What is The Best Bong Brand? Best Bongs of 2021

Bongs have been around for a very long time now, and they still remain to be one of the best ways to light up to this day. Combining the elements of earth, fire, wind, and water, bongs are more than just a way to smoke, some of them are straight up pieces of art. Today we're going to tackle the questions "What is the best bong brand?" as well as  "Where can I buy a bong online?" Then, I'm going to highlight some spectacular pieces from top brands.

Getting a bong today is easier than ever, you have a massive online market now. You don't have to go to a tiny little head shop and hope that 1.) They have something you like and 2.) That it isn't unreasonably expensive. Now you're still going to find ridiculously expensive bongs online, but what you will find out is that a lot of bongs online are very reasonably priced. And the best thing about buying a bong online is that the selection is huge. You can basically seek out the perfect bong for you, right down to the brand and size.

The one disadvantage to getting a bong online is that you don't get to physically hold it and test it out before you buy it, so it's best to buy from reputable websites and brands. That's where I come in. 

What Is The Best Bong Brand?

I see this question a lot, and honestly it's just too broad of a question, there really isn't a right answer. Certain brands focus on different aspects, for example some companies focus on heady glass (glass focused on design) while others focus on scientific glass (glass focused on function). 

So it's pretty hard to compare brands making different types of smoking glass to name a definitive best, with that being said, just as in any industry there are certainly some that do it better than others when it comes to bongs. 

The Brands that you'll find listed in this article are among some of the most well-known and respected brands in the industry, I personally trust all of these! 

Where to Buy a Bong Online 

Buying bongs and cannabis products online in general is becoming much more widely accepted and common. Gone are the days where you need to go downtown to some hole-in-the-wall head shop just to get am overpriced bong. 

Needless to say the selection you can find online dwarfs any in-person head shops, and the prices are so so much better online as well. There are a select few brands like Illadelph that don't even sell products online, that is surely to change in the future though. 

A lot of people are scared that they can get in trouble buying a bong online, this just isn't true, no matter what state you live in in the US. Peoples next concern is that people can see what they ordered through the package/by reading the package. This also isn't the case, every reputable online head shop utilizes discrete shipping, and almost every brand does as well. 

The most important thing when buying a bong online is that you either buy right from the company themselves, or from an authorized retailer. Every link on this blog will take you directly to the brand website itself or an authorized retailer, so you can rest assured when you're here. However, if you're out browsing on your own do your own due diligence to see if the place you're shopping is actually an authorized retailer.

Most brands will say right on their website who their authorized retailers are, thats the easiest way to go about it. If you buy from websites that aren't authorized retailers, you run the risks of getting fakes. If you want a full guide on buying glass online, check out Your Average Stoner's Guide to Buying Glass Online.

With all this being said, lets get right into the best bongs and brands in 2021!


Starting this list off with a bang I bring you EHLE glass! EHLE was founded and still runs out of Germany, where they make all of their products in their workshop.

EHLE uses high grade boriscillate glass that is extremely sturdy and looks fantastic, you can tell from the moment you pick up an EHLE piece that the glass is high quality and won't break easily.

Getting into EHLE's bong inventory, you will not be disappointed! EHLE has a large line cylinder bongs, for those just trying to keep it simple, as well as various other styles such as hollow foot bongs, bongs with percolators, spherical bongs, and more!

Your Average Stoner's Top EHLE Bong's 

Big Brother Beaker Bong ($299)

EHLE Big Brother Beaker Bong

This particular model that were taking a look at first is the Big Brother beaker ice bong. As you can see this is one of EHLE's simpler bongs, but I think it's quality speaks for itself. 

You know exactly what you're getting with this piece, nothing fancy, just enough to suit your needs. This is scientific glass so it's made with smoking in mind, therefore it hits really smooth, but if its not smooth enough for you, there's ice notches for ice as well. 

Something that I think is really cool about this model is that you can actually pick from multiple different logo colors. 

The one pictured is camouflage (called camouflage but really it's a bunch of weed leaves, which I think is cooler anyways), but there is also black and white, multicolored, and red and black as well to choose from!

  • 17.7'' Inches tall
  • 5mm Thick glass
  • Wide range of colors/styles
  • 18mm male herb bowl 

Straight Cylinder ($149)

EHLE straight cylinder Biong

Next up we have a nice straight cylinder bong, great for those of you that might not like the clunkiness of a beaker bong. This bowl is also very simple much like the Big Brother, but it's everything you could need in a bong!

Although there's no percolators and not even a diffuser downstem, the hits out of this bong are still very smooth and cool.

Since this bong sits at 15 inches that gives the smoke time to travel before it hits your lungs, so it should be plenty cooled by that time. However, if you want your hits cooled even more, there are ice notches so you can throw a couple cubes in if that's what you prefer.

Much like the Big Brother, there are multiple color/styling options when you checkout. 

  • 15'' Inches Tall
  • 5mm Thick Glass
  • Multiple color/styling options
  • 18mm male funnel bowl

ROOR Glass

 Now moving on to ROOR glass, one of my personal favorites! ROOR has been in the bong making game for a while now, and they have always created high quality pieces. And once again, ROOR is run out of Germany, much like the two companies mentioned prior. And like the past two companies mentioned, ROOR's passion for making high quality glass is just as strong! ROOR prides themselves on making the highest quality glass pieces around, so much so that every bong of theirs comes with it's own unique seal of authentication.

ROOR doesn't mass produce it's glassware, one of their biggest philosophies is not to mass produce, but to create art objects. For this reason, ROOR bongs and pieces tend to be quite expensive, but the craftsmanship and quality you get makes it 100% worth it.

Your Average Stoner's Top RooR Bongs


RooR Fairmaster Straight Cylinder

The first ROOR bong I want to show you guys is the straight cylinder Fairmaster, a perfect example of simplicity at it's best. Although simple, this thing is a BEAST. It's sheer size alone means it's built for absolute lung busters, the fact it's made by RooR makes it 10X better. 

The Fairmaster has extremely sturdy 5mm glass walls, and stands at 22 inches, and has a joint size of 18.8 mm. And for those of you who love to put ice in your bong, you'll be pleased to see that this bong does in fact have ice notches!

The slide that comes with this piece has a three point glass screen in it, which is really nice, it will help keep this thing a bit more clean. This piece is really straight-forward to clean, however it's massive so it takes a lot of shaking around and a decent amount of iso/cleaning solution. 

  • 22'' Inches Tall
  • 5mm Thick Glass
  • Ice Notches
  • 18mm Herb Bowl w Glass Screen

Little Sista' ($499.99)

RooR Little Sista Beaker Bong

The Little Sista by ROOR is a great example of that simplistic high quality that ROOR provides. Just like the Fairmaster, the Little Sista is a very simple bong.  There are no percolators, an open-end down stem and ice notches,basically as simple as can be! 

Unlike the Icemaster, this is a beaker bong, which provides better balance in case you want to add a precooler/ashcatcher in the future. The little Sista is made using 7mm INSANELY THICK boriscillate glass, ROOR bongs are notorious for their fantastic durability.

As with all ROOR bongs, this bong will come with a unique authentication seal, so you can feel special and know that you have a unique and authentic ROOR piece!

  • 18'' Inches Tall
  • 7mm Thick Glass
  • Ice Notches
  • 18mm Male Herb Bowl w Glass Screen

ZOB Glass

 Located in California, Zob Glass has been supplying customers high quality glass bongs since 2012, and they're one of the best known glass companies around right now! Zob Glass doesn't mess around when it comes to making bongs, and if you've ever been lucky enough to get your hands on some Zob Glass, you know it's some sturdy, top quality glass. Using nothing but heat-resistant boriscillate glass Zob glassware is meant to last a user for life!

Zob's goal is to deliver you glass that not only works well, but that is easy to maintain and clean as well. For the most part, I think they do a good job of this. Although they do produce scientific glass, most pieces are clear and fairly simple, making them easy enough to clean.

You would think that keeping it simple all the time would get boring, but Zob manages to find a way to always keep things fresh! They don't have fancy colors and designs all over their glass, just the logo usually, and yet it always manages to look stunning.

Your Average Stoner's Top Zob Bongs 

18- Inch Beaker w Fixed Down Stem ($264.95)

Zob 18-Inch Beaker W Fixed Down Stem

The Zob bong were taking a closer look at today is an 18-inch beaker bong. As you can see it has a nice simple design, the logo looks really nice on it as well. 

This bong has a fixed down stem, which I'm not the biggest fan of If I'm being honest, if it breaks you're kind of screwed. But on the upside it provides for a shower head diffuser which will make for nice, smooth hits. 

As you can see toward the bottom there are ice notches in case you want to cool your hits down! But with a piece as tall as this one, the hits should be pretty cool by the time they hit your lungs anyways. This piece has some decent weight to it, especially towards the bottom, it would be the perfect bong for a nice precooler/ashcatcher!

  • 18'' Inches Tall
  • Fixed Downstem w Showerhead diffuser
  • Ice Notches
  • 18mm Male Herb Bowl 

Straight Cylinder w 8-Arm Perc Tree ($265.95)

Zob Glass Straight Tube w 8-Arm Perc Tree

Next up from Zob is a straight cylinder bong with an 8 arm perc tree. This piece looks stunning, the Zob logo looks great and gives the bong some strong color.

This bong is going to hit extremely smooth for you, it has a diffuser downstem as well as an 8-arm perc tree, which is going to provide tons of filtration. There's even a domed splash guard so you can pull as hard as you want and not have to worry about wet lips!

This bong sits at 15 inches tall, and was made using high quality 5mm thick boriscillate glass. Zob is known for having great durability, this piece should last you for life!!

  • 15'' Inches Tall
  • 5mm Thick Glass
  • Gridded Down Stem
  • 14mm Male Herb Bowl 

Wubbler w 8-Arm Perc Tree ($304.95)

Zob Wubbler w 8-Arm Perc Tree

The Wubbler is Zob's custom creation, and a very unique looking bong to say the least!

Zob has multiple different Wubbler models, but this particular one is my favorite. The Wubbler is light and compact but still has some great height to it, it hits notoriously smooth. It's got a slight curve in the mouthpiece as well just to slow the smoke down and cool it even more before it gets to your lungs. 

The 8-arm perc tree is just an added bonus, this is one of the smoothest hitting pieces Zob makes. The down stem is gridded as well so that provides some great percolation as well. 

  • 15.5'' Inches Tall
  • Gridded down stem
  • 8-arm perc tree
  • 5mm Thick Glass

HVY Glass

Quite the opposite of the Zob, HVY is known for using lots of colors and designs, all of their glass looks fantastic. You would think with so many intricate designs and colors, their prices would be sky-high, but it's actually quite the opposite. HVY is one of the more affordable heady glass companies out there, most of their glass is under $100. HVY tends to make smaller bongs, most being in the 10-12 inch range, so you won't be getting an 18 inch lung-buster from HVY.

Your Average Stoner's Top HVY Bongs

Bent Neck ($83.95)

HVY Bent Neck Bong

Mixing it up a bit here, Let's take a look at this beautiful bent neck bong by HVY Glass. This is the shortest piece on the list, sitting at only 10 inches tall! However, the glass is plenty thick enough at 5mm to keep this bong from breaking easily! There are ice notches on this bong as well, which is really nice as the hits in smaller bongs are usually much hotter.

Visually, this piece is stunning, it's one of those bongs you'll want to put up on a shelf to look at when you're not using it. Since a lot of HVY's glass is created uniquely, the glass you purchase may not be exactly the same as what you see online due to slight artistic variations.

I'm actually a fan of this, it means if you order a bong for them it is basically custom-made for you, not some mass-produced bong just like everyone else's!

  • 10'' Inches Tall
  • 5mm Thick Glass
  • Gridded Down Stem
  • 14mm Male Herb Bowl 

Color Striped Beaker ($93.95)

HVY Rasta Striped Beaker

This bong is just about as simple as it gets, it really speaks for itself. 

It stands at a perfect foot tall, it's main attractions are the price and it's cool color scheme. HVY makes quality glass, so to get a nice looking, simple piece at under $100 is a great deal!

To add a bit of smoothness to the hits there's a gridded down stem, however there are no ice notches.

  • 12'' Inches Tall
  • 5mm Thick Glass
  • 14mm Male Herb Bowl 

Grav Labs

Grav Labs has only been around since 2004, but they have quickly made their mark in the glass making world.

Grav is a household name now in the glass community, they're best known for their many lines of scientific glassware. Their pieces range from simple beaker and cylinders to unorthodox towers with multiple percolators. 

Grav Labs is often called "mass produced glass" with a negative connotation, but I've used many Grav pieces and they're all great. It's always high quality glass, and at some of the best prices around. Grav is one of my favorite producers of scientific glass. 

Your Average Stoner's Top GRAV Bongs

Beaker Tube W Geometric Ice Pinch ($139.95)

Grav Beaker Tube W Geometric Ice-Pinch

This is a textbook Grav Labs bong here, and a perfect bong for nearly any situation. 

This bong comes at a great price and it functions perfectly. I really like the way GRAV did the ice pinch on this bong, it doubles as a nice grip to hold. 

The glass to water ratio is great in this beaker, it gives an extremely satisfying pull. The down stem is gridded to give a bit of filtration as well.

This piece also comes with a nice, deep funnel bowl so you can take some monster rips!

  • 16'' Inches Tall
  • 5mm Thick Glass
  • Geometric Ice-Pinch
  • 14mm Male herb bowl (Funnel Style)

Coil Showerhead Bong ($189.99)

GRAV Coil Showerhead Bong

Getting a bit more scientific here, this time we have the coil showerhead bong. 

This thing packs a serious punch in a compact frame, and has some cool stuff going on inside. The glass coil works in part with the showerhead percolator to give a very pleasantly smooth hit. 

Watching the smoke swirl around the coil is visually pleasing and it actually has a function as well. The coil slows the travel of the smoke, cooling it down before it gets to your lungs. 

  • 13'' Inches Tall
  • Coiled Showerhead Perc
  • 5mm Thick Glass
  • 14mm Male Herb Bowl 

C2 Custom Creations

C2 Custom Creations is another one of my favorite producers of scientific glass, they're very similar in style and quality to Diamond Glass and Grav Glass. 

C2 is known for their thick, functional glass and percolators. Colors and fancy designs aren't their priority, their main focus is the smoking experience. 

C2 has plenty of styles of bongs. They make short ones, tall ones, beakers, cylinders, even some more unorthodox bent necks and other styles as well.  Overall a great place to get a daily driver you can enjoy for years to come. 

Your Average Stoner's Top C2 Bongs 

7mm Beaker Bong ($173.95)

C2 Custom Creation 7mm Thick Beaker Bong

Simplicity at it's finest, this is a solid bong for everyone. And I mean quite literally solid, like rock solid, this thing is a 7mm thick beast. It says its 7mm thick but honestly it feels thicker than that. When I hold it side by side with other 7mm thick bongs this one feels and looks a little thicker. 

That's just about the most exciting thing about this piece, not much going on in terms of percolators on the inside, just the lone showerhead diffuser on the down stem. 

As with most showerhead diffusers, that means the down stem is fixed, so of course if it breaks that creates the extra hassle, but ideally w a 7mm thick bong that shouldn't be a problem. 

  • 15'' Inches Tall
  • 7mm THICK Glass
  • Fixed Downstem w Showerhead Diffuser
  • 14mm Male Herb Bowl

Double Circle Perc Straight Bong

C2 Double Circle Perc Straight Bong

Next up is a more scientific straight bong, this thing can really get the party started. 

It's got a double circle perc right off the down stem for instantaneous percolation before it travels the long road up to the mouthpiece for a smooth hit. 

This piece is pretty heavy, it's got a lot of weight at the base as you can see from all the glass down there, this thing does not tip over easily. 

It's also got a very large bowl, great for sharing or for huge hits on your own if thats what you prefer.

  • 15'' Inches Tall
  • Double Circle Percolators 
  • 5mm Thick Glass
  • 18mm male herb bowl 

Bent Neck Circle Perc Bong ($165.95)

Bent Neck Circle Perc Bong

This piece is designed to pack a punch! It's got insanely clear airflow and it's not that tall so it's capable of some lung busters.

With that being said the hits are still smooth, the circle perc on the inside ensures that. This piece has a really satisfying pull to it, which is the best thing about it. The bent neck mouthpiece is a nice touch as well, it makes it much more comfortable to hit this piece and it makes it more compact. This thing sits at just over 10 inches tall. 

Another great thing is it comes with a big bowl and the bowl has a built in glass screen, which is always a treat.

  • 10.5'' Inches Tall
  • Cicle Percolator
  • Bent Neck Mouthpiece
  • 18mm Male Herb Bowl w Glass Screen 

Diamond Glass

Based in Southern California, Diamond Glass is one of the most commonly seen glass brands in the United States. 

Diamond Glass is well loved for their prices and the variation of pieces that they carry. They dont just specialize in one type of piece, they carry everything from bongs, bubblers, dab rigs and more. 

I always recommend Diamond Glass to beginner smokers and people looking for a solid piece at a good price. They have plenty of options under $100 , and for those of you looking for top notch glass, Diamond does have a few pieces for you as well.

Your Average Stoner's Top Diamond Bong's 

8-Arm Perc Tree Straight Tube ($119.99)

Eight Arm Perc Tree Straight Tube

This piece hits great as scientific glass should, but it also looks elegant as well, especially with the different style options you have to choose from when you check out.

8-arm perc trees are always fun, they provide great percolation resulting in a smooth hit, and they look really cool to watch as well. There are ice notches as well for those who are a fan of them!

An excellent daily driver that looks great and hits great as well, this is some of Diamonds best work. 

  • 17'' Inches Tall
  • 8-arm Perc Tree
  • 14mm Male Herb Bowl

UFO Perc Beaker ($160)

Diamond Glass UFO Perc Beaker

Simple but effective, this beaker will deliver smooth rips to take you out of this world ;). 

This beaker has a slitted diffuser down stem that then leads right up into a UfO percolator. I'm a big fan of UFO percs, they work well and they take up very little space inside the bong. There's also a splash guard over top the UFO Perc so you don't get wet lips. 

Theres a few colors you can choose from on the accents when you check out, the one pictured is charcoal, my favorite. This piece also comes with an herb bowl that has a nice little handle on it, for those that appreciate the little things!

  • 14'' Inches Tall
  • 5mm Thick Glass
  • UFO Percolator 
  • 14mm Male Herb Bowl w Handle

Black Collared Beaker Bong ($130)

Diamond Glass Stained Collared Beaker Bong

To my knowledge, this is the only bong Diamond Glass makes that is entirely stained glass, and I'm not sure why they did it, nevertheless it's still a great bong. 

You get two choices of color when you check out, blue or topaz (a yellow-orange color) both look great. The stained glass doesn't limit visibility into the bong at all, which is great for cleaning purposes. It also has a black collar on the tube and black accents on the mouthpiece that look great as well. 

Theres no percolators inside, however there is a slitted diffuser down stem. Rips out of this thing are smooth, it's got a great glass to water ratio that makes for a satisfying pull. 

  • 15'' Inches Tall
  • Stained Glass (Blue or Topaz)
  • 5mm Thick Glass
  • 14mm Male Herb Bowl w Handle

I hope you've all enjoyed this list of the best bong brands!! Hopefully this has helped you to find a bong that is perfect for you!! What's your favorite brand on this list? Have you tried any of these bongs before? If so, let me know what you think of  them in the comments below!

P.S. I know there are plenty more fantastic glass companies out there, this is only a start! I want to keep adding to this list as time goes on, and use input from you guys as well! Let me know what company you think deserves to be on this list, I want to feature some smaller companies as well, so let's hear what you guys got!!!

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