Zob Glass Review (Best Zob Glass 2021)




ZOB Glass Review

Zob is one of the more well known Brands in the glass industry, they've been pumping out glass since the late 90's .

They're based in California, but Zob Bongs and bubblers are used Nationwide. Zob has a reputation for high quality, functional glass that will last you a lifetime. 

Whether you're a bubbler type of person or bong person, Zob has got what you need. Zob mostly does simple designs with clear glass,  but as you'll see when I feature some pieces below that they have some cool stuff as well!

Without further ado, lets get right into the review on Zob Glass. If you just want to see the top Bongs and Bubblers by Zob, click below!

Build Quality

Build quality is something you won't have to think about too much when looking for a Zob bong,  Zob has some of the best build quality in their bongs out of any glass company! 

Zob uses 5mm thick glass for almost every one of their pieces, which is industry standard for high quality bongs and bubblers if you ask me. Anything under 5mm can be considered pretty thin, and anything over 5mm is considered THICK. 

And even though Zob claims their glass is 5mm thick, I think they're wrong. It feels a bit thicker than that to me honestly. When I hold my Zob bong next to a similar sized bong of a different brand, the Zob bong is heavier and looks visibly thicker. 

The glass is always super smooth and sleek looking as well, absolutely no signs of poor craftsmanship whatsoever. Even if you go through Zob to purchase herb bowls, down stems or bangers they're all going to be super well made.


Zob does a great job in the design department as well, there are a lot of directions you could go when choosing a Zob piece. 

If you're looking for a bong, they have great options with 8-arm Perc trees, Inline percs, and even the Zobello percolator, which was custom created by Zob and can be found in many of their bongs and bubblers. 

One Zob piece that has built a reputation on it's design (and it's cool name) is the Wubbler. It's a cross between a  water bong and a bubbler that really turns heads. It's got a mouthpiece style similar to a bubbler, but its the height of a bong and has a bong downstem as well. 

Zob doesn't really used any colored glass, but they do still add some color to every bong/bubbler. The Zob logo will always be on the piece somewhere, and then usually there's a nice little background design around the logo. 

Cleaning Zob Glass 

Cleaning should be pretty straight forward with any piece of Zob Glass you get. Some of the pieces with percolators and peculiar shapes like the Wubbler might take a little more care to clean, you'll have to really make sure you get to all the nooks and crannies. 

But you won't need any special products or tools to clean any Zob Glass, just whatever you'd normally use to clean your glass. I use isopropyl alcohol and salt, its probably the cheapest way you can go about cleaning your glass, and there's a chance you have both of those things at your house! 

If you're unfamiliar with cleaning glass and want a more in-depth guide, check out Your Average Stoner's Guide To Cleaning a Bong!


To sum up what we've gone over just before you take a look at the bongs, allow me to compile some of the things I enjoy about Zob Glass:

  • Great Variety- Zob has standard beaker and straight tube bongs, 8-arm perc tree bongs, in-line perc bongs, etc. Not to mention a whole lot of bubblers as well. 
  • Build Quality- Zob has always been known for great quality glass, all their pieces are advertised as having 5mm thick glass, but like I said it feels thicker than that. 
  • Solid Smoking Experience- Water to glass ratio is always great, always a satisfying pull with any Zob piece. 

Downsides? I'm sure a lot of you guys saw this one coming, but PRICE! If you're looking for a budget piece, or anything under or around $100 for that matter, Zob is not the brand for you. 

Yes, Zob makes great glass, their craftsmanship is top notch and I honestly don't know anyone who doesn't love the Zob Glass that they own. But is it worth paying $100 or $200 over similar pieces from different brands? Thats for you to ultimately decide, but what I can say is that you will NOT notice a major difference smoking Zob Glass to just about any other glass brand. That's not me taking anything away from Zob, but its the truth. You would be hard pressed to find a glass brand that was THAT much better than all the rest that it's worth $100-$200 more, you get what I mean?

I like to compare Zob Glass to Beats headphones. Yes they're top of the line, but they're also $100 more than headphones of the same or better quality from other brands. You pay a lot for the name and reputation, but that's not to say it's not a quality product. 

Enough of my rambling though, lets get to what you've all been waiting for, the bongs!!!

Your  Average Stoner's Top Picks (in no order)

The Wubbler ($265.95)

I alluded to this piece sever times throughout the review, it's the Wubbler!!!

It's a mix between a water bong and a bubbler that is Zob's golden child. It's got the curved mouthpiece similar to the bubbler, but the lower chamber and overall size of a bong. 

The Wubbler is built for smooth smoking as well, it has an in-line percolator as well as a long curved mouthpiece to give your smoke plenty of travel time to cool off before it reaches your lungs. 

  •  14" Tall
  • In-Line Percolator
  • 18mm Male Herb Bowl
  • 5mm Thick Glass

18" Classic Beaker Bong ($264.95)

Now this is just a classic Zob bong, and probably my favorite bong from them! It's simple, it's easy to clean and you can take huge rips out of it!! 

There's not too much to say about this bong really. It's got some nice yellow and black Zob logo's to give it a little color, but for the most part this is a pretty plain bong. 

The downstem is fixed, so you can't take it out, which might be new to some people. The only downside to this is if the downstem breaks you can't replace it, you need a whole new bong. 

Theres a showered perc along with three ice notches, plenty to keep your hits cool and smooth. 

  • 18" Tall
  • Fixed Downstem (Showerhead Percolator)
  • 18mm Male Herb Bowl 
  • Ice Notches
Zob Beaker Bong

8-Arm Perc Tree Straight Bong ($274.95)

This 8-arm perc tree bong is a great example of what Zob can do with percolators, this is a fantastic bong. 

The Blue and Black logos throughout look nice, but what really interests me is what's going on inside. First of all, the downstem is fixed, which I know brings about mixed feelings. 

The smoke is going to travel through the fixed downstem to an in-line percolator, then the smoke will trickle up into the 8-arm percolator tree, where its filtered again before you it reaches your lungs. 

Naturally this makes for an incredibly smooth hit. But keep in mind all that clutter inside the big will make it that much harder to clean!!!

  • 14.5" Tall
  • Fixed Downstem (In-Line Percolator)
  • 8-Arm Showerhead Percolator
  • 5mm Thick Glass
  • Ice Notches
8-arm Perc tree straight bong

Mini Zobello Recycler Bubbler ($359.95) 

This is my favorite bubbler/dab rig by Zob Glass, it has a few really cool features. 

First of all it's a recycler, that tube on the side will filter the smoke around and around so it keeps getting filtered through the water, and then there's also a Zobello Percolator.

The Zobello Percolator is Zob's custom percolator. It's a fairly discrete looking disc that rides toward the bottom of the piece. Zob is extremely proud of this percolator, I think it's cool as well but it's no better than any other percolator in my opinion. 

  • 9.75" Tall
  • Recycler Tube
  • Zobello Percolator 
  • 5mm Thick Glass
  • 14mm Joint (Comes with 14mm Male Domeless Quartz Nail)

Mini Zobello Recycler Bubbler

UFO Straight Tube ($274.95)  

This bong is cool because it has a type of percolator we haven't seen from Zob in this list, the UFO Percolator. 

The UFO perc is pretty similar to the Zobello Perc in shape, except the UFO perc is smaller and doesn't ride as close to the bottom of the piece. There's also a splash guard above the UFO Perc so you don't get wet lips, nobody likes that! 

This straight tube has a slitted, removable downstem that can be replaced, that's a big advantage over having a fixed downstem! 

  • 16" Tall
  • Slitted, Removable Downstem
  • 5mm Thick Glass
  • 14mm Male Herb Bowl 
  • Ice Notches
Straight UFO Water Bong

Thanks for taking the time to read my review of Zob Glass, I hope this gave you all the info you needed on the brand! 

Comment what your favorite Zob Bong/Bubbler is down below, and be sure to click the button if you'd like to check out more glass reviews from top brands around the web! 

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