What Is The Best Portable Vaporizer For Weed? Best of 2020

Best portable vaporizer for weed

With laws regarding Cannabis finally starting to loosen up in many states, now is as good a time as ever to talk about the best portable vaporizers for weed. Portable vaporizers have been around for a while now, and are becoming more and more popular every day. The market for portable vaporizers is very vast nowadays, and the technology in these things is amazing, I mean some of the more high quality vaporizers have their own IOS and Android apps that you can control temperature from. How cool is that? That's just an example of one of many neat features that can be found in a portable vaporizer. And with a vast selection, there's a model and price range out there for everyone, so put those rolling papers away! So what is the best portable vaporizer for weed? Well, today were going to be looking at a bunch, so get ready!

Benefits of A portable Vaporizer

Portable vaporizers are great for so many reasons, I almost don't know where to start. First, Ill start with an obvious benefit, PORTABILITY. While you might like a monster rip from an 18- inch glass bong, you have to admit, it isn't very travel friendly. There are portable vaporizers that can fit in any purse, bag, or pocket you might have. The technology in these things in incredible as well, like I've already mentioned some vaporizers out there have their own apps to control the temperature and other settings within the vaporizer. And if you're one of those people that really loves smoking out of glass for its smoothness and flavor, then fear not for many portable vaporizers either have glass mouth pieces or attachable glass mouthpieces that you can get for them. And in my honest opinion, the best way to really appreciate the taste of your weed is through a vaporizer. In a vaporizer, your weed isn't completely burnt, it is simply heated up before the point of combustion, so your herb isn't completely burned. And in my opinion, this makes the taste more clear and you definitely notice it a lot more. Many people claim that the problem with vaporizers is that they always taste like "burned popcorn". I have never personally ran into this problem, but I'm always very conscious of checking on my bud during a smoke sesh to make sure I haven't heated it more than necessary. If you continue to heat up your bud, after a certain amount of time all the essential compounds have already been turned to vapor and consumed, hence the "burnt popcorn" taste comes from overheating .

Another great thing about vaporizers is that you'll start to spend a lot less money on weed than if you were smoking basically any other way. Since vaporizers don't burn your marijuana to the point of combustion, you can actually get more hits out of it most of the time. Rather than smoking ash after lighting the bowl three times, with a vaporizer it is heated up just right so the essential compounds are vaporized. Also, there are so many things you can do with ABV (Already Been Vaped) weed and it's another one of my favorite things about vaporizing weed. While you may use most of the compounds in marijuana when you vaporize it, since it doesn't get completely combusted, some of the compounds remain and can still be used. So I would highly recommend designating a place to store your ABV bud, as there are many ways to use it in various recipes that you can find on the internet. One of my favorite things to do is simply spread some peanut butter on a cracker and sprinkle some ABV weed on top. This might not be the most taste-friendly method, but it works, it's quick and I actually highly enjoy it! And I'm sure you guys could find lots of ways to get creative so you can enjoy it too!

A vaporizer can also be a handy tool to up your public consumption of marijuana. Most vaporizers are very discrete, and since nothing is burned, the smell caused by vaporizers is very minimal, and you can get away with using them in a lot of public places without bothering anyone!!

And last but not least, vaporizing your marijuana is much healthier for you! It's no secret that smoke is bad for your body, our lungs weren't made for inhaling smoke and other carcinogens. With a vaporizer, the vapor is 95% smoke free, so you are basically saying goodbye to harmful smoke and carcinogens, which can go a long way for your health. Many people claim that there body feels better and more healthy overall once they switch to using a vaporizer.

Now, lets get into the best portable vaporizers for weed on the market right now! (These are in no particular order)

Your Average Stoner's Top Picks

Best in Portability


Arizer Solo II

I didn't want to just take the absolute smallest vape around and throw it in here, so the Arizer Solo II might not be the absolute smallest vape around.But it is one of the smallest HIGH QUALITY vaporizers money can buy! 

  • 20 second heat up time 
  • Glass vapor path and stem 
  • 3+ hour long battery life

Best In Vapor Quality

Ghost MV1 vaporizer

Ghost MV1 

The Ghost MV1 Vaporizer is fairly new to the scene, but that isn't stopping it from taking names. This beast of a vaporizer is one of the strongest vapes in all categories!

  • 4 Extremely Sleek colors (one of them being Rose Gold)
  • External Batteries (meaning you can buy replacements/extras) 
  • IOS/Android companion app 

Best In Price

Magic Flight Launch box vaporizer

Magic Flight Launch Box

The Magic Flight Launch Box is an OG in the vaporizer world, but that doesn't stop it from being a go-to amongst stoners everywhere. It's like the old saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

  • Under $150 ($120, to be exact) 
  • INSANELY fast heat up, 3-5 seconds  
  • Large herb container
  • Comes with 2 External Batteries

Best Overall Vape 

Mighty vaporizer

Storz & Bickel Mighty

The Mighty is another vape that certainly isn't new to the scene. But, it is quite possibly the most praised vape to ever exist. Praised by nearly everyone that uses it, the Mighty has some awesome features. 

  • Dual Lithium batteries, making for extreme battery life
  • Glass vapor path for great taste 
  • Easy temperature control, strong vapor quality
  • Features conduction and convection heating


Storz & Bickel Crafty/Mighty Vaporizer ($339-$369)


Crafty Vaporizer

Shop Crafty

The Storz & Bickel Crafty and Mighty portable vaporizers are by no means new to the scene, but even after time, they remain to be some of the best portable vaporizers out there. Both products sit at above $300 which I know is a steep price, but the quality of these devices completely justifies it. Many people even go as far as to say that the Mighty and the Crafty work as good as desktop vaporizers, which for a portable vaporizer is INSANE!!!! Both the crafty and mighty use both conduction and convection heating (convection heat provides a continuous vaporization, while the conduction heat makes it so that there is vapor from the very first draw.)

Both the Crafty and the Mighty are very similar functionality wise, they have the same vapor path and chamber size, so your decision on which to buy should be based off of what is best for you personally. The crafty is significantly smaller which means it is a bit easier to carry around in your pocket. The mighty is a bit on the larger side but you can most certainly travel with it still, it just won’t be very comfortable in your pocket! The size difference is ultimately what gives the Mighty an advantage in its battery life. The Crafty is powered by a single lithium battery, while the Mighty is powered by dual lithium batteries. So it is safe to say the battery life on the Mighty is significantly better, but the good news is that both of these devices can be used while they are charging! Most times the battery life of the Crafty tends to last around 45 minutes, while the battery on the Mighty can go for an hour and a half typically. Both have very good vapor quality, and both can reach high temperatures, so you can get some pretty big clouds to come from these things if that’s what you like!

Mighty vaporizer

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The Crafty also features a mobile app that is free and easy to use, and that is how you set the temperature and manage other settings. The Mighty’s temperature is controlled through the LED screen right on the device.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with either of these two and they’re both some of the best on the market!

If you would like to check out either of these at an authorized retailer, feel free to do so at VapeWorld!


Apollo AirVape X ($149)

Airvape X vaporizer

The Apollo AirVape X is another great option for a portable vaporizer, and this one is sits on the less expensive side when it comes to portable vaporizers, at just under $150. And to make things better, this vaporizer is just about as portable as they come. At just over 4 inches (10.5 cm) in height and 1 inch in thickness, you will have absolutely no problem fitting this in any pockets or bags you may have. Along with portability, the X is also very smooth and sleek, and one of the best looking portable vaporizers out there in my opinion. You also have an option of various colors when you order, so go on and pick your favorite color!

As far as functionality, the XS uses convection and conduction heating and can reach it’s desired temperature in around 20 SECONDS. This is an insanely quick heat up time when compared with many others on the market, which can take around 2 minutes to heat up sometimes. And trust me, after a long day it’s much better to be able get a puff in 20 seconds rather waiting up to 2 minutes. It’s the little things sometimes :). The X also has a convenient LED screen on the front where you can see and adjust your temperature, along with see your battery life and other settings. And even with a small frame, the Xcan still fit a nice amount of herb in it, at 0.3 grams (you might be able to stretch it depending on how finely you grind your herb) It’s temperature range is from 317 degrees to 428 degrees, so for you heavy hitters and those who like big clouds, you will definitely appreciate the high temperature it can get to!

For those of you that prefer taste, the lower temperatures provide an excellent taste and the X features a glass mouthpiece, which I feel always provides a smoother and tastier hit. As far as battery life with smaller devices, the battery life usually does tend to suffer and unfortunately you will see that with this as well. On a full charge you can get around 30-45 minutes of use, and there is pass-through charging, so you can use it as it is charging!

This is a fantastic choice for a vaporizer, and when you factor in the price, it’s hard to beat. If you would like to check the X out at an authorized retailer, feel free to do so at VapeWorld.

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Magic Flight Launch Box ($120)  Magic Flight Launch box vaporizer

The Magic Flight Launch Box is another OG of the portable vaporizer world, but it is still one of the best portable vaporizers for weed in 2019! This vaporizer comes in at $120 which once again is a very good price for a quality vape! The Launch Box is also very portable, at only 5 inches (12.5 cm) tall, you will have no problem putting this in your pocket and since it’s small it can be easily concealed. The MFLB also has one of the more unique looks, and comes in cherry wood finish, maple wood finish, or a walnut wood finish.

To my knowledge, the MFLB is one of the fastest when it comes to heating up, as it can do so in 3-5 seconds, which is even faster than the Apollo AirVape XS. The MFLB comes with two external rechargeable batteries, therefore that batteries need to be taken out to charge, but it’s fantastic that they give you two to start! If you are someone who wants to have plenty of batteries for say a road trip or something, you can pick up extra batteries online for around $10!! You can also purchase a Magic Flight power adapter so you can vape in the car or anywhere you have electricity without even needing to worry about batteries. This can be great if you’re somebody that just likes to vape around the house, because you won’t even have to worry about using the batteries! The chamber for your herbs is on the front of the device and as you can see it is very large, so you can fit more than enough in there comfortably!

When you first get this thing it will be a learning curve to figure out how to use it properly, but it’s fairly simple and in no time you’ll be using it like a pro. As you can see by the second picture I’ve shown, the battery goes in the side of the device and that is what you push as you draw and that’s what heats up your bud. By pushing the battery in, you are creating electricity that heats up your bud so you can vape it. Since there isn’t precise temperature control, many people end up heating up their weed too much, and it ends up combusting. This means you won’t be collecting any of that ABV weed we talked about earlier. Therefore, be conscious to check on your bud as you are using this to avoid combustion, the screen that covers the chamber is clear, so you should have no problem seeing how your bud is doing. This device may be small, but don’t let it fool you, this thing is strong as well, and you can get some strong vapor and pretty thick clouds out of this thing if you use it properly.

The MFLB also features great taste, and it comes with a glass draw stem and cleaning brush. If you want to keep this thing running smoothly, I recommend you clean it regularly and take good care of it, and it will take care of you in return!!

If you would like to check out the MFLB at an authorized retailer, feel free to do so at VapeWorld!

Firefly 2 ($329.95)Firefly 2 vaporizer

Who says sequels are never better than the originals? Because they’re certainly wrong when it comes to the Firefly 2. The Firefly 2 has been around for a while, and is the older (better) brother to the firefly, which was also a very good vaporizer. This vaporizer is one of the more expensive on this list, but in my opinion it’s justified. This is one of the best portable vaporizers on the market and it excels in every category you could possibly want in a portable vape.

Starting off with portability, the Firefly 2 is around 5 inches tall (13 centimeters) and as you can see it’s very skinny and sleek. Therefore, concealing it away in any pocket or bag should be no problem for you!! The Firefly 2 is very clean and sharp looking, and comes in 5 different colors: black, blue, gold, red and white.

The Firefly 2 uses convection heating and has a heat up time that is just as good as the Magic Flight Launch Box’s, at around 5 seconds. This is one of the best tasting portable vapes out there as well, the firefly uses a glass vapor path and bowl, which also makes it very easy to clean. If you are somebody who really prioritizes tastes and love to experience the terpene profiles of your different strains of weed, then this is a great vape for you. However, what makes this vape great is that it’s also fantastic for those who like big clouds and potent rips, which you can easily obtain using the higher temperature settings. You also get two batteries when you purchase the Firefly 2, which is extremely convenient. And these batteries charge fairly quickly, so battery life shouldn’t be a problem, and you can purchase extra batteries if you like to always have a couple handy!

There are 6 temperature settings on the Firefly 2, and you can cycle through them using the free Firefly app on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. The app connects to the device through Bluetooth and also allows you to check your battery life along with change other settings within the device.

So whether you are a beginner just getting into vaping herb, or a seasoned veteran, this is an easy to use but very high quality vape for everyone. It may boast a steep price, but it’ll give you everything you need to enjoy vaping for a long time!

If you would like to check out the Firefly 2 at an authorized retailer, feel free to do so at VapeWorld!

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Arizer Solo II ($240)

Arizer Solo II

The Arizer Solo II is currently one of the best portable vaporizers in the $200 range, and man is this thing impressive. It may not be the most pocket friendly vape, it sits at around 8 inches (20 cm) in height but you will still have no problems taking it places in any purse or bag you may have. The AS2 has a sleek matte exterior, and comes in your choice of a black or mystic blue finish. There is also a small LED screen along with all the necessary buttons you may need right on the front of the device.

The AS2 has precision controlled temperatures ranging from 122F to 428F, and the device usually heats up in around 20-25 seconds which is fairly fast!! For a small device, the AS2 stands out when it comes to battery life and can easily last 3+ hours which is a ton of sessions!! The battery tends to take around 3 hours to charge, but the device also features pass through technology, so you can use it while its charging if you prefer not to wait.

The taste you experience with this device is phenomenal, it features a boriscillate glass vapor path and a glass stem for optimal smoothness, which I am always a fan of. However, the glass stem is what could hinder the portability, as you don’t really want to be moving around too heavily with that in your pocket because it is glass and glass breaks easily. This device is also capable of very hefty rips for those of you heavy hitters out there who like big clouds, just turn that temp up and let it rip!!

For the price and build quality you get, you can’t go wrong with an Arizer Solo II.

If you would like to check out the Arizer II at an authorized retailer, feel free to do so at VapeWorld!

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Ghost MV1 Portable Vaporizer ($295)

Ghost MV1 vaporizer

The Ghost MV1 is the newest vaporizer on the market in this list, it’s been out for less than a year at the time of writing this!! In this time it has proven itself to be a very worthy competitor to all the other top of the line vaporizers out there. The MV1 has an extremely unique design that has a sort of futuristic look to it, which I personally am a big fan of.

This vaporizer won’t be the most comfortable to put in your pocket, and it is one of the heavier portable vapes out there. However, you should still have no issue bringing this thing around, as it will still fit into any backpack, bag, or purse. The ergonomics on the Ghost MV1 are fantastic as well, it’s a device that is going just going feel good in your hand from the moment you pick it up. You have multiple stylish colors to choose from when you purchase this vape, black chrome, satin silver, nickel, and the trendy rose gold that everybody loves so much! This could be a perfect match for those of you with a rose gold iPhone ;).

The Ghost MV1 uses convection heating to heat up in around 10 seconds, so you won’t have to wait long to get a hit in, which is very convenient. Battery life is also fairly good with this device, and you can get anywhere from 40-60 hits on a full charge. Something that people really love about the battery with this is that it uses an external dual cell battery pack. So if you’re planning a hike, camping trip, or just a day away from the house, you can always pick up some extra batteries so you have a full charge all day long (Unless you’re a heavy user or sharing with friends, one battery on a full charge will most likely last you the whole day).

Vapor taste on the Ghost MV1 is phenomenal, it uses a glass mouthpiece and features a laboratory-grade vapor path. There are 3 temperature settings for herbs, which you can control from the device or using the free and simple to use IOS and Android apps. The Ghost MV1 is also capable of producing big clouds and potent rips, especially on the higher temperatures!

There is a bit of a learning curve when you first try to use this device, so it might not be the best for beginners that are new to the vaping scene. But if you are willing to be patient you will absolutely have this thing mastered in a few sessions. I say that there is a learning curve because when you first pull this thing out, there are only two buttons and a set of different colored lights that indicate what temperature setting you are using, so you will most likely need to consult the manual at first to see what you’re doing. Also, you can adjust the draw resistance to your liking, which is a feature that most vapes don’t have. If you want more airflow, simply pull the mouthpiece out further, and if you want less, push it in further, it’s as easy as that. However, for somebody new to vaping, figuring out what the best settings for you personally can be a challenge, which is why I say that this might not be the best for beginners. But if you are a beginner and you like the looks of this vape and want to commit to figuring it out then don’t let me stop you!!

If you would like to check out the Ghost MV1 at an authorized retailer, feel free to do so at Grasscity!

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Pax 3 ($249.99, $199.99 for basic kit)

Pax 3 vaporizer

Pax has been making quality portable vaporizers for years now, and their experience is demonstrated through the quality of their devices. The Pax original and the Pax 2 have both been wildly popular among the vaporizer world, and with each new iteration, their devices get better and better.

The Pax 3 is small, smooth and sleek, and can easily be put in you pocket or concealed away if need be. When you purchase the Pax 3, you have 4 colors to choose from: Black, silver, gold and rose gold. The Pax 3 is durable as well, you should have no problems putting it in your pocket and taking it out hiking, skiing, camping, etc.

The Pax 3 is also known as one of the “smartest” vaporizers on the market and I would have to agree. Their free IOS/Android companion app is second to NONE! It has extremely cool features, such as 4 temperature settings, along with 4 cool modes you can choose from. “Boost mode” reduces cooling, keeping the oven hotter between sessions, “Efficiency mode” turns up the heat as your session goes on, “Stealth mode” cools the unit down quickly and is perfect for quick and light hits and then “Flavor mode” which only heats your device when you are drawing from it.

The Pax 3 heats up in around 15-20 seconds, which is fairly quick, and a big improvement over the previous Pax models. The herb chamber on the Pax 3 is very large, so much so that it is actually a complaint of many, who claim the chamber is too big for a one person sesh! You can expect to get around an hour and a half of battery use from this thing, which is impressive for such a small device and it is once again a significant improvement over the last Pax models.

Although Pax devices aren’t particularly known for their flavor, the Pax 3 has great flavor! Especially if you are in “Flavor mode”. If you want big clouds, I would recommend using the higher temperature settings, and even try putting it on efficiency mode, as you can get some big hits using it!!

The Pax 3 is one of the best portable vaporizers for weed on the market today, if you would like to check it out at an authorized retailer, feel free to do so at VapeWorld!

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Puri5 Aviator 3 ($100)

Puri5 Aviator 3

Taking a look at a vape from a smaller company now, we have the Puri5 Aviator 3. This is one of those vaporizers that checks off all the boxes for me, and to make it even better, it’s only $100.  Not only can the aviator 3 vape dry herbs, it can vape concentrates as well!

The Aviator 3 comes in 2 colors, black or silver, both of which look very sleek and smooth in my opinion. This vape is extremely portable, it’s among the smallest on this list, but its got a strong and compact build quality nonetheless. The only thing I would be worry about breaking is the glass mouthpiece, but it can actually be removed so you don’t even have to walk around with the mouthpiece in if you don’t want to!

The oven chamber can hold .5 grams of dry herb, and there are 8 preset temperatures, ranging from 320-480F. The heat up time is around 10-15 seconds, which isn’t a long wait at all. To turn it on,  just hit the button on the side 5 times, then to change the temperature all you have to do is hold the button until you see the temperature change. Overall, the taste and vapor quality of the Aviator 3 is great, especially for a $100 vape. One complaint that I do have is that the mouthpiece can get pretty hot after a while, especially on the higher temperatures, but this usually happens with vapes that have the oven right below the mouthpiece.

Cleaning the Aviator 3 is extremely easy, they give you a nice little brush in the box when you order, and its the perfect size to clean the chamber, so you shouldn’t run into any problems cleaning your device.

Something that I think could really set Puri5 apart in the future and launch their brand even further is their water bubbler attachments. For an extra $25, you can get a water bubbler attachment for your Aviator 3, which will only make the taste and vapor quality even better! These water attachment are no-spill, so no matter how you tip your vape, you won’t spill water everywhere, which is extremely nice.

Overall, if you’re looking for a nice budget vape that has further upgrades like a water bubbler attachment, the Aviator 3 is the perfect vape for you!

Be sure to check out my Official Aviator 3 Review if you’d like to find out more about the Aviator 3, if you’d like to purchase the Aviator 3 you can check it out here on the Puri5 Official Website!

Shop Puri5

Thanks for taking the time to check out my review on the best portable vaporizers for weed of 2019! I will be sure to update this list into 2020 and as I feel necessary. What do you guys think about the vaporizers on this list? Are there any you think need to be added? Please let me know in the comments down below, I would love to hear you guys feedback!!!




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  • Ty says:

    My friend uses stuff like this a ton, and smokes almost everyday. A few friends actually would be interested in this post. me on the other hand, I know nothing about vapes and hardly know how to use them. Last time i used one I almost left burn scars on my lips…..How?

    Since vapes are great for being portable, I also heard they are pretty rough on the throat to some people, I guess that depends on the person. Which vape would you say is most simple to use on a day to day? 

    • Joey says:

      Hey Ty, thanks for the comment! 

      As far as a vaporizer burning your lips, that can sometimes happen when the device is being used because as the device heats up, the mouthpiece will sometimes get fairly hot. However, this is not normal with all vaporizers, I’d be able to tell you for sure if I knew what model you tried!

      Vaporizing weed shouldn’t be rough on the throat, especially when compared to actually smoking it. Vaporizers are 95% smoke free and most quality units have built in cooling systems, so your vapor is cool and smooth!

      As far as the best portable vaporizer for day to day use I would personally pick the Apollo AirVape XS. It’s extremely easy to use and one of the more pocket-friendly devices, and it still packs a punch!

  • Albert says:

    Thanks for reviewing the best portable vaporizers. The fact that these products are portable is nice but the minimum price I can find is $120 which is something. I don’t understand what are the advantages of these vaporizers in comparison with rolling papers. Because papers are cheap and you can put it in your pocket. Thanks.

    • Joey says:

      Thanks for the feedback Albert!

      You make a good point about rolling papers being a much cheaper alternative, and I actually address your question at the beginning of the article, but to sum it up:

      Vaporizers are much healthier- Vaporizers are 95% smoke free, you won’t be inhaling harmful carcinogens

      Efficiency- Vaporizers are the MOST efficient way to consume cannabis. Your herb is never combusted, meaning there is no ash. Your herb is simply heated up before combustion, just enough so the essential compounds can be vaped. A joint is actually one of the least efficient ways to consume marijuana, it uses a lot of herb and you lose a lot of essential compounds because smoke is constantly pouring off of it.

      ABV weed- Already been vaped weed is what you get after you vaporize most of the essential compounds out of your herb, however there are still some left over. This is where you can get creative and use ABV weed for various edibles, or if you prefer you can actually smoke ABV weed, although it might not be the tastiest.

      I hope I answered your question!!

  • Taetske says:

    Good afternoon Joey,

    This was an extensive review on different vaporizing gadgets. To tell you the truth I had no idea about this side of Marijuana. I know you can smoke it, I do not do that but I am interested in the benefits of this healing plant. That is why I use CBD drops for my health. Looking at the long list of diffferent models for sale I am surprised that most of them are rather pricey.  The first 2 models you mention, Crafty and Mighty go for $ 339 to $ 369, that is not peanuts.

    You mention that the difference between smoking and vaping is that with vaping it is like 95% smoke free and therefore does not pose the danger of carcinogens. That is good to know as I stopped smoking Christmas 2015. 

    I wonder if vaping gives the same health benifits as CBD drops? I would appreciate your answer on this.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Joey says:

      Hey Taetske, thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it!

      CBD drops and CBD products in general are fantastic, I have a whole portion of my website dedicated to them! 

      And yes, the price of vaporizers is what sends many running for the hills, but in the long run, its cheaper to use a vaporizer than it is to use cannabis In just about any other way. Like I mentioned above, a vaporizer is the most efficient way to consume cannabis and will absolutely save you money in the long run!

      CBD is a cannabinoid found in cannabis, so technically vaping cannabis could give you the same benefits as CBD drops, but most of the time the amount of CBD in cannabis is much less than that of CBD drops, so keep that in mind. Also when vaping cannabis there is a “high” involved because THC is present, so that is something to also keep in mind. To answer your question further, there are actually CBD oils that you can vape! So if vaping is something you are interested in trying, that might be a good place to start (these vaporizers aren’t compatible with CBD oil, but there are many that are).

      I hope I answered your question, have a great day!!

  • Chris says:

    How things have changed since my teenage days! 🙂

    I’ve been checking out the prices on these weed vapes and I’m quite surprised for what they go for. What exactly is their benefit when compared with a pipe or a pack of Rizla papers?

    Is it strictly a health point of view – do these vapes manage to remove a lot of the rubbish used to grow the plant and inside smoking papers?

    • Joey says:

      Hey Chris, thanks for the comment, and good question!!

      Vaporizing certainly does help from a health point of view. Vaporizers are 95% smoke free, so you get none of the carcinogens you would get from smoking any other way. Like I mention at the beginning of the article, vaporizing is also the most efficient way to smoke by far. 

      Vaporizers work by heating up your herb to the point just before combustion so that essential compounds can be vaped. So you get a lot of hits out of even small amounts of herb because it isn’t getting torched into ash after being lit 3 times. And since your herb isn’t combusted, you get whats called ABV weed (which I mention just before the reviews start) which you’ll come to find out is a great thing!

      Hope I answered your question, have a great day!!!

  • Daniel says:

    This is very helpful and interesting. I don’t have much experience with this but my friends are doing it every single day. I will for sure buy one for my friend because he like to see nice design of vaporizers and Arizer Solo is a great one and not so expensive.

    • Joey says:

      Hey Daniel, I appreciate your feedback!!

      If your friend is an everyday user, he will absolutely LOVE a portable vaporizer, and I think thats great that you’d do that for him!

      He will most certainly be satisfied with the Arizer Solo II, not only is it on the cheaper side, but it is a quality vape that can compete with some of the “big dogs” on the market.

      Have a great day,


  • Emmanuel Buysse says:

    Very interesting, it´s the first time I read that there is a portable vaporizer for weed, I know that many people need to use this drug to improve their health, and this type of machines are very efficient and easy to bring.

    Good suggestions and I will share with some friends who need this for the diseases they have, I think they will be delighted with this.

    Thank you for the recommendationsRegards

    • Joey says:

      Hey Emmanuel, thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it!! I hope your friends find what they’re looking for!!!!

      Have a great day :),


  • Michel says:

    With weed becoming legalized in more and more countries around the world, I am sure that vaporizers are going to start flying off the shelves soon. They will be especially wanted if they save on the amount of weed actually smoked.

    I didn’t realize that vapourizers had gotten so sophisticated now that they have their own apps to control the temperature. Mind boggling.

    The only problem for me if I were looking to buy a vaporizer is the price. They are quite expensive, and I suppose there aren’t many as yet on the second hand markets?

    • Joey says:

      Hey Michel, thanks for the comment!

      Vaporizers certainly save on the amount of weed smoked, and yes it is amazing how sophisticated they have gotten. As far as secondhand markets I’m sure you could potentially find them, but you can’t always ensure the quality like when you buy from an authorized retailer!!

      Have a great day,


  • Karin Nauber says:

    Marijuana is still not legal where I live except as medically prescribed, but that doesn’t stop people from enjoying it. 

    I have a couple of questions: 1. Are the effects the same when you vape vs. smoking? 2. what are the effects of using the ABV weed? I would assume they are much less, but on a scale of 1 to 10, where you say the effects are?

    I’m old-fashioned, I guess and not much into vaping, although my son does and so do several people that I work with. I do enjoy the smell of vaping and that leads to another question: can you add fragrances to the weed to make it different smells and flavors?

    I have seen most of my friends using the Arizer Solo II or something similar. I have also seen several use the Pax 3 which seems like it is easier to carry in their pockets.

    Because you are vaporizing the weed and not burning it, would you say that it lasts longer?

    Thanks for your post and I look forward to your replies. 

    • Joey says:

      Hey Karin, thanks for the reply, and great questions!

      To answer your first question, it is my opinion that a vape “high” is a much more relaxing, clear headed high than if I were to smoke. I feel as If I can function much better off of a vape high, and I feel much less groggy. Using ABV weed can be done in many ways, so it is tough to pinpoint exactly how strong the effects are. If you use a lot of ABV weed, you can make some pretty potent edibles!!

      As far as adding fragrances, I have never heard of anyone doing this, but it is interesting to think about! I personally would not put anything in the herb chamber that is not strictly herb just to avoid possibly breaking the unit.

      Vaporizing weed will also absolutely use less of it. Since a vaporizer doesn’t combust your herb, you get a lot more out of it, and it isn’t burnt into ash after 3 hits, not to mention the hundreds of ways you can utilize ABV weed.

      I hope I answered your question, have a great day!

  • Donnie says:

    Wow!!! and I mean Wow!!!. I never knew that a vaporizer was a way of smoking weed. Although I currently cannot legally smoke in this state I cannot wait till it is legal so I can enjoy a smoke and not have to worry about the men and women in blue. When it is legal here I will definitely check out some of the vaporizers you have listed. Thanks for the great info.

    • Joey says:

      Hey Donnie, thanks for the kind words!

      Soon enough weed will be legal in all states!! Im glad you are aware of vaporizers however, if you do choose to consume marijuana when it’s legal you will thoroughly enjoy using a vaporizer!

      Have a great day!


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