What Is The Best Way to Store Marijuana?- How to Store Your Stash

For the casual marijuana user, there probably isn’t much thought that goes into the storage of your weed, and I was once there too. When it comes to storing marijuana, many people tend to look to whats most convenient, or in many cases what is the most discrete. While it may be easy to roll up a plastic bag and shove it in your dresser drawer, this is killing the longevity of your bud. Cannabinoids, when stored correctly, can remain present for up to two years. TWO YEARS!!!!! Now well most people wont need to store their weed for that long, it is good to know that if you store your marijuana correctly it can stay fresh for two whole years. Luckily for you guys, there are many ways to store bud efficientlly, you just need to keep a few things in mind. And just as a disclaimer, if you are looking to store LARGE amounts of marijuna (getting into the pounds) then you may want to search for a more in depth guide on storing marijuana.  This guide is more for the casual marijuana smoker who knows little to nothing about marijuana storage, who probably isn’t looking to store pounds of bud for a long period of time.

Factors That Effect Longevity

There are many factors that go into keeping bud fresh for medium to long amounts of time, so if you want to do it right, you need to keep all of these in mind. First and foremost, it is imperative that your bud is properly cured ad dried. We wouldnt be able to enjoy alot of the foods that we do every day is they werent propelry cured so that they last long enugh for us to even enjoy them. Just like food, it is also important that marijuana is cured properly, or else there will be no way to store it efficiently, because it wasnt even cured right in the first place. Another thing that I see even veteran weed smokers do is store their weed with other supplies, such as lighters, grinders, torches, etc. This is a big no-no, and the aroma from your other supplies can actually seep into your bud, taking away some of its natural aroma and flavor. Also, if you are sotring mutliple different strains, always seperate them, different strains have different terpene profiles that contribute to smell and taste, and if you store them together it can take away from the natural terpene profile. Now, lets get into big factors you need to keep in mind!!!

Storage Container

The storage container you use for your bud is one of the most important factors keeping it fresh. Like I mentiond earlier, a plastic sandwich bag isnt going to do the job, and you will run into probems when trying to store it for even fairly small amounts of time. Another problem with plastic bags is that some of the plastic used in bags could be potentially harmful to your marijuana. Some cheaply made plastic bags (although not common) will contain BPA chemicals in them, which can actually contaminate your weed.

There are many great storage containers out there, and you dont have to go any further than good ol’ Amazon, where you can find air tight containers for starting at just 10$. However, if you want to spend a little more for a higher qulaity container and larger storage, I’d reccomend checking out the Herb Guard 2 oz Container. This container also comes with Boveda Humidity Control packs, which are very important, and you’ll read more about later. Another very popular container that is very effective is Cvault aluminum container, which is also air tight and very sleek and discrete. However, if you want to spend as little money as possible, a mason jar is better than nothing, and as long as its sealed correctly and kept in the correct place can be decent storage. You can also pick up a mason jar on Amazon for around 7$!!!

Cvault air tight aluminum containerHerb Guard 2 oz seal tight container


Light is also one of the biggest factors contibuting to how long your bud will stay fresh for. UV rays are very powerful, and just as they can lighten the color of your hair and even sunburn you, they can burn up your terpenes and cannibinoids as well. For those of you who aren’t familiar with terpenes, they are what gives your marijuana its flavor and smell profile, which is something that is very important to many marijuana lovers! And cannibinoids are the compunds in marijuana such Light is a huge factor to storing marijuana!as THC (The thing that gets you high) and CBD (A cannibinoid that is a hot topic right now and has many benefits).

So if light can harm your terpenes and cannibinoids, then it is essentially capable of removing the components that made you want to use it in the first place. I bet that will make you think twice before leaving your bud around in a plastic bag!!!

Overall, you want to make sure you are storing your marijuana away from a direct light source and if possible in a darker container.


This is where things can get tricky for people, because in order to keep marijuana fresh when storing it, you must be able to keep it dry. If you cant keep your bud dry, then bacteria and mold will love it, and you will probably start to see spots of mold in your bud. However on the other end, if your bud gets too dry, it can destroy the trichomes and dry out your bud, which you also do not want. So it is very important when storing marijuana that you do so in the correct humidity. Generally people agree that marijuana is stored best in humidity levels of 60-63 RH (relative humidity).

If you really want to make sure your bud stays at the perfect humidity for its maximum lifespan, I would reccomend picking up Boveda Humidity Control Packs. What these are are basically little beads that you put in your container with your marijuana and they will keep the container at a specific relative humidity, which is perfect for your bud. You can find these Boveda Humidity control packs starting off at around 5-6$ on Amazon, depending on how many packs you want.


The temperature that you store marijuana at is crucial!!!Temperature also plays a big role in keeping your bud fresh. Like moisture, this can also be kind of tricky because you dont want your cannabis to be in a location that is too warm, or else the trichomes will dry out and it will be more prone to bacteria.

Some people say that vacuum sealing and freezng marijuana is one of the best methods to storing it for long periods of time, but others say that freezing it can ruin the trichomes and reduce the potency.

As a rule of thumb, always try to store your bud in a cool, dark, dry place. When youre storing a small to medium amount of bud for a small to medium amount of time, a quality container and a dark closet will do just fine! So for most people, this is all you need!


Air is another important factor that you should keep in mind when storing your marijuana. It’s important that your bud isnt exposed to too much oxygen, as that will speed up the aging of your marijuana. On the other hand, if you have too litlle oxygen, then it can alter the levels of humidity which can lead to mold developing on your bud.

So to make sure that you have the proper amont of oxygen in your storage, make sure that the storage container is the correct size for the amount you are storing. If you have tons of excess room in a jar lets say, that is a lot of room for excess oxygen to be, which as we discussed earlier is not good for your bud!! Another way to make sure you have the correct amount of air is to make sure you use a vacuum sealed container or jar. This way air cant get into your container after its shut, which will keep your stash fresh for much longer.


I hope I’ve helped to inform you on the best way to sotre your bud!! I know that I’ve lost many precious buds over the years due to bonehead storage methods, so I hopefully I can keep some of you guys from making the same mistakes!! I’m telling you guys, it really does make a huge difference. If you guys have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to me, I would love to help with anything I can! Also, let me know what you guys favorite methods for storing marijuana are, I’d love to hear how you guys are getting creative!

Thanks for reading!!!!!



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  • Parmi says:

    Joey, thanks for an interesting article! Never knew you could store upto 2 years!! But, don’t remember the last time anyone said, ‘Oh, I remember I stored marijuana a couple of years ago, let me check if I can still use it’. Who would use this anyways? I mean unless people get marijuanas in bulk, I don’t think anyone would want to wait that long to smoke one. And you say this in not for bulk correct? Is it more than it tastes better or has a bigger effect storing these ways? 

    • Joey says:

      Hey Parmi, thanks for the reply, I appreciate it! You’re right about most people (besides those who store in bulk) not storing weed for 2 years, and I even mention it in the article! However, even if you’re not storing for 2 years, when marijuana is stored incorrectly, it can start to dry out or grow mold in as little as a week! So its good to follow the practices I’ve listed regardless of how long you’re storing it for.

      Hope I answered your question, have a great day!

  • Quinn says:

    What is the best way to store your marijuana. How to keep your stash. This was a very great article it gave me a lot of information that I have been looking for. And where to find the tools to use in my endeavor.

    I can use all the information I found in your wonderful article. Keeping marijuana fresh is one of the top priorities of even having it. The information you provided is just what a person like me needs who doesn’t get out in the world.

    Thank you again and I appreciate this wonderful article

    • Joey says:

      Hey Quinn, I really appreciate the kind words, it means a lot! You’re very right that keeping marijuana fresh should be a top priority, it makes a huge difference in quality!

      Have a great day,


  • Cheryl Kohan says:

    Well, although I don’t smoke weed and never have, I thought this was a really interesting post. Basically, storing weed is much like storing any herb or spice. I do know that the containers that you use are important for all herbs, regardless of their origin. The video is a good one…easy to listen to and full of good information. I’ll pass this infor along!

    • Joey says:

      Hey Cheryl, thanks fr the kind words, and for passing the article along, I really appreciate it!

      And yes, containers are very important when storing and preserving any herb, especially weed!

      Have a great day!


  • Kit says:

    well just like you advised. Just keep it like food. If I store it well, can I know how long will it last? I know some foods can last long. Assuming I store away from sunlight, air tight and no moisture. I hope it can last really long. It will be helpful if do some marijuana trading.

    • Joey says:

      Hey Kit, thanks for the reply!

      If you follow the directions I’ve laid out in the article, you could store marijuana for up to two years if you really wanted to!! And you are spot on about it being like most foods.

      Have a great day!


  • kemdi21 says:

    Hey Joey thanks so much for sharing this great and informative post!!. I never knew the air, the light condition and the  way i stored marijuana affected the bud overtime. I usually blamed it on my dealer giving me bad marijuana not knowing it was my own fault. Henceforth,  i will use your advice as well as some of the products you’ve recommended to store the Mary J’s i get from now on.

    Once again thanks for your input really appreciate it!!.

    • Joey says:

      Hey Kemdi, thanks for the kind words!

      Yes it’s crazy how sensitive bud is to external factors, but its important to know because we all want our bud to be in tip top condition!

      Im glad you liked my article, have a great day!!


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