What are terpenes you ask? Terpenes are natural chemicals found in the plant that match the strain profile to the shatter, basically, giving it personality.

This could be in the form of flavor, smell, etc.  CBD shatter tends to be so popular because it’s effects are usually very strong, because as mentioned previously, shatter is mostly pure CBD.  Therfore, it will leave you feeling extremely calm and relaxed.

How to Use CBD Shatter

If CBD shatter has peaked your interest at this point, you might be wondering “how the heck do I actually use it?” and to answer that, there are multiple ways.

The most common way and my personal favorite way to consume shatter is through a vaporizer.  These can be bought online or fairly cheap, they are extremely efficient and last for a long time! If you want to take a look at the one I use and personally reccomend, check it out here.

Another way to consume shatter is by putting underneath your tongue, this is a more uncommon way but people have found success with it.

One other way is to use an oil rig and a butane torch, which is also very effective, although can be a little pricey.

Wait a Second, This Sounds Just Like Wax

Some of you who are familiar with CBD wax may think that this osunds awfully familiar, and youd be right in thinking that.  And to be fair the two are very similar.  Both have very high concentrations of CBD, so they are popular for the same reasons, due to the effects being stronger.

There are scientific reasons as to why these two are different, but to save you from having to read a bunch of scientific mumbo jumbo, ill explain it to you simply.  Basically it comes down to how the two are heated when they are being produced, and the visual difference whats the most notable between the two.

Shatter is usually a harder consistency, and is semi transperent and can have bubbles in it. It’s composition is usually compared to that of a hard candy.

Wax on the other hand is usually a glob or pile that well to be honest, can alot of the time look like ear wax.  The two obviously have no relation, nut its the easiest way to give you an idea of what it looks like.


Is CBD Shatter For You?

Now that we have talked about CBD shatter, and were familiar with what it is, lets discuss if it’s the right thing for you.  If you are completely new to the CBD game, I personally would not start off using CBD shatter, I would reccomend starting off trying CBD in the form of oil.

If you’re looking for a high quality CBD oil to start off with, check this out, its another one of my personal favorites.  The reason I say that shatter isn’t for first time users is because it can be costly to purchase a vaporizer if you choose to go that way, or even an oil rig and a butane torch if you choose to go that route.

Either way, if you’re just trying to get started and try CBD for the first time, its probably best to start off with oil.  However, if you already have a vaporizer or rig capble of using shatter, then you are good to go and I know you will thoroughly enjoy CBD shatter.



Well I hope I’ve cleared up any confusion you may have had about CBD, and I hope you enjoyed this article!  CBD is something I truly believe in, it’s something we need to embrace, as its benefits are tremendous.  Im anxious to hear what you guys have to say about CBD shatter, so let me know down below!  If you have any questions, leave them down below and I’ll fet back to you as soon as I can


Thanks, Joey





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  • Terry Swope says:

    I found this post interesting as I have been a Hemp CBD Oil user for about five months now and I particularly have been focused on using the isolate line. The company where I get my Hemp CBD from will only guarantee that you can pass a drug test if you use the isolate. Apparently because it’s THC content is even lower than the legal standard for Hemp CBD oil which is .3%. Please comment on this. Thanks.

    • Joey says:

      Hey Terry,

      Thanks for your comment, I appreciate the feedback! 

      Depending on what company you buy your CBD from there could be trace amounts of THC in certain CBD oils, so using isolate is always a safe bet! However, there are certain CBD companies that guarantee you can pass a drug test while using their oils. My advice is to make sure you research properly before you a decision, and if you have any other questions I would be happy to help!



  • Angelo says:

    I had never heard of CBD before this, but now I have a much better understanding thanks to your post! Are there any other ways to use CBD other than Shatter or oil form? Why do you recommend starting with the oil if I am completely new? Is the only reason the high cost of the vaporizer or are there other reasons too? 

  • >